Best grenade spots dust 2 maps in CS: GO!

Best grenade spots dust 2: Even though this 2012 game has undergone a significant overhaul since its release, it retains many of its core concepts while also evolving into a new experience. CS: One of the essential gameplay components is GO’s decision-making, which dictates when and where to engage in combat. Grenades can be used in the best grenade spots in the following places. Dust 2 Counter-Most Strike is identical to Dust 1’s. Contrary to popular belief, Dust 2 does not represent an upgrade over Counter-Strike 1. After its release, it quickly became prominent among online maps for first-person shooters. Here we will discuss more best grenade spots dust 2.

Best grenade spots dust 2 maps in CS: GO!

Grenade Spots 2’s best grenades:

You can gain an advantage over your opponents by accurately tossing grenades. If they look to be on their own or not, it doesn’t matter. Dust 2’s grenade placement guide will show you the best and worst spots to use them. Never lob a grenade at a potential for when you’re on the defensive. If you can locate and destroy the grenade, do so. For simplicity, let’s pretend that X is a starting position and Y is a landing location.

Where to put grenades in Dust 2?

We will go over a few terrain components to get a feel for where to put grenades in Dust 2. All of the callout locations can be found on the Dust 2 maps that are listed above. If you are going to be successful in completing the current mission, you will need this map. We are going to make use of the S and T codes that we have already supplied to you as a courtesy.

To get to the T-Mid-Door Spawn’s Position:

To optimize grenade effectiveness, arrange them strategically. Observe the suicide zone, an upper-middle-to-centre alleyway, and T-entrance. Spawns after the grenade flies, take a few more steps. Due to their location, grenades would be thrown all around them. It’s OK to either stroll or jumps over it. Whistle-spawn terrified them in the chamber near the door. Opponents may mistake your objectives based on your appearance. The environment may affect Dust 2’s whistle accuracy.

T-Spawns can be used to open long doors:

Once you’ve arrived in the Long Doors T-spawn area, you can begin throwing the grenade. Below is a visual representation of the journey we’ve travelled. Moving a few feet before shooting for points is a solid strategy. It’s as effective to throw it out the door as in the garbage. The grenade will fall between the blue and side pits. No effort, no future. An unimpeded grenade can be dropped here before the long entryway. Grenades thrown near the door will hit Long A completely.

The Lower Tunnel is seen:

Your opponent can go blind after being hit by a flash grenade. From the lower tunnels, flash grenades can be tossed over the top wall. Short bursts of light might temporarily incapacitate your opponent. If you merely point and aim your grenade at the tower’s top, it will rip right through! Those players escaping the attack will be blinded by a grenade falling on the tower’s other side. It’s possible to approach them and kill them before they realize what’s happening.

Car That Molly Just Bought:

For players who arrive from A Long, the new Dust position in CS: GO provides only a small amount of cover. Athletes have a history of overusing this posture. Bombsite A must be taken or retaken, and one of the most important goals is to eliminate all of the opponents there. To put out a fire quickly, use a Molotov cocktail. Molotov is thrown by standing on top of a barrel and launching the explosive from that height. All it takes to see the explosion is a hurled Molotov cocktail by the player.

It has the smell of a low-grade chemical mixture:

In best grenade spots dust 2 Global Offensive, it is difficult to travel to Bombsite B underneath the arch without being attacked by players using B and CT Spawn weapons. CT Spawn must be avoided by climbing up the pallet and then onto the box. Players should focus on this now. Once positioned, CS GO players can jump and throw a smoke grenade. To stop terrorists from infiltrating the factory, Spawn agents must come out of hiding.

Global Offensive’s Grenade Training Manual:

A custom game is recommended before bringing new lineups into regular play. Considerable caution should be taken when using CS: utility GOs, such as grenades. You must enable the Developer Console if you wish to participate in organized custom matches only to develop your gameplay. When you click “,” the Developer Console appears. This text box allows you to customize your game. From experience, cheating is permissible.

CS GO Dev Console can be made available via script:

Find the option labelled “games” in the menu of options for the device, and then select it. The developer console has been updated to allow the execution of user-defined commands. Select “Yes” from the corresponding drop-down menu to turn on the Developer Console. You’ll be sent straight to the development console whenever you click the key on your keyboard that looks like this: Within the menu of configuration options, you can replace this button with several others.

A short distance down the road is where you will find:

Dust 2’s back platform is the second greatest area to utilize grenades, followed by the front platform. Enemy AWPers hiding on the platform threaten more than just you and your teammates. This site looks a lot like Goose when it comes to design. When opposing AWPers emerge from their cave, you can eradicate them. If the substance is ignited, these people could be killed or executed. Remember that molly will be on display. If you don’t act quickly, the AWPer may target you.


Grenades are essential for playing best grenade spots dust 2 Global Offensive. Players have a vast range of tools at their disposal, which can be used in various ways. There are times when they can offer you a leg up. This post will also cover the best grenade locations in Dust 2. Dust 2 is widely regarded as one of the best CS GO maps. The doors in the middle are a popular vantage point from which to watch the action.


What are the best Best grenade spots dust 2 hunters?

To achieve this goal, put one player in the Pit and the other in a Corner. Only some have a good spawn and can use smokes to their advantage to go into the pits. Both players on T or Long will be surprised if one of them rushes at the other.

Where to watch dying light night hunter?

Adding a second puff of smoke close to the first will completely hide the CT Spawn Mid Entrance view on Dust 2. If you enter through the Mid Doors, use this smoke.