Classracer-North Carolina, the Legends Big Money 100.

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Classracer- Specifications:

  • The price varies according to where you buy it.
  • A 73.00-inch wheelbase (1,854 mm)
  • 00-inch total width (1,524 mm)
  • Ten feet, six inches (3,200 mm)
  • 46 inches in height (1,168 mm)
  • Yamaha 1250cc (sealed) or 1200cc (unsealed) engine (open)
  • 140 hip is the power output (100 kW)


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Greg Stanfield is the author:

A former Pro Stock driver, Greg Stanfield, has been named Drag Champ Classracer of the Year for 2021. This season, Stanfield won his fifth world championship after chasing Pro Stock car and truck titles for years and decades after his four Super Stock World Championships. Stanfield won the NHRA Super Stock world championship and the Division 4 Super Stock championship in the same Camaro he drove to his first championship in 1990.

Jerry Emmons, Jamming’:

Toy racing has been a family affair for generations, with Harvey Sr. and the other generation of Emmons’s taking part in events all around the United States. This year, Jerry Emmons won his first World Championship after decades of success and numerous top 10 performances. Jamming’ Jerry celebrated his NHRA Stock Eliminator championship with his family after a thrilling win at the season’s final event.

It’s Bruno Mussel’s birthday today:

Bruno Mussel, a well-known NHRA announcer and TV broadcaster who also drives Pro Stock cars on the side won his third national championship in a row. Six victories, including two at national events, were enough for Mussel to claim the title of Competition Eliminator. Finally, Bruno won the Division 5 championship to round up an incredible season.


The Stock and Super Stock divisions saw Joe Sent Angelo put on a display once more this year. Sent Angelo finished in the top five in both Stock and Super Stock for the second time in three years. This year, he finished fourth in Super Stock and second in Stock in the country. In the last three years, he had finished second twice in Stock. Sent Angelo won five out of seven finals, including three national championships, amongst the two classes.

Scott Burton is the author of this article:

Scott Burton has finished in the top five after winning two Division 5 titles for the second year in a row. D5 Stock and Super Stock championships were both won by Burton, whose son is a two-time stock world champion. Over the year, Scott prevailed in four finals, including a D6 LODRS double-up in Montana.

In the person of Rizzoli, Kyle:

In both Stock and Super Stock, Kyle Rizzoli is showing no signs of slowing down. After completing yet another national double-top-ten finish, Kyle now occupies position seven on our list of the top ten class racers. Rizzoli won five of six finals they played in, good for seventh place overall in both classes. Kyle finished second in both D6 Stock and Super Stock for the second year in a row, earning him the championship in both divisions.

Junior Jimmy Hidalgo:

Cotter Hidalgo finished sixth in Super Stock and fifth in Stock in the United States this year. Hidalgo came out on top four times in five finals, including two national championships. Third, in Division 4 Super Stock and fourth in Stock, he’s a promising young driver. Cotter had a particularly good run late in the season, doubling up at Rockingham and the D4 Cajun Classic National Open.

In the person of Ricky Decker:

Ricky Decker, a Division 3 hitter, had a stellar season and finished second in the Super Stock national standings. As a three-time finals winner in Division 3, the champion also took second place at the national championships.

The name of David Billingsley:

This season, David Billingsley made a strong bid for the Comp title. Division 3’s champion won four of the season’s five finals, finishing second overall.

Cody Lane is the name of the person:

After winning the Division 4 Comp championship, Cody Lane may have amassed the most cash this season. Thanks to Roger Brandon, Lane’s D4 championship run earned him $50,000. Lane was victorious on three separate occasions at the divisional level during the season, including a summer double at Woodburn.

North Carolina, the Legends Big Money 100:

Charlotte Motor Speedway will hold a million-dollar prize race for US Legend Cars International on July 15–17, 2010. The first-ever “Legends Million” event featured a whopping 351 legendary automobiles. Daniel Hemic of Kannapolis, North Carolina, won the top prize of $250,000 in a live broadcast on Speed Channel.


Legends automobile racing is a form of motorsport whose primary goals are promoting thrilling competition and depreciation associated expenses. Five-eighth scale race cars based on vehicle models from the 1930s to 1940 are powered by Yamaha XJ1250 (air), FJ1200 (water), and FZ09 (water-cooled) engines respectively. INEX is the organization responsible for overseeing legendary car racing competitions worldwide. All above about the Classracer.

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