Alice in Borderland season 2 release date, announcement video, cast and more!

Alice in borderland season 2 is all we know about the upcoming second season of “Alice in Borderland,” which will premiere in December 2022. As soon as Netflix announced its renewal of Alice in Borderland at the end of 2020, it is expected that its second season will release on the streaming service sometime in December 2022. What we know about Alice in Borderland’s second season is summarized below. Alice in Borderland, a live-action film produced by Netflix, was based on the manga authored by Hara Aso and named Alice in Borderland. The show’s writers and directors are Shinsuke Sato and Yasuko Kuramitsu.

Alice in Borderland season 2 release date, announcement video, cast and more!

Alice in borderland season 2 on Netflix:

Two weeks after the show debuted in every region, Netflix announced it would produce a second season of Alice in Borderland. The renewal was announced, of all days, on the evening before Christmas. The statement was made by several Netflix social media accounts located worldwide and distributed broadly. This show appears to have penetrated the markets in other countries, which is quite a rare accomplishment for television programs.

How well did Alice in Borderland fare on Netflix during its first season?

In the first 28 days, it was accessible on Netflix; 18 million households viewed at least one episode of the first season. In addition, FlixPatrol’s top 10 monitoring figures show that the series was a hit in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong, among others. In addition to Asia, the show ran for four days in Canada. The US did not have Alice in Borderland.

What can Alice in Borderland fans expect in season 2?

Arisu, the show’s protagonist, was dealt a lousy hand in the first season. Even though Kobe and Chota had arrived with Arisu initially, they made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that Arisu had the best possible chance of moving on. It allowed Arisu to have the best possible chance of success.

A cast of Alice in borderland season 2:

Six new cast members for Alice in Borderland’s forthcoming second season were just unveiled. This production has cast Tomohisa ‘Yamapi’ Yamashita as Kyuuma Ginji, the King of Clubs. At the same time, Yamapi is a well-known fan favourite and a working solo artist. He once belonged to the Japanese boy band NEWS. Since 1998, Yamapi has been in several television dramas, but his role as Aizawa Kosaku in Code Blue has garnered him the most acclaim as an actor.

Season 1 ended with a possible easter egg, leading some fans to speculate that the show’s premiere date would be 2021. It was always doubtful that the event would return in 2021, but when the blimps flew past, numerous buildings flashed advertisements for that year.  According to the show’s website, the second filming season will end in December 2021.

Trailer of Alice in borderland season 2:

The first volume of the Alice in Borderland anime series, based on the manga of the same name, was online a long time ago. In late 2020, we were taken to an alternative, dismal Tokyo in the Japanese suspense flick. Strangers fought for survival and domination in often-fatal games that mixed intellect, might, and trickery. After debuting in the top 10 in more than 40 countries and territories and becoming a fan favourite, a second season seemed inevitable.

When will Alice in Borderland’s second season premiere?

There has been no official declaration that the first season covers the first 31 chapters of the original manga, despite being brought out by fans. It can give the impression that the length of the second season will be comparable to that of the first. Since Alice in Borderland’s first season was such a tremendous success, it is not entirely out of the question that Netflix will request additional episodes for the second season.

Who’s returning for season 2 of Alice in Borderland?

Returning cast members have yet to be announced, but IMDb reports that series stars Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya are confirmed, along with returning characters Kuina, Kizuna, and Shuntaro. The show’s cast members have yet to be confirmed for a return. A fascinating character named Mira Kano will be presented in the second season as a “gamemaster,” played by Riisa Naka and introduced at the end of the first season.

Why Do You Think Alice in Borderland Will Return for a Second Season?

Anything can happen because the first season finale marked a substantial extension of the series’ scope; thus, this can be said confidently. It will likely lead to a fight between Mira Kano and Usagi and Arisu and Usagi’s search for the remaining cards, which were introduced at the end of season one and is the queen of hearts. “I will draw a mysterious cosmos that no one has ever seen and an unexpected growth with uncompromising graphics,” Shinsuke Sato, the show’s director, said in an interview. I think this is a signal for the upcoming season. That’s unnerving.

What cities and dates where Season 2’s episodes filmed?

Robot Communications Inc., the production company behind Alice in Borderland, released a casting call for extras that stated that the series was shot in many locales across Japan, including the “Kanto region, Toyama, Hyogo, Fukuoka, Aichi, and Osaka Wakayama.” Production of the film was halted in 2021 when filming concluded. There is a good chance that more teaser trailers and sneak glimpses won’t be too far behind.

The second season of Alice in Borderland will be released in December 2022, according to an announcement made during the Netflix Festival Japan 2021. Nearly two years have passed since the first set of episodes aired. That will frustrate some fans who wanted the sequel sooner. The next chapter better be good, though. Netflix said production started in July and will end in December. The show launches in late 2022. Thus post-production may include visual effects scenes.


Tokyo seems abandoned, and teen gamer Arisu is thrust into a deadly rivalry. Arisu and his two buddies face unidentified trials. By suit and quantity, playing cards represent trial difficulty and time. Arisu partners up with Usagi to uncover the mystery of the missing playing cards after some of his friends are slain while participating in one of the games. After a long journey, they arrive at a large hotel full of other players. They discover that all save the Ten of Hearts have been collected when they arrive.


Is There a Good Place to See Alice in Borderland in the Theaters?

Netflix will be streaming the complete series when it becomes available. Online viewing of the complete first season is available for anyone who wants to re-watch or re-watch the prior episodes.

Who is Tokyo Meteorite Disaster in Alice in borderland season 2?

Alice in Borderland features “Tokyo Meteorite Disaster” survivors whose hearts stopped and whose consciousness was transported to the Borderland. They are all called “immigrants” at the border and must renew their visas to stay.