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Billy Evans net worth is $10 million. Billy Evans is a well-known businessman in addition to being Elizabeth Holmes’s husband. Gets the lowdown on Billy Evans’ family members, including his parents, wife, and children? You’ll also learn how old Billy is and what he does for a living. His net worth is also available. One of the best-known property managers in the United States, Billy Evans is an American citizen who manages a company in California. Elizabeth Holmes is married to Billy Evans, a well-known former biotechnology entrepreneur in the United States. Here we will discuss billy Evans net worth.

Who is Billy Evans?

American businessman Billy Evans is the scion of a hospitality property management firm with its headquarters in the Golden State. Billy Evans took over the family business based in the Golden State. An American businesswoman and former biotech entrepreneur, Elizabeth Holmes is well-known worldwide. Elizabeth Holmes is the wife of Mrs. Billy Evans. William D. Evans, Billy Evans’ grandfather, and Anne Evans’ grandparents were the founders of Evans Hotels in 1953, and he is now the current heir apparent.

Billy Evans Hotels in California:

Evans Hotels is currently owned by Billy Evans as well. There are numerous Billy Evans Hotels in California, the company’s headquarters, and throughout the state. When Billy Evans became the heir to a hotel management company in California, he had a successful career in banking and consulting. Several of the state’s businesses were among his past employees.

Education of Billy Evans:

His undergraduate education was completed in 2015 when he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Economics. Using LinkedIn, it appears that Evans worked at various financial and consulting organizations in California throughout the summers of his college years. He worked for Red Bull as a student brand manager while he was a student at MIT.


The Evans family has long been a fixture in San Diego’s social fabric, dating back several generations.  Evans, and his paternal great-grandparents, established Evans Hotels. Billy Evans currently owns the company. The organization has three locations under its jurisdiction in the greater San Diego area. When it comes to Billy Evans, the American businessman who is married to Elizabeth Holmes and the father of their two children, billy Evans net worth is $10 million is all you need to know.

Billy Evans’s post-marriage life:

Known in the United States as Elizabeth Holmes, Mr. Evans is married to the former biotech entrepreneur and public figure. Mr. Evans is another well-known figure. There was the first meeting between Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes in 2017 at a party, and the last time anyone saw them together was in August of 2018 at Burning Man, where they were seen holding hands. Close relatives and friends gathered at a private gathering in the middle of 2019 to celebrate Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes’ engagement.

When did Elizabeth Holmes and Billy Evans meet?

We’re left wondering how Elizabeth Holmes and Billy Evans initially met in “The Dropout.” Style Caster claims that the two met for the first time at a party in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017 and have been dating since then. A settlement with CMS was made during this period. Since their relationship began in 2019, the couple celebrated their marriage in the summer of the same year. However, Evans remained by Holmes’ side during her trial and sentence.

Marriage of Billy Evans:

A well-known biotech entrepreneur in the United States in the past, Billy Evans is married to Elizabeth Holmes. At a party in 2017, Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes first met. The last time anyone saw them together was in August at Burning Man. Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes got engaged in 2019 and married in the middle of the year in a small, private ceremony. William Holmes Evans, a child, born on July 10th, 2021, to Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes, is said to be theirs.


The final episode of The Dropout was released on Hulu on Thursday, April 7. When Theranos’ downfall was finally revealed to the public, Elizabeth Holmes appeared unconcerned about it. As an alternative, she tells her lawyer how much she loves her new boyfriend, who is much younger than her. The next paragraphs provide all there is to know about Elizabeth Holmes’ marriage to Billy Evans, her current spouse, and their age difference.

The Dropout movie:

Ending The Dropout, Theranos ultimately shut down its facilities. Sherlock Holmes went back to her old legal office to get some belongings, and while she was there, Linda Tanner, her former lawyer, talked about her new boyfriend. Previous to this scene, Holmes and Evans are shown sleeping together as he recounts his experiences at Burning Man to Evans in a bedside manner. Inquiring minds want to know the other’s age, but no one responds. She is called Lizzy rather than Elizabeth by Evans.

What in the world are you doing?

Although Holmes no longer holds the title of “billionaire,” Evans’ family has amassed a sizable fortune. The Evans Hotel Group was founded in 1995 by his great-grandparents, and he is, in reality, the heir apparent, according to Style Caster. To no one’s surprise, Evans’ parents first resisted their son’s interest in Holmes as a potential lover. As if to say, “What in the world are you doing?” Sources tell the New York Post, “it’s like he has been brainwashed. They are still together and reside in a $135 million California estate.


Elizabeth Holmes is, without a doubt, one of the best-known biotech entrepreneurs in the United States. In August 2018, Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes met for the first time when they were both at Burning Man. Billy Evans, an American business owner, has Billy Evans net worth is $10 million. Billy Evans is well-known in the business, and he is also married to Elizabeth Holmes. Here, you can find out about Billy Evans’s parents, wife, and children, his age, and what he does for a living.


Who is Billy Evans, and how much money does he have? – Billy Evans

In the $8 million to USD 10 million range, Evans’ net worth is estimated to be Billy currently residing in San Francisco and enjoys an abundant way of life.

What is billy Evans net worth?

Billy Evans net worth is $10 million.

What is billy Evans net worth in 2020?

Billy Evans net worth was $9 million in 2020.