Jodie comer star wars- Jodie Comer’s Rise of Skywalker receives its Star Wars debut in Episode VII.

Jodie comer star wars the Rise of Skywalker, British actress Jodie Marie Comer was born on March 11, 1993. To date, she is best known for her roles in the spy thriller series Killing Eve and the historical drama film The Last Duel, where she acts opposite fellow The Rise of Skywalker actor Adam Driver. Other notable roles include My Mad Fat Diary’s Chloe Gem ell, Ivy Maxim in Thirteen, and Elizabeth of York in The White Princess, a historical miniseries. Working on an iconic franchise like Star Wars is the pinnacle of their careers for many actors. The following Are about Jodie comer Star Wars.

Jodie comer star wars- Jodie Comer’s Rise of Skywalker receives its Star Wars debut in Episode VII.

What is about Jodie comer star wars?

It took the actress only one day to shoot all of her scenes, and she had to keep her participation in the film a secret. Comer, who had never seen a Star Wars film before her casting, had a great time on set. There were a lot of surprises for the actress, including the fact that the puppet for Ochi of Boston was remotely controlled and had a mouth that moved and

In the Star Wars universe:

Emperor Palatine’s assassins kill Rey’s mother and father in a flashback in The Rise of Skywalker, in which Jodie Comer plays the role. Because of this, the actress had to keep her involvement in the film a secret. She recently remarked that there has always been a degree of secrecy surrounding significant movie properties, which has arguably increased with the rise of social media. Lucas film and Disney take extra precautions to prevent plot details from leaking in the case of Star Wars.

Jodie comer’s star wars director:

While working on The Force Awakens, JJ Abrams revealed that the studio had to take precautions in his own office. Both J.J. Abrams’ films are available on Disney+, which you can access by following this link in a new tab. Because of her recent comments to Entertainment Weekly, it sounds like Jodie Comer was able to keep a lot of information under wraps. A great deal about the inner workings of Star Wars.

The character played by Jodie comer’s Star Wars:

The Rise of Skywalker now has a name. Jodie Comer, best known for her role as Eve Hale on Killing Eve, was a pleasant surprise for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker fans. Billy Howled, a Palatine clone, was revealed to be Rey’s father, and both he and Jodie were killed while protecting a young Rey from her Seth Lord grandfather, Darth Vader. A hugely significant role, as the issue of Rey’s parentage, had been hotly debated among Star Wars fans since she first appeared in The Force Awakens.

Star Wars actress Jodie comer’s family:

Maybe Ran’s statement to Rey that “Your parents were nobody” was the catalyst for this whole thing.  She now has one, in the form of Adam Driver’s new tie-in novel, Shadow of the Sith. According to an excerpt published by USA Today, Christopher reveals that Rey’s parents’ names are Dothan and Miramar, as previously reported.

The strangest things that happen to Jodie comer:

While Skywalker is searching for the Seth planet of Exeo in search of his daughter’s whereabouts, Calrissian is searching for a dark disturbance in the force. Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucas film, recently quashed rumors that Rey had a familial connection to Obi-Wan Kenobi. When discussing Obi-Wan as a Jedi Master, the issue of attachment vs. selflessness becomes more critical. You’ll have to change the rules of the Jedi Order if you want Obi-Wan to have a child.

“The rise of Skywalker” star wars actor Jodie comer:

We’re not adamant about it. “We’re not adamant about it. We’re open to new ideas. It’s certainly something that can be debated at any time. In any case, we’d be reluctant to alter such a foundational piece of the Jedi mythology.

The worst of the skywalker film series:

But perhaps few people were aware that Comer appeared in the Star Wars films as Rey’s Daisy Ridley mother in a brief scene. The actress has recently spoken out about her time in the sci-fi series. In the latest Star Wars trilogy, fans learn that Rey’s backstory is far more complicated than first thought. That she is, in fact, Emperor Palatine’s great-granddaughter Ian MacDiarmid. J.J. Abrams, the film’s director and co-writer had a plan for the character that included this revelation.

Jodie Comer Had To Keep Her Mouth Shut:

Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars worked hard to keep much information about its films under wraps, just like the other popular Disney franchise. Even as Abrams worked on the scripts for Star Wars, he testified to how far the staff would go to keep information from leaking out. “Oh, my god. My office… Once, Abrams revealed this to the Daily Telegraph.

Appearance in the Star Wars films:

Comer can’t help but think back to her brief time in the Star Wars universe while doing press for Free Guy. “I knew how big it was for the story, but how small it was in regards to filming and being a part of it,” the actress said to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s what made me happy. Furthermore, she stated that she prefers to appear in a minor role rather than a major one. It’s a beautiful film, but it’s a big, big commitment,” Comer said.

Jodie comer’s Star Wars ray’s mother:

“Spectacular” is how Killing Eve star Jodie Comer describes the experience of portraying Rey’s mother in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker after audiences first saw her in The Force Awakens. In light of her previous acting experience, she remembered how impressed she was by the film’s use of practical methods to bring fantastical creatures to life, especially in light of how many films were quick to use green-screen techniques.


Jodie comer star wars had gone from relative obscurity to rising star in recent years. In Killing Eve, the actress born in England played a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game with Sandra Oh Comer and even won an Emmy for her portrayal of assassin Villanelle. Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds also proved that she’s a capable actress; as she starred alongside Ryan Reynolds, she even embarrassed him in the trailer.


Is Star Wars actress Jodie Comer in it?

Jodie comer star wars, best known for her role as Eve Hale on Killing Eve, was a pleasant surprise for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker fans.

Who are Rey’s biological parents?

Dothan and Miramar are proud parents of Rey.

Who is Rey’s mother from Star Wars?

Jodie comer’s Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker also revealed Rey’s real parentage, even though viewers had been told she was nobody, as the 2019 film confirmed Rey is Palatine’s granddaughter.

When it comes to Star Wars, who was Rey’s father?

In a new excerpt, Dothan and Miramar are revealed to be Rey’s parents. If you’ve been wondering, Lathan and Miramar are the father and mother in this galaxy far away.