Everything to know about Hunter the owl house!

Hunter the owl house has one of the main characters, formerly known as the Golden Guard. Previously, he served as the leader. There were rumors that Hunter was a descendant of Belos and, as such, was devoted to putting a stop to the realm’s untamed magic. Still, it turns out he is just another one of the Golden Guard clones produced by Belos to carry out his irrational mission. With this information in hand, Hunter decides to cut all ties with Belos and the rest of the Emperor’s Coven and never look back. To avoid the Emperor’s attention, Hunter moved to Hexside School of Magic and Demonic. Let’s discuss Hunter the owl house.


Hunter is a boy that looks like a witch, with pointed ears and a long nose. Ash blonde hair with a jagged forelock that is shaved below the top of his head is parted at the nape of his neck, and he has pale skin and a fair complexion. In addition to the two scars on his right kneecap that create an X-mark and the one on the left calf of his left leg, the left side of his head has little cut.

Eclipse Lake:

Coven Scout clothing concealed him during his trip to the Knee in “Eclipse Lake.” Hunter wears a Hexside school uniform consisting of a grey tunic with a dark grey belt, cowl, and boots in “Any Sport in a Storm.” The yellow on his uniform’s sleeves and leggings denote that he is associated with the potions track. Part of the Golden Guard tunic may be seen at the collar of his outfit. An ivory-hooded cloak with a golden triangular clasp was Hunter’s uniform while serving in the Emperor’s Coven.

Students at Hex side:

With the support of the students at Hex’s side, Hunter could accept his true identity and help them fight Belos and the Day of Unity. Amity refers to him as “scrawny” in “Eclipse Lake.” He had a grey shirt under his tunic and golden chest plate armor with brown straps underneath it.

Coven of the Emperor:

Hunter the owl house wore his sports outfit and a blue cloak with red spots when hiding from the Emperor’s Coven, despite the garments being ragged and filthy. His undershirt is now a pale rose hue, and the collar of his collared light brown shirt has a cross stitch in the middle. He also wears a brown belt bag and a brown belt buckle. Therefore His Golden Guard costume consists of the same globes, leggings, and boots as before. Hunter also wore flapjack-like socks.


Golden Guard Hunter had an authoritative and confident demeanor that praised the cause of Emperor Belos while he was in the role. Emperor Belos, on the other hand, was more laid-back and easygoing, with a tendency to be sarcastic and caustic in his conversation. Despite his great rank and upper-class status, he never abuses his position of authority for his benefit, only acting on orders from Emperor Belos when needed. Despite his admiration for Belos, he displayed considerable arrogance and self-importance regarding others.

Brat Hunter as a child:

In the Emperor’s Coven, Hunter was referred to be a “brilliant adolescent prodigy” by Lilith, although whether or not this is really Hunter’s personality or whether Lilith merely said this out of sheer envy is unclear. A manipulator prepared to employ blackmail or extortion; he offered Eda and Luz freedom in return for killing the Selkidomus and then threatened to murder King if they refused. Hunter was raised in the dark about his ancestors’ fates and the truth about himself.


The reason for this is unclear; nonetheless, he does give Luz a sword and sends them on their way after concluding that the task is done. He may have been ignored since it wasn’t done, and Eda is a well-known scam artist. While Amity and Luz were at a standstill, he tried to grab the portal key she was wearing around her neck and threatened both of them. To help Emperor Belos bring about the Day of Unity, Hunter was cloned from a line of clones known as grim walkers.

Sincerely grateful:

He was thankful to Amity for complying, which showed that she had done it out of desperation rather than malice. Hunter’s frustrations with Luz show he is easily irritated despite his laid-back demeanor. Despite Belos’s warnings, he seems fascinated with wild magic, which he discusses with Luz. The apparent killing of the Selkidomus disturbed him, and he was moved by Luz’s comments when he attempted to betray her. These mechanical creatures don the armor of the Golden Guard.

An artifice-enhanced staff:

Although he was brainwashed to think he was a witch, the erroneous explanation was that he came from a line of ineffective witches. Upon Hunter the owl house’s coming of age, it’s said that he was promoted to Golden Guard and given a staff filled with magic as a graduation gift. After the Titan’s wild magic destroyed their family, Emperor Belos claimed to be Hunter’s uncle and that the Titan had enormous plans for him so that he wouldn’t rebel like the other Guards.

Dead Selkidomus:

At this point, Selkidomus is dead. Captain Salty, linked with the Emperor at the time of the bounty’s posting, was visited by many bounty hunters interested in the Selkidomus since it was the most lucrative target. The Golden Guard saw Luz take his reward before boarding the ship and waiting for King to enter the captain’s quarters. The Golden Guard discovers Eda and Luz on the island where the Selkidomus dwells after they loot the ship of its snails and chase the thief.

Control of Abomaton supply:

Below will be sponsoring the research of Alador and Odalia to make the Abomatons more powerful. The Golden Guard approaches Odalia and Alador Blight after the Abomaton 2.0 is unveiled during a Blight Industries presentation. Impressed, he declares that Emperor Belos would personally buy all of the Abomatons and provide funding for further development. The Golden Guard cautions the Blights that the Emperor does not tolerate civilians forming their private armies, even if Odalia is pleased to have her goods acknowledged.

Luz and I went pixie hunting:

Emperor Belos has a coughing attack while presenting the Coven Heads a vision of the Day of Unity, and the Golden Guard carries him back to his throne chamber. Golden Guard tells Kikimora that he is capable of handling the situation on his own. Palistrom wood is becoming scarcer, making police officers even more challenging to come by. The Hunter the owl house has suggested a solution using wild magic, but Belos is adamantly against the idea. His orders are to go out and locate more.

A search of Titan’s Blood:

For Hunter the owl house’s next mission, the Emperor initially assigned him the responsibility of tracking down Titan’s Blood. Still, Belos instead chooses to send Kikimora instead of his little nephew. Hunter wants to show his uncle that he’s capable, so he defies Belos’ instructions and sets out to obtain Titan’s Blood. While hunting for Titan’s Blood while pretending to be a regular member of the Emperor’s Coven, Hunter tries to get past Kikimora’s expedition to Eclipse Lake.

Physical appearance:

Hunter has a light complexion; pointed on his left ear is a notch, while his straight face, upper left arm, and legs are scarred from an earlier incident. A golden pauldron is attached to his left shoulder, whereas his right shoulder is unprotected by armor. Eda and Amity tie up Hunter after understanding his identity because of his “annoying voice.”


Hunter the owl house is a weak witch who relies only on his staff’s manufactured magic for his strength. He is unable to do magic without it. With his team, instead of Spell Circles, he can do magic. Dark brown boots and gloves are his only accessories; the rest of his costume comprises an ivory-colored hooded cape with an ivory band around the opening. He also wears an ivory-colored two-faceted owl mask. A policeman is prepared for his uncle, but the Emperor wants more.


Is Hunter the Owl House’s villain?

The Owl House’s second nemesis, Hunter the owl house, is known as the Golden Guard. Greg’s List has been put on the Golden Guard’s to-kill list by the Emperor’s command.

What kind of home is King?

The Hunter, the owl house’s protagonist, is King Claw Thorne. Eda’s adopted son and sidekick are a young Titan. For the first time since the first film’s events, the “King of Demons” has decided to focus on finding his family and reconnecting with them.

Is Hunter’s Talisman not known?

The name of Hunter’s Talisman is not known. Principal Bump’s talisman, the creature perched atop his head, is named Frewin. To aid Bump’s vision, he attaches himself to his head.