Does mcdonalds take apple pay?

Does McDonalds take apple pay, and does McDonald’s near me take Apple Pay? Apple Pay can be used at McDonald’s restaurants, drive-through lanes, and McDonald’s app. If you want to use Apple Pay at a McDonald’s restaurant or drive-thru, you’ll need to place your iPhone or Apple Watch next to a reader that accepts NFC payments. More restaurants are now accepting Apple Pay as a form of payment, making it easier for customers to pay for their meals. Here we will discuss Does McDonalds take apple pay and Does McDonalds take apple pay 2022.

What is McDonald’s app?

Place your iPhone or Apple Watch near the NFC card reader to use Apple Pay in McDonald’s restaurants or the drive-thru. In-restaurant, drive-thru, and through the McDonald’s app, Apple Pay is accepted by McDonald’s. On the McDonald’s app, select the Apple Pay option before placing your order to use Apple Pay on the app. Here, you’ll find out whether or not you can pay for your meal at McDonald’s with Google or Samsung Pay.

Does McDonalds take apple pay in 2022?

As of 2022, McDonald’s will accept Apple Pay at most of its global locations. The McDonald’s app, in-store, and at the drive-thru all accept Apple Pay. Select iPhones and Apple Watches are compatible. This article will answer your questions about whether or not the drive-thru and in-store options for Apple Pay are available at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay with Face ID:

1: To utilize Apple Pay at McDonald’s if your iPhone has FaceID, complete the steps below:

2: To pay with your chosen card, press and hold the phone’s side button for two seconds.

3: Use your Face ID or your passcode to confirm your identity.

4: Until a checkmark appears on the screen and “Done” confirmation shows on the display, place your phone close to the NFC card reader and wait for the message to arrive.

5: At McDonald’s, you can use Apple Pay. Touch ID is a feature of the iPhone.

6: To utilize Apple Pay at McDonald’s with your iPhone and Touch ID, follow these steps:

7: Pay with your selected card by touching the Touch ID sensor on your phone.

8: Hold your phone close to the NFC scanner until you see “Done” appear on the screen and a checkmark appears on display.

9: At McDonald’s, using Apple Pay is a breeze. When You Use Your Apple Watch

How to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s:

To begin, double-click the watch’s side button to pay with the card of your choice.

Face down; bring your Apple Watch up to the NFC scanner.

As soon as your payment has been accepted, you’ll hear a beep from your watch.

Apple Pay at McDonald’s drive-thru:

Driving through a McDonald’s drive-thru and using Apple Pay are very similar. The first step is to use the speaker to place your order at the drive-thru. Tell the clerk that you’ll be paying with Apple Pay and place your iPhone near the NFC card reader when you arrive. All McDonald’s drive-thrus include NFC card scanners so customers may pay with credit, debit, or Apple Pay. Follow the procedures for your Apple device to pay. Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s eliminates the need to scan your phone or watch.

On the McDonald’s App, how can I use Apple Pay?

You can use Apple Pay to make a pickup order in the McDonald’s app. Before placing your order, you can use Apple Pay at the McDonald’s app’s checkout screen. When you’re ready to pay, click the Apple Pay button and select the card from your Apple Wallet that you want to use.

At McDonald’s, how can I set up my Apple Pay account to use?

Open the “Wallet” app in your iOS “Settings” to get started with Apple Pay at McDonald’s. Afterward, manually enter your credit or debit card information or take a photo with your iPhone. You can add the card to your watch if you have a linked Apple Watch. On your iPhone, setting up Apple Pay is simple. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1: Click on “Add” in the Wallet app

2: Next, select either a debit or credit card.

3: Take the next step.

4: If you don’t see your bank on the list, you can search for it. The next step is to add a new card by following the on-screen instructions.

5: Consult with your financial institution to ensure the accuracy of the information you’ve provided.

6: Before you can use Apple Pay with your credit card, you may be prompted to submit extra information.

7: In the final step, you can choose to add the card to your watch if you’re wearing an Apple Watch that’s been paired.

Is McDonald’s a Google Pay Accepted Vendor?

McDonald’s now accepts both Apple Pay and Google Pay in its restaurants and drive-thru locations. Google Pay is not accepted by McDonald’s when ordering through the McDonald’s app. Google Pay is another mobile payment option you can use whether you’re eating at a McDonald’s restaurant or buying takeout through the drive-thru. There are no other mobile payment options available for orders submitted through the McDonald’s app because it does not accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Why Should You Use Apple Pay?

Although Apple Pay has many advantages, some iPhone users still do not favor using Apple Pay. They do this because they’re unaware of the benefits of using Apple Pay. The following are some of the many benefits of using Apple Pay:

Safe and secure:

Choosing a payment method that is both safe and secure is an absolute must when purchasing any kind. As a result, Apple Pay makes it easy to store your credit card information in your digital wallet while encrypting it with a unique number.

Contactless payment:

If you’re concerned about your health, avoid using cash and credit cards in public as much as possible. Staying away from harmful substances will keep you healthy. As a result, Apple Pay is the best way to pay if you always prefer contactless payment.

Financial transactions:

When going out with pals, it’s common for people to leave their wallets at home, which results in them having to foot the bill for everything on their own. Your iPhone is going to come in very handy at this very moment. Apple Pay can handle any of your financial transactions, after which you can sit back, relax, and take advantage of the ease.


Apple Pay is quickly becoming the most popular payment method because of its security and convenience. Imagine if you could eat your favorite McDonald’s food without ever having to pull out your money. McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay, which means you can use it to pay for your morning coffee, lunchtime McChicken sandwich, or dinnertime Big Mac feast.


Does McDonalds take apple pay at McDonald’s Drive-Thru?

There is no difference between using Apple Pay at a McDonald’s drive-thru and at a cash register. Double-clicking the side button or entering your passcode and holding your iPhone near the card reader is enough.

Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s self-service kiosks is how do I do it?

Does mcdonalds take apple pay? You’d use your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay for your purchases at self-service kiosks the same way you would at a traditional cash register.

What can I do if the payment procedure is not working correctly?

Does mcdonalds take apple pay? When using this e-wallet at McDonald’s, we recommend checking to see if you have a correctly linked bank card within your app.