Everything to know about Ashtray euphoria season 2!

Ashtray euphoria season 2 In the HBO series, one of the more compelling characters is Ashtray, a high school student who lives in a world that is afflicted by drug abuse and traumatic experiences. The unexpected revelation that a favourite fan character, Ashtray, had been killed off on the final episode of the second season of Euphoria aired on February 27. A miserable lull marked the end of the season as it came to a close.

In the series, Zendaya, star of Man, takes the role of Spider-Venom. It has been quite some time since Javon Walton made an appearance on Euphoria; nonetheless, he recently discussed the experience of recording the finale without having any lines. Here we will discuss more ashtray euphoria in season 2.

Euphoria’s” Ashtray is played by Javon Walton:

Walton had never acted before he was cast in the role of Euphoria’s Ashtray in ashtray euphoria season 2. Even though he had won the Georgia state boxing championship when he was only 11 years old, Walton had never performed. In addition, a casting director approached Walton while appearing on Steve Harvey’s show and offered him to try out for the part of Ashtray. Ashtray was a character in the show. It was brought to the casting director’s attention that he had an outstanding sports career.

Robin alongside Robert Pattinson’s Batman:

Walton told Esquire he wants to play Robin alongside Robert Pattinson’s Batman.  Despite the nature of the film’s subject matter, the young actor keeps his fingers crossed that he will be cast in another superhero movie called The Batman.

How old is Javon Walton in ashtray euphoria season 2?

In the first season of Euphoria, the audience is introduced to Ashtray, who has been unofficially adopted by Fezco and is Fezco’s younger brother. Following Fezco’s use of Ashtray as collateral, Fezco gave up on the infant and left them alone. When Ashtray, played by Zendaya, is shown dealing heroin with Rue in the first season of Euphoria, she is depicted as being 11 years old at the time. In the second season, a continuation of the first, Ashtray has reached 13 years old.

How difficult is it to strike a healthy balance?

Since the first episode of Euphoria aired, viewers have been wondering about Walton’s age due to the character Ashtray’s incredible depth and maturity as performed by Walton. Walton will turn 16 this summer when he completes the ninth grade in high school. He is 15 years old at the time of this article’s publication. Variety published an interview with the young actor in which he talked about how difficult it is to strike a healthy balance between his high school life and his career as an actor.

The plot of ashtray euphoria season 2:

The terrible and creepy end to Ashtray’s plot is brought about by the events of Euphoria’s second season finale. Sam Levinson, who helmed Euphoria’s episode, decided not to give Ashtray a speaking role because of this. “Honest to God, I kind of loved it,” Walton said in an interview with Variety. I sometimes wish the plot had more dialogue. I followed his counsel because I believed it. I thought it was successful.”

Writer of ashtray euphoria season 2:

However, when the script was first written, Ashtray was supposed to have lines in their hand. Therefore, the scenes were supposed to be quiet. “That was so long ago now, like six months ago,” Walton said when asked if he remembered any of the dialogue.  While most classmates are friendly and respectful of his space, he doesn’t enjoy high school.

As for Fez and Ashtray, what transpired between them?

Since episode 7 aired a week ago, fans had hoped for Fez and Ashtray’s demise. Custer slowed Fez to watch Lexi play. Custer was tape-recording their conversation as proof that Fez and Ash killed Mouse. Therefore protecting Fez and Ash, Faye asks Custer if Laurie was responsible for the death of his brother. Custer didn’t answer since he knew it wasn’t true. Faye’s Fez stopped Ash from stabbing Custer with a box cutter, but it was too late. Before Ash could leave, Fez strangled Custer and blamed him.

Did Cassie make amends with Maddy?

Due to Lexi’s recent play, Cassie has carried feelings of hatred toward Lexi ever since the last episode. As a result of Nate’s abrupt breakup and subsequent storming out, Cassie was stoked to exact her vengeance. She burst into the theatre when everyone was cheering and insulted Lexi in front of the audience. She clapped wildly. Suze, Cassie and Lexi’s mother, hurried up to stop it. Maddy saved Cassie from being slapped in front of the audience. Their ex-lovers run away while Kat restrains Maddy.

Is Cal going to be imprisoned?

To this day, Cal admits to having sexual fantasies in which Cal had a role after watching all of his father’s sex tapes as an 11-year-old. After that, Cal apologizes to Nate for his absence and for not protecting him adequately. With all of his father’s videos in hand, Nate indicated that he did not seek an apology from his father but was trying to get back at him in another way.  Cal stormed out of the show and found Nate partying at a construction site.

To whom does Rue have a close relationship?

For her part, Rue visited Elliot early on in the series finale and apologized for her intervention in episode 5. He then performs his song, and Rue smiles at the end of it. Cal had betrayed his father, so the police arrived and took him into custody.


According to ashtray euphoria season 2, Euphoria, one of television’s most talked-about shows, ended with an explosive and chaotic climax on Sunday. After a season with high points, such as a stellar performance from the show’s star Zendaya worthy of an Emmy Award, and its bad parts, such as Barbie Ferreira’s Kat being almost totally dropped out of the show without explanation, it was time to say goodbye. Some highlights were Zendaya’s performance deserving of an Emmy award, which signalled the end of this season.


What did Ashtray intend to achieve?

He’d have offered his life to keep me secure. When SWAT troops start randomly shooting, you have two options: go to jail or die. He only wanted to protect me, as I had done for him.

Are there any Ashtray lines from Season 2 that you remember?

Euphoria director Sam Levinson didn’t offer Ashtray a speaking role. He said, therefore,e “honestly” appreciated the event. Sometimes I wish there was more conversation. I just followed Sam’s idea for the world’s future.

Why was Ashtray behaving so aggressively?

There are times when Ashtray chooses violence, but it is always for the cause of saving Fezco. At first, it was hard to trust the tiny drug dealer, but I’ve since come to appreciate him.