How tall is bruno madrigal? Encanto Characters: Heights, Ages, and Birthday Analysis!

How tall is bruno madrigal: The YouTube channel of AussieDisneyGirl, which compiled the characters’ actual ages, provided us with information on the Encanto characters’ ages. All of the information featured in AussieDisneyGirl’s video was supplied by Encanto’s director and writer, Jared Bush. It is estimated that the triplets are all in their fifties. Bruno is the youngest. Pedro, Abuela’s husband, would be 76 today. She’s 75. Pedro and Sebastian Yatra are the same age, per Jared Bush. “Dos Oruguitas” was Sebastian’s 26th album. Pepa and Julieta’s husbands are Felix and Agustin. Here we will discuss more how tall is bruno madrigal.

How tall is bruno madrigal? Encanto Characters: Heights, Ages, and Birthday Analysis!

An Encanto Character Height:

Considering other recent Disney releases, Encanto has one of the most diverse and expansive casts. They’ve all been given their official ages and heights because they play such a pivotal role in Encanto. Fans have developed elaborate theories about the characters’ identities, although none of these theories have been proven correct. These theories revolve around characters whose existence has yet to be confirmed. Mirabel Madrigal is one of the main characters with the shortest stature at 5 feet, 2 inches.

Mirabel Madrigal:

While Mirabel Madrigal isn’t the tallest Madrigal in Encanto, she is the essential character in the film. She has a highly developed personality, far beyond that of a typical 15-year-old girl. Encanto’s protagonist, Mirabel, is just 15, but due to the duties of being a Madrigal, she appears much older than her actual age. Since she was five and didn’t obtain a miracle talent, Mirabel has been determined to prove herself in Encanto.

Alma Madrigal:

In the Madrigal family, Alma is the matriarch and the eldest member. Approximately 75 years old, she is still going strong. Despite her short stature, Alma wields the most influence in Encanto. After all, it was her who first came up with the idea. Unlike Pepa and Julieta, Alma strongly displays her love for her family. With ferocity, she guards her family and Encanto to keep the community safe and has developed the ability to detach herself emotionally.

Bruno Madrigal:

Bruno Madrigal is the smallest of the three Madrigal siblings, standing at 5 feet, 4 inches. therefore, He’s one of the Madrigal triplets’ remaining members, at one-third. His birthday falls on the same day as his sisters’. Thus he’s the same age as them: 50 years old. Bruno refuses to talk for religious reasons, as a song demonstrates, is Encanto’s most mysterious character. Bruno is nothing like the Madrigals described in “WeDon’t Talk about Bruno.”

Julieta Madrigal:

In comparison to Pepa Madrigal, Julieta Madrigal stands at 5’5″ and is taller than Bruno. She has a bit of body fat than her siblings, although this may be because she possesses the capacity to heal others through eating. Exactly 50 years old, Julieta joins her three older siblings in this milestone. The Madrigals’ personalities are shown by the gifts they receive. However, Julieta is by far the most compassionate and empathic Madrigal; all others are kind in their ways.

Pepa Madrigal:

She shares the same birthday as her triplet siblings, Julieta and Bruno, which implies she is the same age as her siblings. Pepa, on the other hand, towers over her siblings at 5 feet 7 inches. Pepa must keep calm and upbeat since her talent can influence weather patterns. To protect the people she loves most, Pepa puts all her energy into maintaining her cool under pressure.

Isabela Madrigal:

Isabela Madrigal, the Madrigal family’s oldest grandchild, is only a few weeks older than her parents. With a height of barely 5’3″, she is significantly shorter than her future husband Mariano, one of the Madrigals among the tallest. Like the other of the Madrigal clan, Isabela Madrigal is responsible for her actions. Her ancestors expected her to produce an heir and continue the family heritage as the eldest granddaughter. As a result of this added obligation, her significance may rise above that of the other grandkids.

Luisa Madrigal:

As the second oldest daughter and the third oldest grandchild of Julieta and Agustin, Luisa Madrigal is an essential member of her family. When she turns 19, she will be her grandfather’s third oldest grandchild. She’s blessed with a unique talent. Louisa Madrigal is the tallest and most muscular member of the Madrigal family, standing at a towering 6’5″. According to Encanto, being a Madrigal necessitates accepting the position of an active member of society.

Agustin Madrigal:

Augustin Madrigal, who stands at 5 feet 10 inches, is the tallest. Some speculate that Luisa Madrigal’s height was enhanced through spells. After marrying into the Madrigal clan, Augustin did not gain magical powers like his wife and daughters. On the other hand, Augustin received a magical skill from his wife. That’s not to say August doesn’t try to understand and nurture the abilities that run in his family, whether they’re magically bestowed or innate.

Félix Madrigal:

Félix Madrigal’s demeanor and stockier frame make the appearance that he is much larger than he is, despite his height being the same as most of his Madrigal relatives at 5’5. Despite his age, he is only a few years older than his wife, Pepa, and is the second-oldest Madrigal after Alma. Félix, like Agustin, has no connection to the Madrigal lineage; hence he lacks a unique ability. However, he is still regarded as a part of the household.

Dolores Madrigal:

Dolores Madrigal, Pepa and Félix’s eldest child, is just a few weeks more senior than Isabela at 21. Dolores is Pepa and Félix’s oldest daughter. Dolores’s persona is reflected in her demeanor as a meek and petite person. When it comes to height, she’s the same as Félix, but when it comes to being thin, she resembles Pepa the most. Although Dolores and Isabella are the eldest daughters in their families, the relationship between Dolores and her younger siblings is significantly different from that between Isabella and her younger siblings.

Camilo Madrigal:

How tall is bruno madrigal? Camilo Madrigal is a 5’4″ man that may be seen throughout Encanto. On the other hand, Camilo was blessed with the power to shapeshift, which allowed him to alter his height at pleasure. Camilo and Mirabel are the same age as 15 years old. Like any other adolescent boy, Camilo tries to figure out who he is and where he belongs in the Encanto neighborhood. Camilo will have difficulty comprehending this because he can transform into a new person anytime.


How tall is bruno madrigal? Madrigal’s height is 5 feet 4 inches, and he is 50 years old, making him a 50-year-old man. Aside from that, he’s the movie’s central emphasis. First, let’s take a closer look at the film better to understand this character’s role and other essential details. Encanto, a computer-animated fantasy comedy with a solid musical score, is collaborating on its 61st film. From above, you will be able to know how tall is bruno madrigal.


How tall is bruno madrigal?

A fifty-year-old man, Bruno, stands at five feet, four inches tall. In addition, the character is the film’s centerpiece.

What about Bruno makes him such a fascinating lead in Encanto?

Finally, introducing John Leguizamo’s Bruno in Encanto, he becomes the film’s unifying force. He’s an essential component of the strategy to save his family and the topic of several original plot twists.