Best Jackass movies in order review.

Jackass movies in order are a comedic series of movies. The Jackass Movie Series is in series starring Johnny Knoxville and a gang of buddies that pranks each other and the general public. The Jackass movies are the most popular among those who appreciate rough comedy films. There are also a variety of Jackass films that you can watch with your buddies on any given day. There are several different Jackass films that you can watch with your pals on any given day. So, it’s possible that seeing the Jackass films chronologically is a smart idea. In this article, we will discuss different jackass movies in order.

Best jackass movies in order:

Even though this isn’t necessarily the type of comedy most people enjoy, the Jackass flicks have become a worldwide phenomenon due to their distinct and original humour. Despite this, these films are universally adored and perfect for a day of nonstop laughter. Following are the best jackass movies in order.

Jackass the Movie:

The 2002 release of The Movie represents the beginning of this full film series. Many more people were motivated to undertake insane activities worldwide by this film. It’s also likely to inspire several YouTube stars who enjoy performing public pranks. While on an adventure in Japan, Jackass the Movie features Jonny Knoxville and all of his insane pals.

Visiting Tokyo:

A panda costume is worn by the entire team while visiting Tokyo, and the Japanese and visitors alike are completely unaware of what they’re seeing. The gang used alligators in a stunt as they walked through Tokyo, entertaining the crowds with their antics. Yikes.

Jackass Number Two:

The original Jackass cast returns for a sequel four years after the first film was released. Of course, the Jackass Number Two cast went on to do what they do best: make people laugh by engaging in some insane and naughty behaviour in public. In addition, if you enjoyed the first film, you’re sure to appreciate the sequel, too. Bulls chase the team as they cause mayhem and laughter in a suburban neighbourhood. The Jackass 2 cast also participates on stunts and pranks for this sequel.

Jackass 2.5:

There’s one thing you should know going into Jackass 2.5: it isn’t a brand-new movie. Instead, the film uses all of the previously unreleased material from the production of Jackass Number Two. It will be even more enjoyable to watch Jackass 2.5 after enjoying the first film in the series. This video is great because the action takes place alongside segments in which the cast and crew talk about their roles in various ridiculous acts and why they opted to do so.

Mat Hoffman’s Tribute:

jackass movies in order are the first outing of the venerable “Jackass” franchise in the form of an original feature film, as Mat Hoffman pays homage to Evel Knievel in a special tribute film. As a result, we don’t get to see all of our pals together in this movie. In this film, Mat Hoffman, a BMX legend, joins forces with Johnny Knoxville and other well-known riders to pay tribute to Evel Knievel, the greatest stuntman of all time. Evel Knievel’s life is also celebrated in several clips.

Jackass 3D:

On the main timeline, the third film in the series is Jackass 3D. jackass movies in order were released eight years after the original Jackass film and included the same cast members who circle Johnny Knoxville. The film’s theme tune plays in the backdrop as the cast members line up in rainbow colours. It’s tough not to giggle when the band members berserk to the theme tune. The new Jackass film, Jackass 3D, is a compilation of former Jackass exploits and pranks.

It includes all of the team’s unfinished stunts, antics, and pranks that were never used in Jackass 3D. If you haven’t seen Jackass 3, you must see Jackass 3.5. Also included are some hilarious outtakes that will further enhance your enjoyment of the video. Because of this, it is better to see Jackass 3.5 straight after Jackass 3D.

Bad Grandpa:

The second instalment of the Jackass Presents series, Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Jackass. When Irving Zisman, a fictional figure, and his grandson Billy set out on a trip to North Carolina so Billy can see his true father, Bad Grandpa follows. Johnny Knoxville plays Irving Zisman, and it’s a surprise.

Jackass Forever:

Because it is the fourth film in the primary timeline of the Jackass franchise, Jackass Forever is also known as Jackass 4. In other words, it has been 12 years since the debut of Jackass 3D, as the cast ages faster and faster. Jackass forever, like the previous Jackass films, is a reality comedy starring Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the group.

Is there a specific order in which the Jackass films must be seen?

The most important thing about the Jackass flicks is that each is a stand-alone feature completely distinct from the rest. While each film has a distinct storyline, the cast remains the same. Even if you have only recently seen the earlier films, you won’t be able to tell them apart from the current ones in terms of the overall premise and entertainment value.

Is There a Future for Jackass Films?

After more than a decade since the premiere of Jackass 3D, there will be more Jackass movies. There is a movie named Jackass Forever, which is the straight follow-up to the 3D film Jackass, also known as “Jackass 4.” Jackass Forever is scheduled to be released in February 2022, followed by Jackass 4.5 a year later.


A bunch of pals executing stunts and harrowing jokes on each other in the Jackass films is unlike anything else found in the cinematic universe. And given that Jackass Forever is the most recent entry in the series, from Jackass movies in order, now feels like a decent time to dive in. jackass movies in order is the first of several instalments that have been released over more than two decades. Here’s a list of all the Jackass movies in chronological sequence.


How Many Jackass Films Have Been Produced So Far?

There have been five Jackass films so far. Jeff Tremaine’s films feature Johnny Knoxville and his stunt squad pulling off pranks and stunts in public.

Is there a specific order in which the Jackass films must be seen?

The films in the Jackass series are all stand-alone, other than sharing some characters. Watching the Jackass films in order isn’t necessary, although it’s recommended.