On ‘Masked Singer,’ Logan Paul is unmasked as Grandpa Monster

Grandpa monster masked singer; Grandpa Monster was unveiled. On Wednesday night, Logan Paul was unmasked as Grandpa Monster, the YouTube sensation-turned-boxer. It was an electrifying performance by Paul, who gave the audience a rendition of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation.” A wild streak continues in “The Masked Singer.” When it was announced that Crab would be the Group B Wildcard, it was joined by Nick Cannon’s hosting duties were once again taken over by Niece Nash, who tested positive for COVID-19 in February.

Grandpa monster masked singer Clues:

Grandpa Monster doesn’t like his singing, which may surprise some, but performing in disguise has given him more self-confidence. Grandpa Monster has “traveled the world and sold out arenas,” even though singing isn’t his primary profession. While performing Joan Jett’s song “Bad Reputation,” Grandpa Monster cut up a picture of Piglet. Dancing in explosive costumes and pyrotechnic effects, the stage was further “blown up” by him.

Grandpa monster masked singer Answers:

Jing guessed that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was the actor-wrestler Grandpa Monster had a crush on as soon as he heard about it from Grandpa Monster. Kevin Hart is the actor’s co-star in the film “Central Intelligence.” Thicken and Scherzinger came up with Jack Black as a possible replacement for Jake Paul, a famous YouTube star.

Grandpa monster masked singer Piglet:

That Grandpa Monster doesn’t like to sing is surprising, but he’s gained a lot of self-confidence by performing in disguise. Grandpa Monster has performed worldwide and sold out arenas, even though singing isn’t his primary source of income. While performing Joan Jett’s song “Bad Reputation,” Grandpa Monster cut up a picture of Piglet. Dancing in explosive costumes and pyrotechnic effects, the stage was further “blown up” by him.

The swan that swam:

At least one of Black Swan’s parents had a brief separation from the rest of the family. The contestant said, “The higher I flew, the more difficult it became for them to keep up.” “I had to let them go because I saw their heartbreaking.” Coins such as a nickel and a penny were displayed on the package. Black Swan opened her set with Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood” before revealing her first love was Dangelo, the singer of “Brown Sugar.

Grandpa monster masked singer Chameleon:

It was revealed in Chameleon’s heartfelt clue package that he had lost a loved one. His identity could be revealed by his By 50 Cent ft. In the words of Nate, Dog was chosen by Chameleon to impress the judges. According to the man, the “Frida” actress Salma Hayek was also his first love.

Grandpa monster masked singer COVID-19:

Jing had a theory that Chameleon was Imam Shumpert, a basketball player. Dwayne Wade was also mentioned by Scherzinger, who was on a similar path. When it came to rapper 2 Chains, McCarthy took a different approach. Niece Nash will replace Nick Cannon on ‘Masked Singer’ after testing positive for COVID-19. ‘It’s about counsel culture,’ says Nick Cannon of his past anti-Semitic remarks.

Grandpa monster masked singer Crab:

According to the Group B Wildcard Crab, fame came to him and his family “in a flash” after he realized his lifelong dream of becoming a celebrity. A framed Mona Lisa and a 2+3 calculator could provide additional clues to his identity. Bill Withers’ “Isn’t No Sunshine” was sung by Crab before he revealed Janet Jackson was his first love.

Ariana Grande member of the cast:

Scherzinger was taken aback by the revelation of actor and YouTube Logan Paul. Then she collapsed across the panel’s table, saying, “I cannot believe that! It was a ton of fun, to put it simply.”

The Masked Singer” episodes:

Ariana Grande will take Nick Jonas’ place as coach of “The Voice” in the upcoming season. ‘The Voice: Kelly Clarkson’s replacement, Kelsea Ballerina, was found to be negative for COVID-19. “All my life, I’ve wanted to be a star,” says the voiceover. Because of this, when I was young. It was as if I were a giant crab. However, it appears that tragedy always follows a blessing. My family and I have had a difficult time coping with the gloom that has surrounded us.

In the WILDCARD Crab:

This is a Bill Withers song, “Isn’t No Sunshine.” Janet Jackson was my first celebrity crush. My childhood friends and I grew up watching “Good Times.” Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, and Bobby Kraits are the panelists’ guesses. It is only because of the support of my loved ones that I have been able to rise to fame once more. What I am singing about this evening is celebrating that love and my departed relatives.

Grandpa Monster’s Identity is revealed:

After the first episode, Paul’s attitude changed. He said, “Oh my gosh, this is so much fun.” “It’s a great place to be vulnerable and start over because you’re completely anonymous,” says the author. In the middle of falling in love with this show, my heart was broken when I was eliminated in the second round!” “And that’s just how it works, man,” he quips jokingly. It’s hard not to become emotionally invested in something. Adolescents avoid falling in love at all costs. “That’s the lesson.”

Grandpa monster masked singer Season 5:

Together, they’ve received panelists compete for “Golden Ears” trophies which McCarthy won last time. Before this episode, Jing and McCarthy Wahlberg both made a point. Jing picked Emmitt Smith; Thicken went with Jonny Mansell; Scherzinger picked Cam Newton for Grandpa Monster this time. No one had a point to make. A new addition to the competition this year is the inclusion of “wildcard” contestants, who will compete for the coveted golden mask trophy during Season 5 of the show.


This season of “The Masked Singer” was a struggle for Logan Paul, who admits as much. Paul, the next celebrity to be unmasked on “The Masked Singer,” admitted that simultaneously for the show was a challenge on Wednesday’s episode. First-time performer Paul admitted that neither he nor his dance moves were up to par for his Grandpa Monster role. It took me a moment to realize that what I saw was real.


Do you know who was eliminated from the “Masked Singer?”

This week’s elimination was revealed to be Grandpa Monster. The panel’s first impressions of the contestant were revealed before the star was unmasked.

How did it all turn out?

They were also tipped off by the panelist’s Ken Jong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicken, and the prime-time private eyes.