Encanto’s Luisa Madrigal Is The Super-Jacked Disney Hero.

In the upcoming 2021 Disney animated feature film Enactor, Luisa Madrigal has a supporting role. She is Isabela’s younger sister and Mirabel’s older sister; their parents are Juliet and August Madrigal. An impressive bodybuilder known as the “rock” of the household, Luisa possesses extraordinary physical prowess that allows her to accomplish feats that would otherwise be impossible. Good-natured and sturdy on the front, Luisa secretly feels weak under the weight of Abele Alma’s expectations. With her super-strength, Luisa takes care of all her town’s household and community chores and is relied on heavily; however, few people inquire about her feelings.

Luisa Madrigal Background:

Luisa Madrigal is the middle child of Juliet and Augustin’s three daughters; she is the younger sister of Isabela and the older sister of Mirabel. Luisa is the niece of Félix, Pepa, and Bruno and the cousin of Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio. Luisa’s first few years of life were spent in the nursery, where she was raised with her two-year-older sister Isabela and her cousin Dolores. Luisa was left alone in the nursery until the births of Camilo and Mirabel, who were four years younger when Isabela and Dolores received their gifts and moved into their rooms. Isabela gave Luisa the gift of superhuman power and a flower crown on the night of her fifth birthday.

Luisa Madrigal Family:

Mirabel has another elder sister, Luisa, who is hardworking and determined. Superhuman strength was bestowed upon her. Luisa is the one who does all the heavy lifting in the household, and Mirabel leans on her because she does it without grumbling.  Luisa is regarded as a pillar of strength in her family. She’s the one who can lift the most, both literally and metaphorically. But underneath her gruff exterior, Luisa is a softie overflowing with big feelings.

Luisa Madrigal Development:

Like the Madrigals, Luisa was created to embody “family characteristics that are immediately accessible.” The studio designed Luisa, much like in the finished product, to be the strong and reliable matriarch of her family while still maintaining a feminine quality. During development, the studio was also inspired by many female Olympic athletes (especially hammer and shot putters) to design Luisa’s appearance, facial emotions, and bodily movements.

Luisa Madrigal Career:

Her voice actress, Jessica Darrow, elaborates on who she is: “The fact that I can so easily relate to Luisa is one of the many reasons I adore her. To put it bluntly, you and I are both difficult babies who weep easily. We’re sturdy on the outside yet mushy and gooey within. Moreover, I believe we serve as the anchor for our families. As the film’s emotional superhero, we manage to keep it together throughout.”

Luisa Madrigal Personality:

According to Mirabel, Luisa is the most dependable and sturdy family member. Her family and the town’s inhabitants depend on her strength, which she has received as a gift from the gods. As a result, Luisa is grateful for the opportunity to have a positive impact on her neighborhood. One of the most admirable qualities that makes her one of the best people in the family is the fact that she is always eager to lend a hand to those in need.

Luisa Madrigal Relationships:

Luisa grows very fond of her loved ones and prioritizes them over all else in her life. Luisa and Mirabel seem to get along just fine, unlike some other family members, who exclude Mirabel because she lacks a gift. After losing her cool with Mirabel, Luisa promptly apologized, showing that she does not hold this lack of talent against her or consider her a burden on the family. After Casita is damaged and Mirabel runs away, Luisa expresses worry for her sister and begins hunting for her.

Luisa Madrigal Responsibilities:

Luisa can grow overly reliant on her ability, to the point where she feels worthless without it. She also thinks she has to be tough and constantly prepared for whatever responsibility she may be given. Though she says she wants to be able to relax and not have to face the “crushing weight” of everyone’s expectations, she is ready to suppress her sentiments to comply with the demands of others, believing that she must do what others urge her to do.

Luisa Madrigal Outward manifestations:

Luisa, a young Colombian woman 19 years old, has a muscular frame and is noticeably taller than anybody else in her family.  She has a crimson ribbon securing a bun of her dark hair. Luisa is the sibling most like their dad because she has inherited his skin tone, body type, and facial expressions. She is dressed. Luisa also wears two sets of matching felt bracelets, one on each arm. Her two ankle straps are also dark blue, matching her shoes.

Luisa Madrigal Abilities and potentials:

Superhuman strength grants Luisa the ability to move massive objects. With ease, she can lift and carry everything from enormous animals like donkeys to human beings, large objects like barrels, and even structures like houses and bridges. She has the strength to raise an entire church and the ability to kick a house back into position if it has been knocked over. There is no evidence that Luisa, unlike other family members, cannot manage her strength. She has an excellent command of her extraordinary strength.

Luisa Madrigal Encino:

First, Luisa was seen working out with Casita outside her magic door, then getting ready to join her family in the village. The family madrigal features Luisa and her relatives dancing and assisting the locals with construction. As she works, she also cheerfully greets Mirabel and the Town Kids. Luisa has a variety of occupations in town, including transporting construction equipment, relocating a bridge using her incredible strength, and responding quickly to calls for assistance.


Even though her eye is twitching and her smile is forced, Luisa maintains her denial that anything is amiss. She starts flinging rocks and breaking things randomly, which confuses Mirabel and the donkeys until she finally reveals her actual sentiments in “Surface Pressure.” By imagining several disasters in which she must rescue and defend Mirabel, Luisa reveals her inadequacies in handling her obligations. She discusses her constant fear of failing to meet everyone’s high expectations and her need for freedom from that burden. Luisa admits to Mirabel that she worries about pushing herself too far and felt her powers dwindling the night before when she saw the fissures.


In the Enchanted Forest, how old is Luisa?

19-year-old Outward manifestations. At 19, Luisa is a tall and muscular Colombian woman who towers over her relatives. Her skin is dark, and her eyes are brown.

Which of the two sisters, Isabella or Luisa, is the eldest?

Isabela emphasized how anxious she was about not measuring up. Isabela Madrigal, born to parents Juliet and August, is the eldest of three sisters.

Can we expect a sequel to Encino?

Mirabel is determined to discover the source of the magical house’s decay because she has no gifts.