Land air and sea mcdonalds New “menu hack” menu is the Land, Air, and Sea burger.

In its upcoming “menu hacks,” burger giant McDonald’s is mixing fish, beef, and a bird with terrible flying ability — the chicken — into a sandwich dubbed Land, Air & Sea, raising something of a stir. In recent years, “menu hacks” have gained popularity for customers to make fantastic meals from components found on fast food restaurants’ regular menus. Starting on January 31st, for a limited time, McDonald‘s will offer four fan-created hacks that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Customers will have to unwrap the individual sandwich components and assemble their meals.

Land air and sea mcdonalds New “menu hack” menu is the Land, Air, and Sea burger.

Land air and sea mcdonalds Three-quarters:

A McDonald’s customer tweeted, “Three-quarters of those ‘menu hacks’ make me deeply uncomfortable because I can only see them as something you’d put together alone in your dark kitchen when your depression is at absolute rock bottom.” One commenter said, if you’re going to order something, make it a cholesterol test and not the fries. Since the fast food business made the news, it has been met with many online responses, from outrage and shock to disgust.

Land air and sea mcdonalds Twitter:

One Twitter user expressed disappointment in the chain’s “hacks,” writing, “@McDonalds, your lack of creativity is showing.  Wendy’s, a competitor, tweeted. If you consume one or (even worse) both of these “secret treats” from McDonald’s, you’ll be wishing they had stayed hidden. However, recently they’ve been advertising these hacks in two-toned fuchsia on the menu, and they’re hard to resist.

Chicken nuggets in Double form make up the “Crunchy Double.”

A McGuffin with hash browns and sausage is known as a “Hash brown McGuffin.” A Double with a Filet-O-Fish is a surf and turf meal. The new items can be ordered in-store or through the McDonald’s app under the “Menu Hacks” tab. McDonald’s food may be unhealthy, but at least it’s made to resemble an irresistible flavor in a way that our taste buds and stomachs can handle. You can get everything on the McDonald’s menu in one convenient package by ordering any of these two options.

McDonald’s hidden menu tricks:

You can also have a “McCree,” a combination of their Fruit and Yogurt Parfait. One combination suggested for the secret menu is the Bacon ‘n Egg McGuffin Cheeseburger. The other is the Crunchy Double, which consists of a double cheeseburger from the Dollar Menu, an order of Chicken Nuggets, plus a packet of barbeque sauce smeared under the top bun. Even if the Crunchy Double perhaps makes more sense, these names are just as reprehensible as they seem.

Nasty McDonald’s New Hack Menu:

Grilling a sandwich in an upside-down pop-up toaster was called “a billion dollar idea that is also worthless” by satirist John Oliver. Oliver’s perspective is contradictory; it is impressive that McDonald’s offers tips for how to hack their sandwiches into ludicrous atrocities against your duodenum. Although the creations may have value to McDonald’s, they provide no nutritional value to the eaters and have no monetary value to the company.

Land air and sea mcdonalds Sales:

They are stolen from the wild and creative world of the Internet, where “food hacks” and “food dares” serve as a harmless appetizer to the more sinister areas of the web. It’s fitting that McDonald’s would take credit for two ideas that initially belonged to the McDonald brothers, given that McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc stole the fast food business concept from the brothers in 1961.

Land air and sea MacDonald’s Menu hacks re-edit:

Both are gimmicks designed to make customers buy more food when shopping. These products aren’t made in-house. You’ll need to go out and get everything you need, then assemble it in your house or the car. Just by its name alone, the Land, Air, and Sea Burger sound like the most revolting option. That’s why the phrase “surf ‘n’ turf” ends with “turf.” More than two types of protein in a single meal would be considered excessive.

Land air and sea MacDonald’s Filet-O-Fish:

They were introduced in 1965 during Lent to cater to fasting customers, the blandest slab of mass-produced fish on the earth. Having any flavor at all would be an improvement over the flavorless Filet-O-Fish. The Chicken, Filet-O-Fish, and Big Mac are a rough draft idea for a Jackass film that director Jeff Tremaine shredded. The special sauce makes for an almost tart creation, on par with a handful of Sour Patch Kids, but the overall flavor is confused at best.

Land air and sea MacDonald’s Chicken and Beef:

The Crunchy Double looks like a rice cake next to it. This one tastes good compared to the Land, Air, and Sea Burger. Chicken and beef get better with barbecue sauce, but they’re still two of the blandest meats known to man and need a sauce or condiment to make them edible. The only clever thing about it is that it provides busy people who tend to overeat with a method to cram a burger and a packet of Nuggets into one hand.

Land air and sea mcdonalds Burger:

The only funny part about buying and eating a Land, Air, and Sea Burger and a Crunchy Double with a Diet Coke is watching the employee’s face. Now more than ever, with the seemingly unending stream of new Dallas restaurants and bars emerging, we could all use some guidance in finding the best ones. While most of the content shared on social media may seem similar, the most successful profiles provide something unique to their audiences.

Land air and sea mcdonalds Accounts:

Here are three local gourmet accounts worth following, each with its unique twist. Dallas Discovered is a trusted resource for local restaurants, bars, and attractions, with nearly 275,000 combined who moved to Dallas from Seattle in 2020 and saw this as a way to help locals find fun things to do; Dallas Discovered launched that year. Her blog has uptown and downtown happy hour guidelines, among others. She regularly shares recommendations for new restaurants, shopping opportunities, and personal experiences.


This menu hack, effective January 31st, will satisfy any dietary needs and desires. You can mix and match. More than a handful of deliciousness can be added now, thanks to the addition of Make it yourself with a Big Mac, Chicken, and Filet-O-Fish that you ordered by name. Land, Air, and Sea have 1,330 total calories. Make your order through the McDonald’s mobile app. With each bite, the sandwich loses more and more of its shape until it resembles less and less of a sandwich.


Is the land air and Sea sandwich authentic?

The Land, Air & Sea consists of a Big Mac, Chicken, and Filet-O-Fish stacked together like an edible Jenna tower. It’s worth noting that any hacked items you order will require you to assemble them yourself.

Calories in a McDonald’s land, sea, and air?

Last but not least, The Land, Air & Sea is, as reported by Daily Mail, three sandwiches stacked on top of each other with three bun halves cut off. Combined with three sandwiches, it contains 1,330 calories and 69 grams of fat.