Adventure time funko pop- Funko POPs from Disney.

Adventure time funko pops have taken over the world of pop culture. It is the source of the fun of the beloved long-running series in your collection. Collecting, as all Funatics are aware, can get quite costly. Your collection must already include quite a few high-value items by this point. In some cases, it might be difficult to predict which goods will rise in value and which will be worth nothing in the months or years to come after they are released. Adventure time funko pop Time figures from various lines bring all the weirdness. Here we will discuss more top adventure time funko pop.

Top adventure time funko pop:

Adventure time funko pop figures that are one in fifty aren’t going to be worth anything until they land up in the hands of someone who will value them. However, if you’re anything like us and have been collecting for a long, you’ve probably seen a piece soar in value that surprised you. Following are top adventure time funko pop.

Mickey Mouseketeer:

Funko’s Comic-Con exclusives line-up for San Diego Comic-Con in 2011 included a silver version of the renowned mouse with a one-in-480-piece rare. This particular mouse is worth at least $1,130, so it’s one you’ll want to preserve in your home.


Previously, a metallic chase variant was considerably more difficult, especially in the wild, before Funko started re-releasing metallic moulds at an alarming rate. Target was the only place you could acquire this DC Superman Pop! Back in 2010, it quickly became a collector’s item. If you happened to find one of these on the shelf at your local Target back then, you could expect to lose an average of $10.

Stranger Things:

Stranger Things was the hottest show of the year in 2018. Even Funko’s Comic-Con activities couldn’t contain the excitement. Limited to 40 pieces, this dazzling gold Hopper was introduced as part of their 2018 Fundays event. Unfortunately, the going rate has soared for anyone expecting to find one of these soon after the lucky 40 die-hard Funatics and Comic-Con attendees got their hands on one. You’ll be lucky to find one for less than $4,110 these days.

Chocula Freddy Funko:

It’s metallic time again! It’s no secret that Freddy is a popular mascot for the Funicians. It isn’t the first time Funko has produced a bright new edition of their figure for everyone to get their hands on, and this 2011 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive has been highly popular for such a limited release. The current market price for this one is around $5,000. Isn’t it just a few dollars?


One and everyone are invited to feast their eyes on this San Diego Comic-Con Pop From 2013. Only 48 copies of the vinyl will be available worldwide. A whopping $6,350 will get you your hands on this piece of Disney history!

Darth Maul in Star Wars:

This 1 in 480 special glow variant of Darth Maul was a new and thrilling debut at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012, before there were a million Star Wars Funko figurines. If you were fortunate enough to be present, you could have purchased him at a discount from his then-retail price. Today It will cost you somewhere in the neighbourhood $7,000.

To paraphrase Stan Lee:

It was a sad day for Marvel fans worldwide when Stan Lee died in November of this year. There have been several extra Stan Lee Pop. Only 12 individuals in the world can claim to own this rare Funko Pop Vinyl figurine, so those who got their hands on one of the initial releases will be celebrating today. This red metallic version, released in October 2017, is valued at roughly $8,000 on the open market.

Count Chocula Freddy Funko

To compare it to the metallic version would be a mistake. You haven’t seen anything yet. It is generally considered the third most rare and costly Funko Pop Vinyl. This one-in-twelve rare glow in the dark chase variant of Freddy Funko costumed as the vampire cereal mascot Count Chocula, released for San Diego Comic-Con in 2011.

Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister:

If you were a fan of popular culture in 2012, it’s unlikely that you didn’t catch a bit of Game of Thrones fever. There is a huge selection of collectables based on the show, which is largely regarded as one of the most popular. This 2013 exclusive Pop! Featuring mascot Freddy Funko again dressed as a popular character follows a trend you’ll see for most ultra-rare Funko figures. The average cost of this blood-spattered bobblehead is just $11,680.

An Inconvenient Truth:

Vinyl figures a few years back, panic ensued among fans. Even if some collectors have spent a lot of money on these new figures, the rarity of the originals is unaffected because these new figures are distinct from the originals. One of the most sought-after and rarest Funko figures ever, this glow-in-the-dark chase is estimated to be worth $13,300.

Vegita of Planet Arlia:

There is only one Vegeta figurine in the world, and it’s the Planet Arlia edition. Aside from its prohibitive price tag of roughly $2,800, this vibrant Pop is extremely difficult to locate. The price of this Vegeta statue has gone from $2,000 to $3,000 in months. Planet Arlia Vegeta is rare because it was a Funko Pop exclusive from New York Comic Con in 2014.

Ghost Rider as Freddy Funko:

This Funko figure depicts Freddy as Ghost Rider, complete with chains, leather jacket, and skull head. That’s not even counting the metallic gloss that makes it look even more vivid. Only twelve of these figures were made, so it’s unlikely that many people managed to get their hands on one outside of the San Diego Comic-Con.

Count Chocula Funkos:

Only twelve of these extremely limited-edition figures were ever made. With Count Chocula glowing brightly, it’s probably the most iconic of the monster cereal characters. Even though several Count Chocula Funkos were made, this one sold for $10,000.00 on eBay. It’s either chocolatey cereal or vampires in this person’s blood.


Just imagine your surprise when, years later, you discover the same Disney Princess Pop. You bought for a song at your local hobby shop is now being sold on eBay for ten times its original price! Another option is to stay up with the latest on sites like adventure time funko pop guide of Ozzie Collectables and try to predict which new releases will be popular enough to take off once they’re vaulted truly.


What was the first adventure time funko pop?

Adventure time funko pop debuted at Comic-Con International in San Diego in 2010. Funko Force 2.0’s first figurines were Batgirl, Green Lantern, and two variations of Batman, all packed together as a set.

Funko POPs from Disney, are they worth it?

In the same way that many collectables are worth a lot of money, Funko Pops can change in value depending on how old and popular the toy is, how much demand there is, and other factors.