Dartboard Stand: What Is It Good For?

Dartboard stand, Most households have dartboards hung on the wall, which is the most convenient option for most individuals. It’s easy to pick up a game because they’re mounted and always at the right height. Mounting a dartboard is not an option in every home, which might disappoint some individuals. Dartboards may not fit in with their house design, leasing agreement, or partner may not want one on the show.

It’s therefore likely that a portable dartboard stand is the best solution if you’ve found yourself in this scenario and need to get your fill of darts. In this post, I’ll explore the best dartboard stands available.

Dartboard Stand: What Is It Good For?

People who don’t have enough wall space to place a dartboard can use a dartboard stand instead. You can use a portable platform to put up a dartboard quickly and efficiently, but it can also be a better option than attaching a dartboard. Thanks to a portable stand, it is possible to put up a dartboard anywhere and at any time, and we’ve reviewed the five best dartboard stands available.  I own one of the stands on this list, so you can rest easy knowing that all reviews are thoroughly researched and factual.

Portable Dartboard Stand Gorilla Arrow Pro

This dartboard stand is a great buy because it’s sturdy, simple to assemble, and produces minimum vibration when thrown.

It is how we feel about it:

For a good reason, the Gorilla Arrow Pro portable dartboard stand leads the market for dartboard stands (to confirm this is the stand that I own and can personally vouch for the quality). The only equipment needed to assemble this dartboard stand is a screwdriver. It works with any dartboard on the market. Because of its steel design, this stand is both lightweight and robust for people who want to play a pickup game in various places.

The included over-the-shoulder carry bag further enhances this stand’s portability. Easy set-up and take-down times make this model an excellent value. Initial assembly takes 10 minutes, with successive take-down and set-up taking only a few minutes. An easy-to-follow YouTube video makes even the most inexperienced user’s assembly a breeze, even though the included instructions are less than ideal.


  •         This dartboard stand is really simple, especially if you refer to the YouTube assembly video as a guide.
  •         With a little wobble, this stand is stable enough to use while throwing, but the wobble isn’t evident.
  •         It is one of the most affordable stands on the market. The price is a bit of a surprise for such a high-quality product.


  •         When it comes to adjustments, the assembly manual isn’t very clear. Therefore it’s a good thing YouTube has a video of the process.

1.       It’s a portable dartboard stand called Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand.

As far as dartboard stands, this one is strong and reasonably priced. A reputable manufacturer also makes it.


Unicorn Dartmate is a wonderful dartboard stand if you seek one from a reputable manufacturer. Although unicorns have declined in popularity in recent years, this dartboard stand is a long-term investment. It’s portable and quick to put up because it’s small, light and folds up rapidly. This dartboard stand weighs less than 9 pounds, making it one of the lightest available.

Compared to other options on this list, the height-adjustable stand is simpler to set up and fold away. Because it is only a support for the dartboard and not the dartboard itself, some users have complained that the dartboard wobbles when being used. However, this does not affect your throw in any way. Overall, this is a great product, but I believe there are better options for people who prefer a branded dartboard stand.


  •         Assembling and dismantling the stand is a breeze, making it ideal for playing darts.
  •         Sturdy: Despite its lightweight design for travel, the construction quality is solid, and it will easily hold upright.
  •         Even though you’ll need to practise at the correct height, the adjustable-height makes it ideal for toddlers to use.


  •         Even though this isn’t inherently bad, several customers assumed they were getting a surround as well, which the product description could have clarified (which is not included).
  •         The overall structure is solid, but there’s a tiny wobbling when darts are removed.


To sum it up: If you’re looking for a top of the line dartboard stand, go no further than this product.


It is common to see the Winmau Xtreme dartboard stand used for practice boards on the tournament circuit around the world. It’s a well-known brand with good quality, but it’s also more expensive than some other options available.

Aside from that, the product’s build quality is nearly unrivalled, and it’s designed for heavy-duty use.

As a result of its sturdy structure, you can attach whatever dartboard you like to it. There are cheaper solutions on our list, so that the price may be a deterrent for some buyers, but this is a high-quality device that is even tournament ready. Additionally, the weight may be an issue for some since this is a hefty standard. Overall, this is one of the greatest dartboard stands on the market and is well regarded by most of its customers. ‘


  •         Heavy-duty: This is the perfect stand to replace a wall-mounted cabinet because it is the most sturdy and long-lasting on the market.
  •         While the stand is quite solid, the wall brace is a good addition to ensure that the board does not move while in use.
  •         One of the highest-rated stands and most users are delighted with it despite the premium price.


  •         It’s a sturdy stand but one of the heaviest available.
  •         It is a little on the pricey side for a dartboard stand, but it’s by far the best in craftsmanship.

4. GRAN Darts Tripod Dartboard Stand Portable

The GRAN dartboard stand is a nice no-fuss alternative if you need a basic dartboard stand to play darts on the go.


