Facts to know about Geek squad scam!

A phishing email seems to be from Geek Squad, an electrical maintenance and repair firm, but it is a scam. Be on the lookout for emails like these. Geek Squad services were supposedly automatically renewed for the following two years, and a charge of $399.99 was debited from your account, as stated in the email you received from them. After that, a contact phone number for customer care is supplied as a convenience. Here we will discuss more geek squad scam.

What is the Geek Squad’s scam?

This phishing email impersonates Geek Squad like others. When your annual membership expires, you’ll receive an email from the provider saying a predefined quantity was deducted from your account to renew it. The email claims auto-renewal payments were removed from your account. Calling a toll-free number cancels the cost. Customers can download hacking software that steals sensitive data.

Geek Squad customer service:

Dialling this number will not link you to Geek Squad customer service’s official email address. Instead, you’d be placed in touch with scammers. Even though the con artists’ intentions for using the phone number aren’t obvious, please be aware that this is a fake and should not be used in any way. Your first reaction could be to freak out and call the supposed customer service number in the email. However, you should avoid doing this at all costs.

Are there any red flags that indicate the email is a scam?

The email contains several red flags that indicate it is fake. The original sender of the email is the first clue. It comes from an email address labelled ‘Payment Details,’ a generic Gmail account. It’s also common for the person’s name to be misspelt in the email address. Geek Squad or Best Buy, the corporation that owns Geek Squad, has no knowledge of or connection to this email, which does not emanate from the firm’s official email address.

The phishing email from Geek Squad:

Another major red flag is that the sum of money said to have been taken from your bank account is displayed in United States dollars. Consumers appear to be receiving a phishing email from Geek Squad, regardless of whether or not they have utilized the organisation’s services in the past. That the amount claimed to have been withdrawn from your bank account is stated in dollars rather than pounds is a clear red flag.

Scammers will attempt to access your personal information by sending you emails or texts. The hackers may try to steal your passwords, bank account numbers, or Social Security number. Your email, bank account, and possibly other accounts can be accessed with this information. Scammers launch thousands of similar phishing attacks daily, and many are successful. You should be able to spot a phishing email or text message even if phishers are constantly improving their schemes.

Geek Squad at Best Buy:

A 75-year-old woman in New Jersey needed help with her computer and responded to an email from Best Buy’s Geek Squad. However, instead of receiving support, she became a victim of a scam in which she lost $100,000. The FBI estimates that technical help scams will cost Americans $350 million in 2021. it includes the Geek Squad fraud. If you’re looking for help with technical issues, scammers will try to get you to hand over money, personal information, or remote access to your computer by using the names of well-known companies.

Things to know about geek squad scam:

Verify grammar and spelling:

Both of these mistakes should prompt you to delete an email. A good eye for detail will help you detect Geek Squad scam emails, but unfortunately, these types of communications often contain more than one of these. For example, there would be grammatical errors, incorrect capitalization, and missing spaces between commas and full stops.

Take a look at how the email is formatted:

Another thing to keep in mind is how an email is written. In a major corporation, for example, composing emails to clients is often assigned to a different group of staff. Before being distributed to the appropriate parties, these are also subjected to many rounds of approval. Beware of Geek Squad emails with poor graphics, misplaced items, or a strange layout. Official emails can help spot fake ones.

You should double-check the sender’s email address:

As Gmail and Yahoo users have registered their email addresses with these services, it is easy to spot emails from the fictitious “Geek Squad” in their inbox. The suffix at the end of an email address lets you know whose firm sent it, which is common among large corporations like Best Buy. Intuit-registered email accounts have been used to send fraudulent emails claiming to be from the “Geek Squad.” Know that if you ever receive an email from this address, it is most likely fraudulent.

Check images and logos for accuracy:

A common feature of scam emails is distorted, clipped, or otherwise unclear graphics and logos. As a result, the quality of these items is usually poorer than if they were purchased directly from the manufacturer. The Geek Squad logo, which is no longer current, will likely be included in the email. Always check the official Best Buy website for the latest logo version to prevent falling for Geek Squad scam mailings.

Take a look at the email’s salutation:

Many firms that you’ve already done business with keep your personal information on file and regularly use it to address you in emails to make the conversation feel more personal. For example, a PayPal email uses the recipient’s proper name in the greeting, as shown below. Scammers can’t get their hands on this information, so they’ll use terms like “Dear Customer” when contacting users. In some cases, things are handled more informally.

To use email, input these personal details:

However, phishing emails from Geek Squad may contain links that direct you to false websites that seek personal information, even if they don’t directly ask for it. DO NOT DO IT! Best Buy requests no personal information from its consumers, and the company’s privacy policy explains this clearly. Emails asking for it should be disregarded. The consumer only used a Credit Card for this transaction; however, the email mentioned a Debit Card.


We’ve all gotten phishing emails, but most didn’t fall for them. As the Internet’s reach grows, so do phishing emails. Geek squad scam emails purporting to come from Geek Squad have cost thousands of dollars to victims of the most recent addition to the list. Geek Squad, a Best Buy subsidiary, provides low-cost assistance with computer and other home appliance problems. It

includes both online and in-person support. It uses the fact that it offers a $199 annual subscription bundle to trick people out of their money.


What is Geek squad scam?

From now on, you’ll understand Geek Squad renewal emails better.

What exactly is the Geek Squad phishing email?

Customers who receive emails from the Geek Squad asking for personal information fall for fraud. Persuading customers that their Geek Squad subscription will be automatically renewed is vital to the scam’s success.