GOP election analyst aghast- Republicans in the Senate Perdue’s claims of victory

A Republican election expert who voted for Trump in 2020 is “simply aghast” at the progress of the GOP-backed election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona initiated the audit in response to false assertions made by former president Donald Trump that President Joe Biden and the Democrats “rigged” or “stole” the 2020 election. Over $5. Three million has been spent on commercials by the Kemp campaign, while only about $1.3 million has been spent by the Perdue campaign. However, other Trump-supporting organizations, such as Take Back Georgia and MAGA, Again!, are trying to step in.

GOP election analyst aghast:

Maricopa County conducted hand recounts of the past; in December, an audit was completed, and no discrepancies were found. Republican election expert Benny White, who has worked on audits in Wisconsin, Maryland, and Arizona, said, “I’m aghast at what is happening in the coliseum,” in an interview with a local ABC affiliate.

GOP election analyst aghast presentation:

He cautioned that “they need to have some method of ensuring what they’re doing is comprehensive and accurate” before presenting or so-called audit to the public. The audit process has been “embarrassing,” Republican Arizona state Senator Paul Boyer told The Hill in May. Boyer’s remark stood out because he had previously expressed his approval for proceeding with the plan.

GOP election analyst aghast republican:

The Republican member stated, “The manner they’re doing it is embarrassing.” “I’m ashamed to say I’m a state senator now.” On Friday, Garland said that the Justice Department would investigate post-election audits, such as the one currently underway in Arizona, for possible violations of voting rules. He noted that they were founded on completely disproved and disputed bogus allegations.

GOP election analyst aghast 2020:

The attorney general stated that Rogers, a Republican state senator in Arizona, threatened to throw Garland in jail because of her remarks. We are responsible for enacting laws, monitoring their implementation, and revising them as necessary. On Saturday, a fan told Newsweek via email that the Senate is there to “prove or refute” the worries of constituents like him to guarantee the fairness of elections.

GOP election analyst aghast Jail in Arizona:

If you don’t want to go to jail in Arizona, don’t even think of touching the state’s voting equipment. Perhaps you ought to give your attention to putting an end to terrorism. On Friday, Rogers said the Justice Department was “one of the most corrupt institutions in the USA” in a series of tweets. Fan wrote in an email to a colleague in February that, contrary to Trump’s claims, she does not think the audit will turn up any evidence of fraud. She had previously stated, “I don’t think we will uncover anything outside the common abnormalities we have every election.

GOP election analyst aghast Biden victory:

There is no proof to substantiate Trump and his supporters’ outlandish assertion that Biden won the election due to massive fraud. There have been dozens of unsuccessful lawsuits challenging election results in state and federal courts. The assertions were so outlandish that even judges Trump and other Republicans appointed to the bench dismissed them. Biden’s victory has been confirmed by audits and recounts in crucial swing states, including in regions where pro-Trump Republicans oversaw the election.

GOP election analyst aghast Cyber security:

There was also “no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, modified votes, or was infiltrated,” It’s a rallying cry that former Senator David Perdue has used extensively in his bid for Georgia governor. Perdue’s recent debate claimed, “The election in 2020 was rigged and stolen.” However, former Republican Senate colleagues of Perdue’s are not very enthusiastic.

GOP election analyst aghast ludicrous:

When confronted about his old colleague Perdue’s comments, Utah Senator Mitt Romney responded, “It’s ludicrous.” It is damaging to democracy and an insult to the American public to try to One of Perdue’s closest Senate buddies said, “Hell yes,” when asked by CNN if he was startled by his ex-campaign colleague’s change. I have no idea if he believes that or not. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) replied, “I honestly don’t.

GOP election analyst aghast six years in the Senate:

As a matter of fact, throughout his six years in the Senate until losing his reelection effort last year, Perdue was a typical Republican senator: a business-friendly conservative who usually went along with party lines. But in December, Perdue announced his effort opposing Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp, saying that Kemp was to blame for his and then-Senator Kelly Loffler’s defeats, which cost Republicans the Senate.

GOP election analyst aghast trump president:

For his part, Trump has been persistent in his criticism of Kemp since the Georgia election result, even endorsing Perdue and claiming that Kemp “let gross electoral fraud take place” in the state. Some of Perdue’s coworkers have hypothesized why he might have altered his mind. When asked about Perdue’s assertions, South Dakota Senator John Thune, the No. 2 Senate Republican, responded, “I believe that when he was convinced to run, it was part of the dialogue.” But from what I can tell, it isn’t doing any good now.

Republican predicament in positioning:

The Republican predicament in positioning for the fall elections is highlighted by the selection of Perdue as a candidate. To win over Trump’s die-hard base, many contenders like Perdue are willing to parrot the president’s misleading promises about 2020. Others argue that dwelling on the past is a surefire way to fail in today’s favorable political climate for the Republican Party. A question like “Do you think voters prefer to look to the future or the past?” would be more effective.

GOP election analyst aghast senator capital:

Senator Capitol of West Virginia remarked of Perdue, “I do know him well,” when asked about his allegations. “It’s pretty clear that we have different opinions on that.” On Thursday, Loffler was in Washington, DC, where she had lunch with Republican senators and talked about her campaign to get Georgians to the polls. According to senators who spoke with Loffler, she informed them that it appeared Kemp was on course to easily win outright and avoid a runoff in the race between Perdue and Kemp behind closed doors.

Donald Trump or Sonny Perdue:

Perdue’s early and most recent TV ads spread the false claim that the elections were rigged. Trump has endorsed Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate for governor of Georgia, by airing negative advertising against him and holding rallies in Georgia for Brian Perdue. Trump has also sponsored a fundraiser for Perdue at his Mar-a-Lagos estate in Florida. Last week, as early voting began for the May 24 primary, Trump called into a “tile-rally” with Perdue.


When asked by CNN if she agreed with Perdue’s political approach of calling the 2020 election “rigged and stolen,” Loffler sidestepped the subject by saying, “I’m entirely focused on the voters.” We must guarantee a high voter turnout. That’s why it’s my top priority right now. When asked to respond to the Republican senators’ surprise and outrage at their former colleague’s choice to make the 2020 election the focal point of his 2022 campaign, he said, “It’s not surprising that he would want to win reelection.” A spokesperson for Perdue’s campaign Jenny Sweat replied, “Nothing to share at this time.”