Legend of the northern blade review.

Legend of the northern blade is a Korean web novel written by Woo-Gak. It has been completed and is now available online. It made its premiere on the 10th of November, 2014. The first three chapters of Legend of the Northern Blade, officially translated, are accessible for free online, and new chapters are posted every Thursday. Buying 30 chapters at once costs 9000 points, but you’ll get an extra 600 points. A 20% discount is also available for first-time buyers. In this article, we will discuss more legend of the northern blade.

The storyline of the legend of the northern blade:

Legend of the Northern Blade author Woo-Gak immediately outlines the long history of the war in the series, including the ten-year battle between the Northern Heavenly Sect and the demonic Silent Night, which had just finished as the novel begins. The Northern Heavenly Sect’s fourth-generation leader, Jin Mu-father, Won, is betrayed by those who formerly fought beside him and accused the government of being a traitor to the people after the Silent Night vanished and the war ended.

Northern Heavenly Sect struggled:

Years and years have gone by since the great warriors of the Northern Heavenly Sect fought valiantly to maintain the planet free of the evil Silent Night’s influence on the earth. As a result of the charges, Jin Kwan-Ho, the sect’s fourth-generation leader, is compelled to disband the cult and commit suicide to protect his son, Jin Mu-Won, from being implicated in the conspiracy.

Battle tactics of his forefathers:

With no family or allies left, Mu-Won lives a dreary life under constant watch, that is, until a surprise attack by the Silent Night provides him with an opportunity to flee to the mountains and find refuge. The young warrior spends his time there learning the battle tactics of his forefathers before the strange disappearance of a loved one forces him to return to the continent.

The plot of the

legend of the northern blade:

As a result of the Silent Night, martial arts masters from throughout the world banded together to establish what would become known as the “Northern Heavenly Sect.” People were able to regain their peace and calm due to it. After some time, however, martial arts experts began hatching plots against the Northern Heavenly Group, believing the sect to be a threat because of its great might. As a result, the group’s leader, Jin Kwan-Ho, is killed, and the sect is destroyed along with him, ending the story.

Who is Jin Kwan-son:

Only Jin Kwan-son, Ho’s Jin Mu-Won, remains with the group after the rest of the members have abandoned it. Mu-Won has never learned martial arts, but he is aware of a secret Martial Arts system passed down to him by his father and is only known to him. He begins to study the martial arts of the Northern Heavenly Sect, which he finds fascinating.

Legend of the Northern Blade Manhwa 101:

Swordplay and martial arts are combined in a fast-paced action drama about vengeance. So, here’s how Legend of the Northern Blade gets its start. Since the end of 2019, Woo-action Gak’s manhwa/webtoon, Legend of the Northern Blade, has been illustrated by Hae-Min. However, despite two years of publishing, Solo Leveling and Dungeon Reset have remained largely unknown compared to previous stories.

Recounts Jin Mu-journey:

The Northern Heavenly Sect is disbanded, and Jin Mu-father Won sacrifices himself to protect his son. Legend of the Northern Blade recounts Jin Mu-journey Won’s become the legitimate fifth leader of the Sect as he secretly trains in the martial arts of his predecessors, all under the continual observation of the Central Heavenly Alliance of the Nine Skies. His quest for vengeance and the truth about his father’s betrayal leads him into conflict with a diverse group of allies and foes whose lives are connected with Jin Mu-Won’s.


The Legend of the Northern Blade continues to provide its readers with stomach-churningly brutal action scenes that integrate martial arts with spirituality and swordsmanship uniquely and compellingly. Everything is done while maintaining a distinct artistic style that stresses sharp contrasts between generally darker tones and sudden dazzling highlights on the page that immediately draw the reader’s attention.


What is the Northern Blade’s Silent Night Legend?

It’s been 130 years since Silent Night first appeared, and they’ve caused much murder and destruction. Their actions spurred the formation of the Central Heavenly Alliance and the Northern Heavenly Sect.

Is there someone who leads the Silent Night Legend of the Northern blade?

A.K.A. “Northern Blade,” Jin Mu-Won is the primary character and 5th generation Sect Leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect in Legend of the Northern Blade.

Where Can I Find The Northern Blade’s Legend Online?

Legend of the Northern Blade is serialized in Korean on Kakao Page, and collectors may purchase the manhwa volumes for approximately $39.99. However, keep in mind that they will be air-shipped from South Korea, so they may take a while to arrive.