When it comes to portable dartboard stands, the GRAN Darts portable dartboard stand is a good mid-range option that will meet all of your requirements. An attractive carry bag and universal brackets suit most dartboards, so you can practise wherever you want. Because it weighs under 6 pounds, one of the main selling points of this product is its portability. Two adjustment points may be used to fine-tune the setup, although it may take some time to get it just right at first.

Some may be concerned that this dartboard stand isn’t the most solid or durable. It will tremble a little bit when in use, but not enough to be a problem for any throwers (unless you are an incredibly fast thrower). Thanks to this simple dartboard stand, you can take it around your house on the go or move it around your house with ease. Because of this, I think it’s a good alternative, but nothing more.

To get a whole image of the product, we looked at material, type, size, weight, and guarantee when reviewing the stands.

1.      A Portable Telescopic Tripod Dartboard Stand – Darts Master Dartboard Stand – Best Tripod Dartboard Stand

The Darts Master Dartboard Stand, a freestanding device composed of lightweight steel, is our pick for the simplest installation model.

This stand may be used with electronic and bristle dartboards because it’s a universal wall mount bracket. The dartboard stand can be put up in about five minutes. Because of its practical design, the model’s stability isn’t the best it can be, but this shouldn’t affect your gaming. Heavy-duty steel dartboard stand with height adjustment and locking mechanism. This darts stand allows you to play wherever you like.


  •         Lightweight
  •         Durable
  •         Adjustable


  •         Stability

2. Top Dart Board Stand – Portable Tripod GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dart Board

GRAN Darts Tripod Portable Dart Board Stand is an excellent dartboard for the money. It is light and portable, weighing only about 3 1/2 pounds. The steel construction of the dartboard stand makes it a long-lasting solution, and its build quality is superb. Multiple mounting options are available on the tripod, including an O-type bracket compatible with most electronic and bristle dartboards and a U-shaped bracket for larger dartboard models.

When folded, the GRAN Darts Tripod Portable Tripod Dart Board Stand is just 33.4 by 33.4 by 33.5 inches. It makes it easy to transport and store. If you’re looking for a portable, low-cost stand, go no further than this one.


  •         Affordable
  •         Lightweight
  •         Long-term


  •         Joints made of plastic are commonly used.

3. Dartboard Stand for the Price of a Tripod | North Gear Darts

Play darts wherever you choose with this telescoping tripod-based dartboard platform. It’s easy to transport thanks to the accompanying carry bag. There are five adjustment options: 5′ 8″ as an official elevation, a maximum of 12.5″ taller and shorter. Attach the tripod base to your board by screwing in the mounting attachment with the provided screws. In addition to being able to rotate 360 degrees, the bracket has a +/- 12° tilt. It comes with a carry bag that makes it easy to store and transport. Folded dimensions: 38 inches long by 7 inches wide. Ten pounds. The maximum weight that this support system can bear is 55 pounds.


  •         Included is a small tote bag for convenience.
  •         Adaptable to Any Situation
  •         Screws are included.


  •         You’ll need a variety of equipment.

4. Unisex Dartboard Tripod Board Holder in Black for Men and Women

This tripod-based telescopic dart stand allows you to take your darts wherever you go. It only takes a few seconds after the initial setup to be ready to play gin. Robust, heavy-duty, light-black steel frame with a lockable, adjustable height. Folded, this item is around 1230 x 150 x 150mm. One-minute assembly and detailed installation instructions are included in the package. The dartboard is not included in the tripod’s components (it can be bought separately).


  •         Rugged
  •         Structure crafted from steel
  •         Intuitive height control


  •         Heavier

5. Precise Dartboard Holder

The lock and key with the freestanding dartboard stand ensure that the dartboard is set to Championship-standard height (5ft 8in from the floor to the wall). The tripod stand has a maximum height of 200cm and is adjustable in height (79in). The stand’s steel and plastic construction assures that it is safe to use. Dartboard stands are a great option for dart players who don’t want to hang their board on the wall. Despite its small size, the tripod is sturdy and trustworthy.

There is a detailed instruction booklet that will walk you through the process of building the darts stand step-by-step. Dartboards, darts, darts mats, and backboards are all available in the PINPOINT Darts assortment from Internet World Sports.


Even though darts are a fun game to play with friends and family, installing a dartboard in your home is a significant investment, especially if you play it once in a while. A darts stand can come in helpful if you don’t have a wall to hang the darts from, but you still have a place to play outside. The greatest dartboard stands on the market have been chosen for this very purpose. There are several various dartboard stands on the market to choose from, and we’ve done our best to help you narrow down your options. If you’re looking for a comparison of dartboards, you might be interested in what we wrote.


To hang a dartboard, you’ll need something sturdy.

At least 5 feet broad and 11 feet long are required. Ensure you have enough room for the darts, as they can bounce up to 8 feet out from the bull’s eye. Hang your dartboard on a sheet of plywood covering the wall around it to protect it.

A dartboard stands at what height?

There are 5 feet 8 inches between the floor and the centre of the bullseye on a standard dartboard (1.73 meters). It is a standard measurement for electronic and steel tip dartboards, and it hasn’t changed over time. The dartboard should be measured and installed before measuring the distance of the throw line.