Death star lego set step by step guide.

Death star lego set is a trendy set of death stars. Those who love the Star Wars universe should check out the new Death Star LEGO set. In addition to Han Solo, Emperor Palpatine, and the Death Star Droid, this fantastic collection includes a variety of other figures, such as the Death Star Droid. It was included on our list of Star Wars presents because of its rarity.

According to the LEGO Group, the Ultimate Collector Series Star Wars set 75159 Death Star may be retired by the end of 2020. Since 2019, there have been persistent rumors about the enormous model’s impending retirement. The initial list stated that 75159 Death Star would be retired in December 2020, and it appears that hasn’t changed. Here we will discuss the Death star lego set.

What is the Death star lego set?

I don’t think anyone expected LEGO’s Star Wars kits to become as huge a cultural phenomenon as they have. Over the previous two decades, the LEGO Star Wars theme has generated hundreds of Star Wars-inspired ships, places, and characters.

Star Wars Lego the Cantina at Mos Eisley:

As one of the most well-known locations in any Star Wars theme, the Mos Eisley Cantina is packed with scum and villains in all its glory. You can re-enact your bar brawls before making your getaway in the set’s open areas.

Republic of LEGO Gunship:

The LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship, from the Clone Wars era, was chosen as the 2021 release for the UCS collection by its fans. The 3,292-piece set features a maroon and white color scheme that is very appealing. Clone Trooper Commander and Mace Windu are included, but there’s plenty of room for additional Minifigures to join in on the action.

Lego Star Wars The Sandcrawler:

C-3P0 and R2-D2 were caught by the Jawas’ desert-roaming vehicle, the Sandcrawler, in the early sequences of the first Star Wars film. It’s a beautiful thing to gaze at in LEGO form. Despite its diminutive stature, it packs quite a punch.

The Force Awakens Death Star II LEGO Set:

In contrast to the other Death Star kits on this list, which feature a playable interior, this one focuses on the exterior’s rich detail. The Death Star’s 3,441 pieces include an Imperial Star Destroyer to demonstrate its size. The set is a whopping 63.5cm tall and 19cm wide, making it the largest of its kind. It’s a great way to scare your LEGO Ewok pals.

Death Star 2008 from the LEGO Star Wars universe:

A fantastic seven years were spent selling this Death Star’s 3,803-piece set. Why didn’t you do anything about it? This set has a lot to offer, including an open playset of the Death Star’s interior and a powerful laser capable of destroying any neighboring LEGO planets.

Toy Story 4: A New Hope

Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced Fighter was included in the re-release of the Death Star. It also lowered the resale value of the 2008 model till it was no longer in production. It was the most extensive LEGO set ever when it was released.

Imperial Star Destroyer from the UCS line of LEGO Star Wars sets:

This set is the most costly LEGO set ever made because of its more extensive components and Star Wars license premiums. It’s nearly a meter long, so it’ll be pretty impressive if you can find a place to put it on display. There are 1,600 more pieces in this Imperial Star Destroyer than in the previous largest Star Destroyer, which goes against Star Wars history. The Super Star Destroyer is supposed to be larger than the Imperial Star Destroyer.

AT-AT Walker from LEGO Star Wars UCS:

It will be evident that you made the proper decision when it towers over and protects your pet.

UCS Millennium Falcon from Star Wars:

LEGO’s former record holder for the most extensive set, the Imperial Falcon from Star Wars, still has 7,541 pieces to its credit. Building the Falcon, which takes around 24 hours, is an astounding one. Both the external and the interior views are stunning, and they’re both equally impressive.

Death Star Lego Set Buying Guides:


Collectors are eager to get the Death Star Set, which is included in the Ultimate Collector’s Set. In addition to a jail, a control room, and a tractor beam, the LEGO Star Wars Death Star has its unique features. However, there are 23 Minifigures in the Sci-fi Death Star LEGO set, including some of your favorite characters. Xbox 360 Star Wars Limited Edition is a must-have for lovers of the box set.


One of the most iconic movie sets is homaged in this LEGO set’s design. To put it simply, it’s a gigantic 4014-piece Death Star model that includes the super laser planet destroyer, Lord Vader’s TIE Advanced fighter, and more. Additionally, there are 23 mini-figures, some of which have different outfits, included in the LEGO Death Star. It is possible to utilize Luke Skywalker’s final dual costume to face Darth Vader or the one he wore on Tatooine. The Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber Replica may be of interest to collectors.


This set is a fantastic deal, especially when you consider its size and level of detail. It took a lot of effort to make it unique, and the level of detail in each region is astounding. In addition, there aren’t many Star Wars toys that come with that many Minifigures. Another perk is the presence of practically all of your favorite characters. A high collectibility value and a potential price increase in the United States could be attributed to it being part of the UCS series. This collection is a beautiful deal, like Star Wars: The Complete Saga.


For any LEGO enthusiast, the Death Star set is a must-have. Incredible scale and attention to detail are evident in this set. All the movie’s principal characters are included in various disguises. Even though it’s pricey, you get what you pay for when buying something of this caliber. A rise in the cost is inevitable.


Is it worth it to build a Death Star out of Legos?

When I saw a child’s face light up when he received this Lego set, I knew it was well worth the money. Furthermore, its value has only increased over time, making it a wise investment.

In terms of Lego sets, what is the largest one available?

The LEGO Titanic, 53 inches long, is currently our most giant LEGO set in terms of length. With its 9,090 parts and a scale of 1:200, this replica of the historic ship is the ultimate building challenge. An enormous amount of money is at stake.