Were you thinking of adding an extra dash of color?

Kitchen backgrounds: Wallpaper in a kitchen is a bold design choice that might be scary to those unfamiliar with it. In addition to brightening things up with color and pattern, it is a great way to personalize a space that may sometimes appear too utilitarian, under-decorated, or just plain uninteresting without going overboard to make beautiful kitchen backgrounds. Installing wallpaper in a high-traffic area does seem like a risky and time-consuming endeavor. Like any other household surface, the Poster can be maintained the same way as any other. Temporary and removable wallpaper can be found in various colors and patterns to beautify kitchen walls.

Best kitchen backgrounds:

These choices can help you feel more at home in your rental while preventing you from losing your security deposit. While all-white kitchens will always be in trend, adding gorgeous wallpaper to your kitchen walls may truly bring the space to life. Do you like a grey and white color scheme that is more contemporary? Additionally, you do not need to wallpaper the entire kitchen. Following are all things about making beautiful kitchen backgrounds.

Eclectic vintage style:

Florence Broadhurst’s Egrets wallpaper was chosen by Oregon-based enterprise Arciform “eclectic, multinational aesthetic and the industrial 1920s.” Farm-style sink, LaCanche gas stove colored Delft Blue and repurposed old furniture make the wallpaper the perfect complement to the room’s vintage appeal and character-filled features.


It’s easy to see how Cole & Son Industries’ Hexa Black/G Wallpaper in an active graphic pattern lends Megan Pflug Designs’ lovely kitchen a casual, laid-back charm while also connecting the area.

Dark-colored florals:

Cecilia Casagrande Interiors’ Brookline, Massachusetts, the eat-in kitchen was papered in a dramatic floral wallpaper developed by Ellie Cashman and influenced by Dutch still-life paintings. The corner banquette style creates the sense of a distinct room inside the larger space by focusing attention on a stylish, modern focal point.

Decorate walls with mural paint:

The wall painting in this deVOL eat-in kitchen was designed by Andrew Martin and is based on American traditional arts.  And serves the same purpose as wallpaper. The room features a powder pink backdrop and whimsical images of mystical creatures and trees adorned with enormous pears.

Brighten the kitchen’s interior:

Colorful dishes, platters, and glasses come to life when they’re surrounded by brightly colored wallpaper, like this joyful yellow plaid. A weekend of work is all it takes to execute this easy do-it-yourself project. To make things even simpler, go for a peel-and-and-stick wallpaper. It eliminates the need for messy wallpaper paste upon these walls.

Use blue and white checkered wallpaper:

When it comes to decorating a kitchen, there is no more popular color combination than blue and white. Take a look at the current selection of beautiful transferware, spongeware, and Chinese ceramics. Incorporate an eye-catching design in a crisp blue and white color scheme to brighten up your kitchen and show off your collection of nicely aged cooking utensils.

Infuse your kitchen with a dash of nostalgia:

Wallpaper in the style of an old-fashioned farmhouse might take you back in time to a bygone era. Designers Andrew Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon of Madcap Cottage used a rustic wood beam and soft-blue tongue-and-and-groove rafters to anchor the airiness of the traditionally rural wallpaper in this farmhouse kitchen.

Make the pantry in the kitchen more cheerful:

Even the most useful areas of your house don’t have to be boring. Transform your pantry into a hidden treasure chest by covering it with gorgeous wallpaper. With the addition of a vivid watercolor wallpaper wrap, this pantry was transformed from drab to spectacular.

Use an eye-catching breakfast nook with vibrant colors:

Use wallpaper to transform a drab section in your kitchen into a beautiful place to eat. This cheerful breakfast nook is adorned with colorful lemon-patterned wallpaper in the morning. Its color palette can be continued with chalky-painted chairs and cafe draperies.

Use metallic black and white wallpaper:

Using a metallic black and white wallpaper mural from Wallpaper, singer-songwriter Holly Williams gave her kitchen a modern-meets-country farmhouse vibe. Floral motifs honor the past, while a metallic sheen injects a dose of modernism into the piece’s design.

Decorate with eye-catching murals:

Decorate your kitchen with bright and colorful flower wallpaper to make it more appealing. As seen in this lovely home designed by Nathan Turner, who also has a stunning home, wallpapering simply the walls around an open kitchen is a fantastic way to distinguish between work and living areas. To make the colors in your space pop, even more, give your millwork a fresh coat of white paint.

Using Kitchen Backsplash Wallpaper;

Wallpaper can take on the look of a work of art in a small area, such as your kitchen backsplash. It’s easy to change a stove or range into a stunning backsplash with a little wallpaper. It’s easy to keep clean, thanks to a protective glass cover. It is the finest option for creating attractive kitchen backgrounds.

Decorate with a Wallpapered Accent Wall in the Kitchen:

Just wallpaper one wall in your kitchen to create a beautiful focal point. When picking a pattern, don’t hesitate to venture outside the norm. A design like this airy egret can let your kitchen express your unique sense of style. Use white subway tile in the kitchen work areas to make your color choices even more noticeable.

Walls & Backsplashes:

Consider wallpapering both your backsplash and the rest of your kitchen. Give your kitchen a theme to tie your wallpaper in with the rest of the room for even more amusement.


There are a lot of kitchens on this list where wallpaper and kitchens don’t seem to blend well together. Wallpaper is a low-cost option to decorate your kitchen with a tonne of vibrant color and pattern, whether you use it only on the backsplash, bar, or breakfast nook or cover the entire room. We’ve gathered a few ideas from around the web for some kitchen backgrounds inspiration.


Were you thinking of adding an extra dash of color?

In today’s market, you may choose from a wide choice of wallpaper patterns to match the style of your kitchen, from soft neutrals to bold geometric floral patterns.

Isn’t that even better?

Considering that most of the kitchen’s walls are already taken up by cabinets, appliances, and windows, adding wallpaper won’t make much of a difference in the room’s overall appearance.

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