Concealed void lost sector ( Step by step guide)

Concealed void lost sector is the eleven hidden challenges of Destiny 2 for Guardians. A daily rotation of both Legend and Master Lost Sectors puts players to the ultimate test and gives them a chance to get a rare item. It is what concealed void lost sector is all about. To help you find this Lost Sector, check out our Destiny 2 Concealed Void Lost Sector guide, which includes where to find it and tips that will help you get there faster. Let us discuss concealed void lost sector and the step-by-step guide to finding concealed void lost sector in destiny 2.

Guide about the concealed void lost sector:

When you initially enter the Lost Sector, you’ll encounter a group of Fallen Shanks and Dregs to contend with. There’s a Champion of Overload lurking behind the wall. Use Overload to disable the Champion, and then fire a few Anarchy rounds at them to quickly kill them.  A few more hand cannon shots will finish them off once they’ve been stunned and have a few Anarchy bolts attached to them.

Loadouts and Modifiers:

Choosing a loadout in Concealed Void can be a challenge due to the variety of sightlines. Both a Pulse and Scout Rifle can be used to kill opponents from a distance. With Anarchy, you can safely and effectively weaken adversaries with Breach and Clear, making it the ideal Exotic pick for your collection. Xenophanes is also active in this area, using the Light’s beams.

Takedown the Overload Champion:

The first room of Concealed Void is the most difficult element of the game. The first two Fallen Dregs should be taken care of as soon as possible. After a few seconds, Overload Captain will appear along with a Shank and Dreg in front of you. Take advantage of this opportunity to take down the Overload Champion. If the Overload Captain will not show its face, utilize the little slit to your right to injure it or fire a few shots at it.

The lost sector of the Concealed Void in Destiny 2:

Because of the established hierarchy of champions, the squandered sector has proven the most problematic. On the other hand, if you have the right strategy, this may have been a piece of cake for you. The list of essential loadouts for the Destiny 2 hidden void lost section will be presented next.



Destiny 2’s unique weapons include this one. Arc mines are an alternative to explosives. The most effective way to keep a region safe. It can be used from a safe distance and simplifies the execution of the boss.


It is also capable of supporting heavy knives and bringing forth warming cells. One of its key advantages is the ability to alter the pyrotoxins, which aids in the destruction of dangerous and powerful munitions.

The first stage of the solar system:

There is a cap of 200 rounds per session. Alternatives to the current weapon are Stars in Shadow, Death Viper, and Trustee. There are 750 shots fired every second in the IKELOS-SMG V1.02. It also has the potential to do enormous damage.

The following subclasses are included:

When it comes to freezing the heroes and crushing their fiercest foes, Hunter-the Revenant is a fantastic choice.


Suppose you’re contemplating dealing with the heaviest damage. Then, select the warlock at this stage. In addition, before hurling an explosive, make sure it’s tampered with. In addition, it provides a reward for regaining one’s capacity and avoiding injury.

Protective light source:

A PVE movement’s lifeline is worth more than just protecting someone from 50% harm. You must, however, combine it with taking responsibility for this to work.

It has a global reach:

Cover a large area with a wide sweep, and then spread the harm in your layout.

Rasputin’s Fit of Temptation:

Allow the weapon to develop warming cells if you are dealing with xenophobe.

Tour of the Lost Sector in Destiny 2’s Concealed Void:

It is where you’ll get your first taste of various knives and hauls. The commander of the Legends and Masters of the Lost Sectors goes with them. Projectiles should be used sparingly when dealing with an overworked commander. Make your way down to the next room and bring the items down. An over-burdened chief, a Concealed Void Lost Sector, a huge knife, two miscreants and residue, and knives to contend with.

Lost Sectors Exotic Armor in Destiny 2:

Exotic armour from Beyond Light and the brand-new Witch Queen Exotics may only be obtained through Lost Sectors. In the Legend and Master Lost Sectors, each class possesses seven unique Exotic Armour pieces.

Advice for the destiny 2 concealed void lost sector:

Concealed Void Lost Sector suggestions are difficult since each iteration has a distinct set of factors.  You’ll need shotguns or submachine guns to cope with close-range opponents due to the city’s compact structure. Approaching the area with builds that support heavy grenades and melee use will aid when attackers assault you.

Difficulty in the concealed void lost sector:

This simple task is elevated to a new level of sophistication thanks to the Master’s difficulty.  You’ve got enough shields and Champions before entering the Concealed Void on Master difficulty, which also locks your gear. Barrier and Overload buffs, for example, can be applied to the Champions themselves so that they can be recharged while their adversaries are charged up.


Legendary and Master Six Lost Sectors currently have disguised void lost sector versions. Shattered Throne Map Destiny 2’s Lost Sector can be a breeze with a little practice. Beyond Light, Exotic armour parts can be found in Concealed Void on Europa, a Lost Sector. Today, I’ll show you exactly how to complete this Lost Sector so that the next time it appears on your daily cycle; you’ll be prepared to get your hands on that Exotic Armor.


Do Lost Sectors have any exotics?

Additionally, the Legend and Master Lost Sectors allow you to farm practically any exotic you desire. To get a certain Exotic for Titan, Warlock, or Hunter, you need to farm Lost Sectors.

What is the best way to begin a legendary Lost sector?

Just keep going until you get to this point in the quest. You’ll see a console in the room right after activating the Seraph bunker.