Everything to know about Attack on titan hitch!

Attack on titan hitch was sent to serve in the Stohess District, where he remains. Eren Jaeger was not in her division when she was in the 104th Cadet Corps. Hitch is a man 20 years old with fair skin and hair that is a light brown color. Her tresses are a mess from the tangles. Her broad face results from her large emerald eyes, framed by long lashes and thin brows. Her lashes are long, and her brows are thin.

She has wavy hair and medium champagne colour, yet it is dishevelled. She has bangs over her forehead, although her hair is very long. It is a costume that Hitch puts on pretty frequently. Here we will discuss more attacks on titan hitch.

Time travel based on appearances:

Miss Hitch’s large amber eyes, broad jawline, and shaggy, wavy brown hair are hard to see. His appearance can best be described as catty. A member of the Military Police Brigade, she is dressed in the same outfit as the other officers. Even though she is female, she wears the same uniform as her male counterparts. Just like the rest of the gang, she’s wearing a white shirt, trench coat, and bolo tie that are identical to those worn by the Military Police officers.

The personality of titan hitch:

Aside from her evident propensity for teasing and needling her other officers, her caustic and laid-back approach indicate her to be immature in several aspects. She claims that she joined the Military Police because she was indolent and wanted to gain the system’s benefits for herself, despite the widespread understanding that senior officials in the Military Police are corrupt. As a result, she overlooked the likelihood that her new bosses would assign all of their work to her.

Undesirable qualities of Marlo:

Because of her undesirable qualities, Marlo was only accepted into the Military Police by Hitchcock for as long as he was alive. Boris was rude by claiming she wouldn’t have enlisted in the Military Police had she known what she was in for. She earned her position there, after all. If she had known that the military police would be expected to perform all the hard lifting, she might not have chosen them as her first choice.

Annie is expected to repay Hitch’s kindness:

Annie Leonhart begs her roommate Hitch to fill in for her on tomorrow’s 57th Exterior Scouting Mission. Even though the expedition is only a day away, she still has a request. Only if Hitch can accomplish a duty initially entrusted to Annie will Annie’s request be granted. Carly Stratmann, the daughter of Elliot G. Assuming Annie, will meet a male the following day, she inquires about the identity of this individual, to which Annie replies that she will meet a 15-meter attack on titan hitch.

The Awakening of Stohess:

Attack on titan hitch teases Annie about sleeping in after the 57th Scouting Mission, but Boris Feulner urges her to stop. An unexpected visitor shows up, and they are tasked with keeping an eye on Eren Jaeger’s Scout Regiment, which accompanies him on that particular day through Stones District. Later, hitch and the other soldiers protest about the amount of work provided to the new soldiers in the courtyard. A chuckle is heard from Hitch when Marlo Freudenberg begins her lecture and professes to be able to heal the MPs.

It is how it all started:

After Eren and Annie’s fight in Stohess, Hitch and Marlo can be seen assessing the devastation that resulted in the demolition of buildings and the scattering of corpses. The conflagration spread like wildfire across the city. A significant concern for Hitch is that no “official” explanation has been offered for why so many people have died.

Monarchical arch:

He and Marlo are entrusted with investigating the nearby forests for any Scout Regiment soldiers who may have gone missing. In the Stohess District, Hitch is enraged by the recent events until she is halted by someone nearby. Armin Arlelt is getting water from a nearby river, and they intend to fool him into lifting his hands, but they end up falling for his lie instead. Mikasa and Levi have ambushed them and taken their weapons and clothing.

Who is Jean Kirschtein?

Jean Kirstein believes he and his family are in immediate danger from two individuals, and he intends to kill them both. As Marlo claims, Jean might make it clear that Levi made this decision on his own and that the others are unaware of it. While trying to get at the two, Jean falls and drops the knife. Marlo then takes the knife while Hitch runs away, and Jean and Marlo quarrel. As Hitch reappears, a branch is used to strike Jean across the side of the head.

Shiganshina will be revisited in the storyline:

To see if Marlo is still awake and well, Hitch gets out of bed and goes to her dorm room window. She sees soldiers attempting to retake the wall and human land. Armin Arlelt explains to Eren his strategy for taking down the Colossal Titan. Hitch attends a ceremony to honour Scout Regiment’s goal. Floch appeared saddened after learning of Marlo’s dying moments.

War for Paradise:

Hitch worries about Marlo as he nears the end of his life and assumes she is still asleep. In the course of his duties, Hitch happens to catch Armin Arlelt’s attention while he’s attempting to kiss Annie on the cheek. Incredibly, Armin Arlelt can make fun of Annie’s celebrity, given the state in which he is currently found. Annie has entrusted Hitch with the responsibility of protecting a valuable jewel.

Military installation where Annie is being held:

As they leave the military installation where Annie is being held, the two chatted about the growing scepticism the general population has of the military due to information leaking out. Militant protesters seized control of the military headquarters to locate the abducted Eren. Attack on titan hitch has been tasked with guarding the entrance gate to the building, which is currently under attack from a swarm of approaching demonstrators.

It was written by Marlo Freudenberg:

Their personalities couldn’t have been more dissimilar from Hitch and Marlo’s. Hitch frequently mocked Marlo’s good morality since he was a serious and passionate person, while Hitch was more laid back and easygoing. Marlo’s life was in jeopardy when Jean and Hitch confronted each other, and she later tried to stop him from joining the Scout Regiment’s mission to retake Shiganshina. Both of these events took place when attack on titan hitch was in danger. Hitch was devastated to find that Marlo had died while they were on their expedition.


Annie and Hitch weren’t buddies despite sharing a room and being on the same squad in Stohess. Annie’s dismal outlook and annoying behaviour annoyed Hitch. Hitch would tease Annie to encourage her to reply, and Annie would respond sarcastically in response. Hitch nursed vengeance on the Scout Regiment when Annie went missing. He blamed them for Annie’s death since he didn’t spend enough time with her. Hitch was shocked and emotional when he learned Annie had destroyed Wall Sina.


Why AOT’s gang is brutal?

Upon joining the military, during the attack on titan, hitch Dreyse was sent to serve in the Stohess District, where he remains. Eren Jaeger was not in her division when she was in the 104th Cadet Corps.

Why does someone have a thing for Annie?

He may have developed a crush on Annie, even though his feelings for her were more suppressed in Season 1 before she was revealed as the Female Titan.