Is it safe to use a Ceramic platter for cooking?

Ceramic platter: The platter composed of clay, molded, and then solidified with heat is referred to as “ceramic.” Clay can be combined with other substances and water in some recipes. These plates can be chipped, but they’re robust, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion. Then again, unless, of course, you drop one. Because pure, traditional ceramic cookware can withstand high temperatures, it is safe to use in the oven and microwave. As a result, ceramic produces cups and bowls, frying pans, and non-stick coatings made from ceramic. Glazes are often used to decorate these dishes, giving them an extra pop of color. Following are the best ceramic platter for 2022.

Serving ceramic platter – Marin Blue:

When Murray reveals that CB2 is the manufacturer, “I’m sure you’ll be surprised,” he says. The CB2 website no longer appears to carry this specific model of ceramic plate, but these Marin Blue dinner plates from Crate and Barrel hit many of the same design notes as the ones at Butler: sky-blue ceramic with a free-form raised rim. Year and Day plates, which you mentioned in your question, are also made in Portugal, where these plates are manufactured.

Dinnerware by Mud Ceramics:

A slick matte finish is applied to all of Mud Ceramics’ dinnerware, which features lovely, though rather strange, shapes. “It walks the line pretty well between a classic tableware set and a more modern one,” says Kalita. In my opinion, if you can get a group of individuals to put something together for you, it would make an excellent registry item.

March SF ceramic platter:

For ages, ceramics and enamelware have had splatter ware, but March SF’s vivid modern spin on the heritage has us drooling over it. This set, which was painted and produced by hand in Puglia, Italy, is a joyful investment that will nourish your spirit for a long time to come. A soup bowl costs $35 as a starting point.

Dinnerware Set of Small Aquinnah Plates:

Even though Michelle Blade is primarily recognized for her paintings, she began making ceramics in 2014 to create “unique, useful products,” according to the Good Kind Work website. Slab-built and hand-painted, each Blade creation is handcrafted specifically for each buyer. Plates, bowls, mugs, and other home decor in nature-inspired colors and designs may be found in her shop.

Humble Ceramics is a ceramic platter:

Humble Ceramics, a company created in 2010 by Belgian-born Los Angeles artist Delphine Lippens, is “about polarity and the beauty of extremes,” according to the company’s website. In addition to dinnerware, tabletop and kitchenware, and decor, the brand’s products are designed to “create a multi-sensorial experience to construct a matrix of healing for the planet,” according to a statement.

Ceramic platter by East Fork:

Although the brand’s original goal was to develop durable ceramic cookware, East Fork is also devoted to creating manufacturing jobs in its hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, and being transparent with all of its partners, suppliers, and customers. In addition to simple dinnerware in a few earth-inspired colors, the company’s website sells various other items, including glassware, food-shaped candles, and more.

Tableware by Sarah Kersten:

Sarah Kersten’s work is inspired by the coast of California and the “deep and robust ceramic history” of Berkeley, California’s northernmost city, where she and the small crew work in her Berkeley workshop. Sculpturally beautiful, effortlessly functional, and heirloom quality are all used to describe the brand’s products, which are “actual demands in the kitchen.” It is clear from the label’s offerings, which include a wide range of plates and bowls in various sizes, all of which are minimalist and uncomplicated.

Ceramic platter by Naked Clay:

Founded in 2017 by Carla Sealey, Naked Clay Ceramics continues to produce all its products by hand in Bedfordshire, England, from her workshop. Created using a combination of slip casting and hand-building, the collection’s exquisite, predominantly black and white pieces are intended to be silent and tactile.

Meadow Ceramics platter:

Focusing on “handmade and authentic boho chic home décor,” Meadow Ceramics was founded by a single mom in her kitchen by Caroline Arnecke.

Dinnerware set by Year & Day:

Ceramic dinnerware sets from Year & Day are yet another direct-to-consumer manufacturer. The company’s dishware line comprises plates in three various sizes two types of bowls, and mugs, all of which have a simple look. There was no evidence of wear after eight weeks of twice-daily use, and we didn’t find a single trace of discoloration, even after repeatedly running them through the dishwasher.

Ceramic Plates in Black Color:

On the other hand, Black ceramic dishes can give a dramatic flair to any dinner. A bewildering set of four face plates was created by French ceramicist Dalo and signed by him. Also, these extra-large Barro plates in black terracotta are ideal for storing fruits or serving food. Alternatively, it can be used as a centerpiece on a dining table.

Black and white Ceramic platters:

Black and white ceramic plates, on the other hand, are particularly beautiful when they’re empty and not filled with a great meal. The collection includes six plates depicting eating utensils in Piero Fornasetti’s unique drawing style.

Hand-painted ceramics platters:

Hand-painted ceramics are the most eye-catching. It’s not hard to see why people are drawn to painting white plates. Editor-in-chief of Cabana magazine, Martina Mondadori Sartogo, adds her refined sense of style to the Blossom pattern of house-branded plates. The Olympia comes from the same family and is hand-painted in Spain, echoing the colors of the Greek islands.

Neutral Ceramic platters:

An almond-colored color palette is becoming increasingly popular in today’s interiors. When it comes to Kelly Lamb’s celadon green nine-sided glazed dish, holy geometry comes into play. This set of plates and bowls, designed by Brunello Cuccinelli, has his favorite neutrals: grey and taupe. Blue Pheasant’s speckled plates have an organic appearance because of salt applied to the glaze before firing.


Given that most people prefer to acquire four plates for the same price, we scoured the market for the most attractive ceramic plates available for under $13 apiece or less. Despite how expensive these plates appear, we guarantee that your pocketbook won’t be hurting shortly. Dishwasher-safe tableware is more important than anything else when setting a beautiful table.


Is it safe to use a Ceramic platter for cooking?

Definitely, as a toxin-free cookware solution that’s non-toxic, eco-friendly, and built to last, this is an excellent choice. Make sure you can afford the additional cost of ceramic cookware if you decide to buy it.

Which Is Better from Ceramic vs. Porcelain Dishes?

Earthenware and stoneware ceramic plates are preferable for baking and roasting because of their superior heat conductivity.

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