Amd radeon r9 m290x step by step guide.

Amd Radeon r9 m290x is a new mobile graphics chip, on January 9th, 2014. In the Neptune XT version of the graphics processor, 28 nm technologies were used, and DirectX 12 was supported. The DirectX 12-compatibility level is merely 11_1, which may cause issues when playing more recent DirectX 12-compatible games. The Neptune graphics processor chip is about the size of a standard chip. The GPU may eventually be improved to function at up to 900 MHz 4.8 Gbps effective. Explore some of the AMD Radeon r9 m290x most noteworthy features and capabilities in further depth below.


It is the most critical piece of information for determining the capabilities of a video card. The production procedure of the item should be kept as simple as possible. The speed and power frequency of the core are directly linked, while the transistors are in charge of signal processing and elaboration. There are plans to increase RAM speed to 1200 MHz, while the GPU is now running at 850 MHz.

Type of memory:

There are many different sorts and sizes of computer cases. Therefore it is essential to know how long your video card is and what type of connections it needs. Because of this, upgrading will be a lot more convenient for everyone. Processing data is stored in the main memory of the computer. A significant amount of RAM is required to operate modern video games and other high-end graphics apps smoothly. This choice determines the performance of a video card; the greater the value, the more efficient.


Other than games, each graphics card maker has its own set of exclusive manufacturing techniques to offer customers. If you’re looking for a list of helpful attributes, check out this page. Connectivity options and extra connectors on modern video cards are many. Before attaching the video card to the monitor or other peripheral device, these characteristics must be understood. The Radeon R9 M290X has 4 GB of GDDR5 memory linked through a 256-bit interface.

Evaluation of video game performance:

Every experiment made use of a frame-per-second counter. Look back at the AMD Radeon R9 M290X to see how far it has come in only a few years. AMD Radeon R9 M290X benchmarks may measure the card’s overall performance in real-world situations. If you want the most accurate results, we’ve created a list of the most common benchmarks around the globe.

Having to depend on a graphics card:

Radeon R9 M290X uses AMD Radeon r9 m290x’s GCN architecture based on 28nm technology to provide DirectX 12-compliant performance. As of the first quarter of this year, the high-end segment has been dominated by an advanced card developed for big computers. In terms of both performance and functionality, the M290X’s core and clock speed are identical to the HD 8970M, making it a great gaming pick.

Desktop Radeon HD 7870:

The M290X is comparable to the desktop Radeon HD 7870, although its frequency is lower than HD7870 (1000 MHz). Its Turbo clock speed is 50 MHz, which means that the M290X is 6 percent faster than the HD 7970M in raw SP calculation capability of 1.01 TFLOPS instead of 1.07 TFLOPS. Consequently, the Radeon M290X desktop graphics card’s overall performance falls between the 7850 and 7870 ranges.

GeForce GTX 680M:

We already know that the M290X is a rebranded HD 8970M, so don’t bother reading further. There is scarcely a difference in performance between the GeForce GTX 780M and Nvidia’s GTX 680M compared to the M290X. Most high-quality, highly detailed games released in 2013 will run well at 1080p resolution. When the system is stressed, video card pre-testing is critical. Visual processing unit users may examine how effectively it manages calculations and data development.

MXM module card:

Power consumption of the AMD Radeon r9 m290x has been rated at 100 watts thanks to MXM modules. To connect to a display, this piece of hardware was never designed to do so. It is intended to be used with the mobile device’s output that acts as the host on computers and notebooks. A PCI-Express 3.0 x16 interface connects the Radeon R9 M290X graphics card to the rest of the system.

New UVD3 video:

High-definition movies like MP4 Part 2 may be decoded straight from the AMD GPU using the new UVD3 video decoder. With the M290-series of computers, you may automatically switch between the discrete and integrated graphics. Enduro is a new technology that replaces AMD’s Dynamic Switchable Graphics, much like Nvidia’s Optimus. If Enduro is turned off on the M290X, Eyefinity Technology may be used to link up to six displays.

“ZeroCore” power-saving technology:

In addition, the ZeroCore technology in the M290 series minimizes power usage even when the display is turned off. On the other hand, AMD’s documentation says that Power Gating isn’t compatible. Automatic overclocking or underclocking is possible with PowerTune while maintaining the GPU’s thermal design power range restrictions. Certain games need the chip to operate slower, such as Crysis and Resident Evil 5, while others require it to run at a more incredible speed.

High-quality audio processors:

The built-in HD audio processor can output high-definition audio signals like DTS Master Audio and DTS TrueHD. Audio may be delivered to several devices simultaneously and in parallel. M290X uses about the same amount of power as a GeForce GTX 780M. DTR desktop replacements and big laptops with solid cooling systems are the only places where the GPU should be employed.

Radeon R9 M290X’s gaming:

High-end mobile graphics cards based on the GCN 2nd generation architecture are now possible with AMD’s Radeon R9 M290X. Neptune XT Core is a descendant of the Pitcairn XT Core found in the Radeon HD 7870 high-end desktop GPU. Because it supports DirectX 11.2 and AMD Radeon r9 m290x’s most recent technology, its core configuration is comparable to that of the Pitcairn XT Core (1280:80:32). AMD PowerTune and AMD TrueAudio are not included in this list of technologies.


The AMD Radeon r9 m290x performance should be identical to that of the Radeon HD 8970M as it is a rebadged version of that card. As a result, even the most resource-intensive games can be played at their highest settings at 1080p with no lag. From 850MHz to 900MHz, the central processing unit frequency usually is 850MHz, while the memory clock is typically 1200MHz. Due to the board’s 100W TDP limit, the Radeon R9 M290X can only be used in huge laptops.


What is the gaming performance of the AMD R9 M290X?

Radeon R9 M290X is a rebranded Radeon HD 8970M with a new moniker, in other words. Playing the most demanding games at high settings is possible at 1080p resolution.

Is AMD R9 M290X a fantastic graphics card?

1.07 TFLOPS in the SP estimations. In this way, an HD 7870 or HD 7850-like gaming experience may be achieved.

Is it a sound graphics card for gaming purposes?

If you want to play Full HD games at smooth average frame rates at the highest graphics settings, the R9 270 is an excellent choice. Certain games should run well at a resolution of 2,560×1,440.