Things to know about Bling empire season 2!

Bling empire season 2 premiered on Netflix in 2021, and the show quickly became one of the year’s most anticipated offerings. Asians living in Los Angeles, California, are featured in a reality TV show that gives viewers a tempting glimpse into their lavish lifestyles. Rich people find it tough to resist the desire to follow the beautiful lives of other rich people. Attending their opulent events and maintaining their high standard of living entails all of the above. Individuals may find the classic drama that makes this show feel like Crazy Rich Asians even more appealing than these traits. In this article, we will discuss more Bling Empire season 2.

Bling Empire season 2 on Netflix:

Bling empire season 2 will premiere on Netflix on May 13th, 2022. Season 2 of Netflix’s original series “Bling Empire” promises to be even more glitzy than the previous season was. For those of you who missed the first season, fear not. You don’t need to watch the first season to keep up, understand what’s going on, or enjoy the show. ┬áThere is nothing you cannot accomplish with these skills. This seminar is for you if you’re a fan of the Crazy Rich Asians books.

Season 2 of Bling Empire will have a specific focus:

The reality television show Bling Empire looks at the opulent lifestyles of an affluent Los Angeles group of friends. No matter how much they show off their money by attending the most prestigious events and donning the most expensive outfits, the drama that takes place behind the scenes is just as captivating. It was interesting to see the beginnings and ends of numerous relationships in the first season.

Where can I see “BLING EMPIRE’s” second season?

Fans get a glimpse inside the protagonists’ great way of life, but they also get a taste of the chaos that is about to ensue. Before the devastation occurs, the viewer is shown a glimpse of what is coming. Dorothy’s future is uncertain, and Kevin and Kim may be ready to advance their relationship. Arguments, unwelcome parties, postponed weddings, and rumors of second families are common.

Bling empire season 2 cast:

They are a group of young Asian Americans from the Los Angeles area of the United States who are highly well-off and well-educated. Their adventures drive the plot. After the show’s premiere, people demanded more episodes. The second season’s drama and elegance continue in the May 13, 2022, Netflix launch. This show stars veterans and beginners. The exhibition illustrates how much celebs spend on parties and apparel. Given their opulent lifestyles and luxury, we wonder how much these superstars make.

Apparently, according to Mimi Morris:

Mimi Morris is the name of the new character appearing in this season of Bling Empire. Morris is the cast member with the highest money, with a fortune estimated to be over $800 million. The charming lady’s husband is Donald Morris, who serves as Chief Executive Officer of Morris Group International.

Meeting with Anna Shay:

Anna Shay is the second-richest member of the Bling Empire ensemble behind Yara Shahidi. Her millionaire father left her $600 million in the form of selling his company’s stock when he died. She started building her net worth with this money. Pacific Architects and Engineers worked on military weapons and equipment. Edward Shay, Anna’s father, named the corporation. Therefore, Anna and her brothers received his firm shares in his will. Shay’s Instagram account makes a lot of money. Every social media post by the reality star earns $1,623.

Jessey Lee and Cherie Chan:

Bling Empire’s celebrity pair has a combined net worth of $200 million. They have two little children between them at the moment. Although Chan is the heir apparent to her uncle’s denim empire, she is Lee’s business partner in the furniture business. Chan was about to become one of Japan’s most famous pop artists. She couldn’t pay Sony since she was broke. Chan’s mother died in 2019 and had a unique link with her daughter. Chan’s mother told her daughter about her wish.

Gabriel Chiu and Christine Chiu:

Due to their combined wealth, Gabriel and Christine are dubbed the “power couple” of the show. It means that Gabriel Chiu is not only a well-known plastic surgeon but is also descended from one of the most important dynasties in Chinese history. A well-known medical facility visited by celebrities, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, has significantly impacted Gabriel and Christine’s personal and joint riches. Christine Chiu earns a substantial percentage of her income from her Instagram account management.

Jessi Xie:

Jamie Xie is a well-known high society socialite and leader. Jamie Xie is another name for her. Modeling is the source of this fashionable woman’s income, and she has appeared on the covers of many publications. A large chunk of her total revenue comes from Instagram, where she makes an average of $2,833 for every post. The fact that she is a descendent of Ken Xie, the developer of the first ASIC-based firewall and VPN equipment worldwide, is also worth noting.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty:

Many people know that Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty cosmetics line has selected Kane Lim as its first South Asian brand ambassador. According to him, the musician is also a close personal friend. His family’s assets in the oil and real estate industries, as well as a slew of other ventures, account for the bulk of his money. Just two years after Lim started investing in stocks, he made a fortune of one million dollars, much like Lim’s investment guru and mentor, Warren Buffett.

There must be a problem somewhere, Kim Lee:

Only Kim Lee, a cast member of the reality show Bling Empire, has made a sizable amount of her riches. Anyone who watches the show can tell that the actress works hard to maintain the persona she has built for herself. In addition to her modeling profession, she is well-known as a DJ. Additionally, Lee has appeared in music videos for musicians like Nicki Minaj and Kanye West, to name a few. In keeping with this theme, she even made a brief appearance in the sequel to The Hangover.

Tribute to Dorothy Wang:

Bling Empire, now in its second season, recently welcomed Dorothy Wang to its cast. Despite being a self-made billionaire, Roger Wang lives in the United States with his wife and two children. Because of him, his daughter has accumulated a sizable fortune. To begin, he purchased apartments in the greater LA metropolitan region; he currently heads up the Golden Eagle International Group real estate development enterprise. For the year 2022, Forbes has ranked him 835th on its list of the world’s wealthiest people.

Kevin Kreider:

According to reports, Kevin Kreider’s net worth is in the tens of millions. It is no secret to the show’s audience that Kreider has admitted he doesn’t have as much money as the rest of the cast. In addition, the model does not believe these data to be accurate now. During an interview with E! News, she used these precise words to describe herself. Upon hearing my question about her self-worth, she said, “I’m probably the last person who knows.

Kelly Mi Li is quoted as saying the following:

According to the most recent estimates, Kelly Mi Li is worth around $5 million. Before going to California, she appears to have started as a real estate developer in New York City. Los Angeles was the starting point of her professional career. When she wasn’t working as a talent manager and film producer, this attractive lady dabbled in the world of tech start-up companies. Due to her work as an influence, Kelly enjoys a high level of living.


According to Bling Empire season 2, it’s clear that everyone feels the same way about Kane Lim. Affluent Asian and Asian American society in the hills of Los Angeles is shown in this Netflix series, which you may have never seen before. On Friday, the second season of Bling Empire premiered, and viewers quickly took to social media to express their opinions. Newcomers Mimi Morris and Dorothy Wang join returning actors Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee, and Kane Lim in this season’s cast. They all reprised their roles from last year.


Does bling empire season 2 have a scheduled release date of 2022?

Unlike Bling empire season 2, the series is broadcast on Netflix and is in no way scripted. At the very least, this is what the stars and producers of Bling Empire say.

Are Kevin and Kim still together after Bling Empire?

Kevin said Kim remained “close” to him after filming ended, and they’ve stayed in touch. We improved our mental and emotional health by checking in with each other. In the second season, he needed alone time.