Things to know about Batman games in order!

Batman games in order series the finest Batman video game series, but it’s also one of the best superhero video game series in the whole vast universe. The Batman Arkham series has been a resounding success because of its excellent gameplay, compelling narrative and diverse cast of characters. However, novices may find it perplexing since some games are prequels to others. I have arranged them chronologically, so here they are. Produced by WB Games Montreal, it is one of two Arkham console games that Rocksteady Studios did not develop. Let’s discuss more Batman games in order.

Things to know about Batman games in order!

Origins of Batman:

Even though it was the third Arkham video game to be published, it is the first in the tale. The villain Black Mask places a reward on Batman’s head early in his career, putting his life in danger. There are eight masked assassins on the lookout to assassinate the Caped Crusader and get their hands on cash. In addition to the forthcoming Gotham Knights, this company will continue to work on Batman. We’re eager to play Gotham Knights, even if it’s not part of the Arkham world.

Black gate in Batman Origins:

Arkham Origins of Batman Blackgate is a sidescroller rather than an action-adventure game like the previous Batman Arkham games. According to its title, this is a follow-up to Origins and the second Arkham game. In this narrative, Batman is called upon to quell a disturbance in Blackgate jail. Blackgate is the only Batman Arkham game published on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. Armature Studio worked on Injustice: Gods Among Us for the PS Vita and created this superhero-themed game.

Asylum Dark Knight Returns:

In 2009, Batman Arkham Asylum was released as the first of the three Arkham games. The Joker is being taken to Arkham Asylum 8 years after the Origins events. Soon after, the Joker seizes control of the institution and releases deadly convicts who attack Batman and the asylum personnel. It was Rocksteady Studios’ second game, and it would catapult them to prominence. In addition to the fantastic gameplay and plot, seasoned performers like Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, and Arleen Sorkin lent their talents to the game.

The Arkham City Batman:

Following the events of Arkham Asylum, Batman is thrust back into the fray, this time taking on a new group of villains. Arkham City is a unique prison city where Batman must stop the Joker and Dr Hugo Strange from carrying out their wicked schemes. To make matters worse, both Batman and The Joker have been poisoned, giving Batman only a limited amount of time to save the day and him.

Famous people:

Catwoman, Two-Face, and the Penguin are other significant characters. Like its predecessor, Arkham City has many side quests involving various characters. The tasks also assist in conveying the anarchic nature of the jail and remind the player that there is more danger in Arkham City than simply the Joker and Dr Strange in the game. Batman games in order are the Animated Series is one of these actors’ most well-known examples of previous work.

DLCs for Arkham City:

There are numerous add-ons for Arkham City. In most cases, you’ll get maps, character skins/equipment, and other goodies in addition to the actual game content. The most important is the Xbox 360, PlayStation, and Windows versions of Harley Quinn’s Revenge. Harley Quinn must be defeated in an industrial complex in the new DLC. Every piece of Batman games in order City’s DLC was included in the game’s 2012 GOTY edition.

Lockdown in Batman’s Arkham City:

Arkham City Lockdown is a spin-off of the main Arkham series. NetherRealm Studios developed the game for iOS (2011) and Android (2012) (2013). It’s no longer available at authorised retail locations. In the Arkham world, it’s still canon. There’s a scene before Arkham City when Batman games in order are attempting to apprehend many Arkham Asylum inmates who’ve run amok. Two Faces, Deathstroke, Solomon Grundy, and The Joker are among the baddies. Due to the location, one-on-one 2D combat is now possible.

Tactile screen offer:

The tactile screen offers a wide range of possibilities, including the ability to sidestep assaults by swiping the panel in the other direction. This mod may relive the Arkham series without losing a single detail. Take a look at this post. For example, the voice of The Joker in the first two games was provided by Mark Hammill. Four core games, a remaster, and four spinoffs make up Batman Arkham.

Batman the Video Game:

This time, Batman is in greater peril than before Batman Arkham City’s events. Finding that Nightwing and Robin have vanished leaves him with a mystery to solve. Batman Arkham VR, like its predecessors, has a diverse cast of villains, including the likes of Killer Croc and the Penguin. There is just one Batman Arkham VR game, as implied by the title. It’s possible to play LEGO Batman or other casual games, such as those from the ’80s and ’90s.

Gadgets of high tech:

Iconic weapons like the Batarang are included in this game, as well as Batman’s scanner and bat-claw; it wouldn’t be Batman without them. Even though the game’s scope is less than previous Arkham games, the narrative and gameplay make up for it. The Batmobile may be driven and used as a tank for the first time in Batman: Arkham Knight. It may seem like Rocksteady Studio’s Batman Arkham series ends with Arkham Knight, yet the Arkham world will continue to be developed.

Return to Gotham City:

2016 remaster of the original game, Return to Arkham, may be found here. Arkham City and Arkham Asylum are both included in the package. It also includes most of the game’s DLCs. The visuals, music, and textures have all been redone, in addition to the new material. It doesn’t alter the story, gameplay, or mechanics. However, it replaced Unreal Engine 3 with Unreal Engine 4, an update to the graphics engine. There’s always room for improvement in video games.

Series mood shifted:

In addition, the game’s resolution was increased to 1080p, allowing for a smoother gameplay experience. However, the frame rate remains at 30 frames per second. It was unveiled for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It doesn’t work on PCs at this time. As a result, many gamers advise against purchasing the Return to Arkham version of the game, as it has several performance concerns. The remaster didn’t include Rocksteady either. As a result, the game became more cheerful, and the series’ mood shifted.

Arkham Knight:

Several months after the events of Batman: Arkham City, Batman, is tasked with rescuing Gotham from the Scarecrow and other villains in Batman Arkham Knight. These enemies include the Arkham Knight, a mysterious figure linked to Batman’s past. Two-Face, the Penguin, and Firefly are among the villains that have made a reappearance in this game. Characters like Catwoman, Batgirl, and Red Hood may now be played in their adventures before and after the game’s main plot.

Kill Justice League:

Rocksteady Studios is developing this game, which is situated in the Arkham world, even though Batman isn’t the primary character. Brainiac and the Suicide Squad are featured in this video game, which pits them against one another. Brainiac has enslaved the Justice League, including Superman, using his powers of mind control. A few newcomers to the Arkham realm this season, although Harley Quinn and Deadshot have had previous encounters with Batman. The show was able to construct its own little comic book world.


In chronological order, these were the Batman games in charge. Since Rocksteady Studios and the other series’ developers have done an outstanding job, it is with great anticipation that we anticipate what Suicide Squad will bring us. Isn’t it enticing to play as Batman in video games now that The Batman has been released in theatres? On the other hand, Warner Bros. Games has recently released many titles that have been well received by both reviewers and players alike. There is a total of nine games in this series.


Is the Batman Arkham collection something you can buy?

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City from Return to Arkham are included, as is Arkham Knight’s premium edition. Physical copies of the set contain discs for the first two games and a digital download code for the third.

Is it necessary to have Batman games in order with Animated Series?

You’re not required to. In Knight, Origins is mentioned a few times, although it’s not overt. You won’t miss out on anything by skipping Origins.

Which Batman games in order should I start with?

It is the first Arkham Knight game to offer you the keys to the Batmobile, which is good since you’ll need to move between Gotham City’s major islands as the game continues.