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Black clover funko pop is well-known for its outlaw personalities. You can see the typical age and height. The Black Bulls have a long-standing history of being considered the weakest team in the Clover Kingdom. This reputation precedes them. It is widely believed that it is a haven for undesirables of all stripes, including renegades, degenerates, and other outcasts. Despite this, the team is a lot of fun because there is such a wide range of personalities and shenanigans among the members. Here we will discuss black clover funko pop.

Black clover funko pop:

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Chart of Black Clover’s stats:

An impressive roster of 15 characters makes up Black Clover’s Black Bull group. The wave also includes Pop Keychains of Asta and Noelle and the Black Clover figures. Pre-order the whole lock, including the AAA Anime exclusive Luck Volta, today at Entertainment Earth. Black Clover was released at Funko Fair 2022 from February 15-18. Using our Funko Fair master list, you can keep track of upcoming Pop figures.

Yami Sukehiro:

Yami is the Black Bulls’ head coach. Yami is the squad’s oldest member, surpassing even the group’s vice-captain and officially Secure. He also bears a striking resemblance to the Castlevania character Trevor Belmont. As a practitioner of dark magic, Yami wields the katana he wields as a weapon capable of altering the reality he inhabits. The katana can absorb light magic. Yami may also employ restrained magic and mana to boost his strength during a battle.


This character, Asta, is determined to become the Magic Emperor. He resembles Meliodas from the Seven Deadly Sins in both appearance and behavior. Because of Asta’s lack of magic strength at the start of the anime, many people disbelieve him. He is an orphan from Hage, a small village in rural Norway. On the other hand, Asta joins the Black Bulls due to his mastery of anti-magic. Asta has spent a great deal of time training his physical abilities to compensate for his lack of magic.

Faust’s Night:

The Black Bulls’ vice-captain, Nacht, is a former nobleman. Nacht is a 29-year-old man who was born on the 30th of April. When Nacht was 15, he received his grimoire, which he shares with his identical twin brother, Morgen. The use of shadows is key to Nacht’s magical style. Nacht’s power is given to him by four devils, who bestowed him with strength and magic.

Vanessa Enoteca:

Vain and charming, she also can manipulate and take advantage of others to obtain what she wants. She can evade adversaries, heal her companions, and inflict damage on the enemy with her thread magic. It’s no secret that Vanessa is something of a witch, what with her outlandish attitude and penchant for alcohol. In reality, Vanessa is just 5’7″ with her heels on. She has been dubbed the Drunk Frenzy Witch because of her erratic demeanor and chronic drinking.

Zora Ideale:

An eyebrow piercing and a mask covering the lower half of his face distinguish Zora from the rest of the cast. As of December 19, he is 25 years old. Zora stands at 5’9 and sports a thin, athletic build. Zora is an intelligent, witty, and occasionally rude character who prefers to dress in all black. Zora can defeat opponents through the use of magical traps and ash. Zora, like Asta, hails from a modest and rural background. This one is the best Black clover funko pop.

Final Roulacase:

Final is descended from the noble House Vaude and a Black Bulls member. When it comes to Fingal’s personal preferences, the 21-year-old is a massive fan of the color green and appears to enjoy being the focus of attention. Final needs to be sensible at times, yet he’s also lively and outgoing. Several characters dislike him because of his “girl-crazy” tendencies. Then again, his reliability is also a plus.

Gordon Agrippa:

Gordon’s gothic makeup is probably the most recognizable feature of his appearance. He’s always done his makeup in a gothic style since he was a kid. Gordon is a 26-year-old member of the Black Bull squad in the anime’s present day. To add to his already impressive stature, Gordon is over two feet taller than the rest of the team. In the anime version of Black Clover, Gordon is introduced earlier than in the manga.

Noelle Silva:

November 15th is the date of her birthday, which is 15 years old. Noelle is only 5’3″ tall, making her a petite figure. Noelle has an arrogant manner and a conceited take on life because she comes from a wealthy family. Despite her arrogance and look of superiority, she harbors deep insecurities about her magical abilities.


Grey is a pseudonym for a metamorphosis-using Black Bull squad member. Grey may become and thus become objects. She is a 24-year-old woman with blue hair. Grey frequently makes the joke that Gordon is spooky because of his eccentricity. Grey’s background and childhood are reminiscent of Cinderella’s. Her step-sisters bullied her as a child because she was bashful. After her sisters were enraged, Grey ran away from home when she morphed into one of them.

The Magna Swing:

Magna, a member of the Black Bull squad, is a fire magic enthusiast. This young man will turn eighteen on April 7th, which falls on the Gregorian calendar. Magna is 5’7″ tall and has wavy gray and black hair parted in the middle. Wearing sunglasses most of the time, he has a rebellious appearance. As a result of Magna’s temperament, he is prone to confrontations with others. When Asta and Noelle join the Black Bulls, he takes charge of their first operation.

Good fortune for Volta:

Luck has a peculiar quirk; he couldn’t stop grinning like a child. His birthdate is October 11th, which makes him eighteen years old. Chance, like Magna, stands at the height of 5’7. His mother teased him a lot when he was a kid because he couldn’t stop smiling. Luck’s magical skills, on the other hand, made her admire and respect him even more. Yami wanted Luck to join the Black Bulls because of his combat skills and test scores.


To the dismay of its devoted following, the anime series Black Clover ended last year. However, Asta and Yuno’s experiences are far from over. Weekly Shonen Jump still airs the manga, and a film version is in development. Black clover funko pop finally got Funko Pops at the 2022 Funko Fair. Asta, Yuno, and Noelle are unsurprising Black Clover Funko Pops. AAA Anime exclusive Luck Voltia Pop is exciting. With his grimoire or glow-in-the-dark thunder claws, Luck Volta is available from Pop Vinyl.


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