Enovo Idea Pad 720s-15 review 2022.

Enovo ideapad 720s-15 this elegant powerhouse at your disposal means you’ll be able to take on any task. The enovo ideapad 720s-15 features a premium aluminum finish. “Instant fingerprint login is just one of many cutting-edge features available. Get awe-inspiring visuals when you watch videos online, browse photos, or stream your favorite TV shows. The enovo Idea Pad 720s-15 has an FHD resolution and a new design that significantly reduces the screen’s borders. “It’s like having a portable home theatre in your pocket! With a battery life of more than 9 hours*, you’ll be able to stay active all day with UHD resolution.

Enovo ideapad 720s-15 review 2022.


  • The -1050Ti Max Q performs admirably
  • in today’s AAA games.
  • The laptop remains relatively calm and quiet even when under heavy gaming loads.
  • It’s not necessary to reinstall the operating system to remove bloatware.
  • The keyboard has a full-sized numeric keypad.
  • The camera and fingerprint reader are in the right place


  • A modern, aluminum-finished design.
  • Razor-thin borders and brilliant visual clarity
  • Keep going with a long-lasting battery and an always-on charger.
  • A strong showing that gets the job done
  • You can use Cortina to converse from a different part of the room.
  • Immersive sound

The enovo ideapad 720s-15 casing:

The high-quality and impressive appearance of the thin, tapering case is immediately apparent. Aluminum is listed as the material of construction on Lenovo’s website. Mirrored, the matte-gray surface is easy to grip and conceals fingerprints well. All that’s black here is the narrow display frame. Accents like Lenovo’s silver logo on the back or a shiny decorative frame that runs parallel to the base have been omitted in pursuit of an “understated” aesthetic.

Adapter for Micro SD Cards:

Only the HP and Dell laptops in our comparison group have PCI Express connections. Lenovo and Asus are stuck with USB 3.0. It’s still possible to transfer many photos without straining the user’s patience with our Lenovo laptop’s copy speed. Thanks to the always-on charging feature, you can even charge other USB-connected devices when your laptop is off. The best part is that you can charge it quickly, which is very convenient. You’ll be 80% charged if you plug in for an hour.

Lenovo Idea Pad 720s-15 Security:

The Lenovo 720 S features a fingerprint reader beneath the Enter key on the right side, and the most recent is simple to configure and reliably unlocks the laptop. In the absence of Windows 10 Pro, BitLocker drive encryption is unavailable. Additionally, a Kensington lock slot was omitted by the manufacturer.

Lenovo Idea Pad 720s-15 Accessories:

Nothing more than a quick-start guide and warranty documents are included in the 720 S’s box besides the laptop and required power supply. Lenovo does not have any accessories for our test device available right now. According to the advanced energy settings, the base clock rate is 1.7 GHz at a TDP of 35 watts, and the base clock rate is 2.8 GHz at a TDP of 25 watts if we’re reading the menus correctly.

Lenovo Idea Pad 720s-15 Maintenance:

Despite the lack of a maintenance hatch and the fact that the battery cannot be removed from the outside, the laptop’s internal workings can be accessed through just 10 Torn screws. Removing the base plate is all that’s required. It’s essential to keep in mind, however, that tampering with the warranty could be a problem. We didn’t open the base plate of our test device because it was loaned to us by an online store.

Lenovo Idea Pad 720s-15 Warranty:

In the EU, a two-year “depot” customer carry-in warranty is included in the purchase price. Additional warranty extensions are also available from Lenovo. We couldn’t determine the exact warranty options for this device because we couldn’t find the serial number. Manufacturers typically offer a two-year or three-year on-site warranty that can be extended for an additional fee of 35.70/59.50 Euros ($41/$69).

Lenovo Idea Pad 720s-15 Keyboard:

The laptop’s recessed keyboard is about a half centimeter (0.2 inches) narrower than a standard desktop keyboard. Because of its narrower spacing, those with larger hands may find it challenging to use the number block. Ctrl and alt have shrunk in size due to their relocation to the bottom row, where the cursor keys previously occupied their full height. Everything else is exactly as you would expect it to be, too.

Lenovo Idea Pad 720s-15 Touchpad:

The Click Pad on Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon is an excellent use of the available space, with a slightly recessed, comfortably-sized pad inlaying the reserved area. There is a thin silver frame around the pad, and the surface is entirely slick. The pad’s silky surface is easy to glide across if your fingers are dry or damp. However, in the heat of the summer, wet fingers tend to stick to surfaces, making sweeping gestures challenging to complete.

Lenovo Idea Pad 720s-15 Display:

Consistent viewing angles, high brightness, and high contrast The Idea pad (141 pip) is no longer good enough to stand out from the host of displays in higher-cost multimedia laptops; only the Dell XPS 2018 (413 cd/m2) can claim that accomplishment among our comparison devices. The 288 cd/m2 brightness of the Asus Zen Book Pro is about average in today’s market.

The performance of enovo ideapad 720s-15:

Quad-core Intel Core i7-7700HQ processors are based on Kay Lake architecture, a technology that is now obsolete. Hyper-Threading is supported, and the CPU’s base clock rate. There are countless gaming laptops from a generation ago with this processor, but the TDP is set to 45 watts in those cases. However, the maximum power output of our test device is restricted to 35 watts, limiting its overall performance.


  • Aesthetics for the workplace
  • The battery life is excellent.
  • In terms of quality, it’s “tier 1.5.”
  • Enormous and vivid display
  • The results of undervaluing are spectacular.


  • One USB A port and no direct video out are the only features of this computer.
  • In terms of quality, it’s “tier 1.5.”
  • For the middle SKU, a Lenovo discount or promotion is required.
  • Jack of all trades: at this price point, dedicated units are faster.
  • The chassis is a magnet for fingerprints.


System performance on the Lenovo Idea pad 720S-15 IKB is above average for its price range, according to Pockmark 8. All other comparison devices, except for HP’s laptop, are on a level playing field with our Lenovo, despite its different core components. Simply put, its system only allowed the benchmark to run on the CPU’s integrated graphics card rather than its dedicated graphics card, resulting in significantly worse results.


Lenovo Idea Pad 720S How much does it cost?

The Lenovo Idea Pad 720S starts at 98,690 in India. On Amazon, the Lenovo Idea Pad 720S cost the least on July 27th, 2022, with the lowest price at that time being 98,690.

Is Lenovo discontinuing the Idea Pad?

Designed, developed, and marketed by Lenovo, Idea Pad, stylized as the idea pad, is a consumer-oriented laptop computer line.

Are you satisfied with the enovo ideapad 720s-15?

The Lenovo Idea pad L340 15 Gaming Laptop is an excellent choice for college students looking for a laptop.

Can I play games on the enovo ideapad 720s-15?

However, despite the laptop’s outdated graphics card, the Idea pad Y700 Touch ($1,299 as tested) still succeeds as a solid midrange gaming laptop that offers the essential features with only a few extras.