Complete List of Madea Movies in Order for 2022!

Madea movies in order critics are divided on whether Tyler Perry’s Madea series is a success or a failure. As a stage performer on the road, Perry has been involved in the entertainment industry since the 1990s. Perry began expanding his career into cinema and television after meeting Oprah Winfrey and building an empire in the entertainment industry. Over $800 million in net worth, his work is undeniably influential and popular. In 2022, after the Netflix release of A Madea Homecoming, his legendary Madea persona tried to gain new fans.  Let’s discuss more Madea movies in order.

Complete List of Madea Movies in Order for 2022!

Crazy Black Woman’s Diary:

One of the plays introduced audiences to the Maida character for the first time. As their 18th wedding anniversary approaches, Helen Kimberly Elise discovers that Charles Steve Harris has cheated on her with Lisa Marcos to be with another woman. So, she goes to live with her grandmother, Mable “Maida” Simmons Tyler Perry, who teaches her about family and self-defense. She also helps her rediscover the love of her life. It is Media’s first cinematic debut and Cicely Tyson’s first appearance in the film.

Meet Browns:

Even though Meet Browns isn’t strictly a Madea picture, Angela Bassett’s film has a cameo appearance by Madea. After her father’s death, Bassett plays a single mother who encounters her extended family for the first time. She meets the patriarch of the Brown family after flying to Georgia to attend her father’s death. Coincidentally, Madea’s granddaughter Simmons makes a brief appearance during a live broadcast vehicle pursuit. In Madea Feature Universe’s first film, Madea finds herself in a new role taking care of different members of her family.

Madea’s Arrested:

Madea Goes to Jail, the fourth Madea movie in order in the Madea universe, deals with issues such as judicial corruption and drug misuse. The Assistant district attorney engaged with Linda Ion Overman tries to aid an old acquaintance who has been indulging in prostitution and ends up in prison. The media has been incarcerated due to her out-of-control rage and a history of legal difficulties. In the film, a young Keke Palmer gives a memorable performance as Nikki, a troubled young woman in need of Madea’s supervision.

A game of two halves:

Like many other damaged but good-hearted individuals, T.T. Sofia Vergara and Candace are among the personalities she entertains. Maida, Candace, and others were released from prison when it was discovered that Linda, the judge overseeing their cases, had participated in several malpractices. One of Media’s ever-expanding family members, Byron, is played by teen sensation Shad “Bow Wow” Moss. At the same time, Tatyana Taylor, who portrays Moss’ boisterous ex-girlfriend Sabrina, gives an excellent portrayal.

Doing Bad Possible:

A gang of teens robs Madea’s home in I Can Do Bad All by me. Their guardian, a failing local nightclub singer, named April Taraji P Henson, is revealed to Madea when she confronts the youngsters. In honor of the film’s setting in a nightclub, two music icons appear in the movie. April’s lounge has a bartender, Mary J Blige, who sings the song “I Can Do Bad” for us. Gladys Knight, the legendary singer, appears as a local church member in April’s neighborhood.

Make-A-Wish Foundation:

Make-A-Wish Foundation is Big Happy Family. It’s up to Madea once again in Madea’s Big Happy Family when her niece Shirley Loretta Devine is diagnosed with cancer. This time, the niece’s children are distracted by their private woes. It is the first time an episode of the series has been animated in the ninth. Cora and Mr. Brown return in the sixth part of the Madea movies in order, based on one of Perry’s plays.

Witness Protection Media:

The seventh film in the Madea series, Madea’s Witness Protection, is out now. To make a long story short, Madea’s nephew George Needleman Eugene Levy, a high-ranking chief financial officer, was caught up in a Ponzi scam and now has to be protected as a witness. Makes intervenes and invites the family to Atlanta to keep them out of the mob’s clutches. All appear in this one. At the box office, this picture would surpass its predecessor, cementing the Madea series in what would become a pattern of prosperity.

Spirit of the season:

A Madea Christmas, the eighth film in the Madea series, has Madea bringing her unique brand of holiday warmth and hilarity. Visiting her great-niece Eileen Anna Maria Horsford, and Lacy Tika Sumpter in Alabama is a welcome change of scenery for Madea. Star in this one deals with racial conflict and interracial romance. It’s fun to see Madea dress up as Santa Claus, and this would be the first Madea film to have a festive setting, taking place in an animated universe.

Madea’s Tough Love film:

The show shows Madea’s Tough Love sees her take on the role of disciplinarian for the characters she encounters, who are entirely unaware of her presence. With a degree of extremeness that is difficult to match in live-action, Media’s hijacks give Perry and the rest of the cast the flexibility to push Maida’s comedic limits in an animated setting. As the film finishes, we see Maida’s tough love in action as she rallies youngsters of her community to prevent the local youth center from shutting down.

A Madea-themed Halloween:

Perry wanted to try his hand at a different holiday after the success of A Madea Christmas, which was based around the Christmas season. Madea’s Halloween Party Halloween is the scariest holiday of the year for Madea movies in order. It’s a comedic spoof of the horror genre in which Madea is tasked with keeping an eye on her teenage niece, Tiffany Diamond White, as she tries to sneak into a Halloween home party. It’s been two years since the last non-holiday-themed live-action feature starring Madea.

Madea faces combat:

Madea faces combat against the usual fare of Halloween films like zombies, ghosts, and murders; the scariest aspect of this picture was its box office success. For Madea, a single Halloween film just wasn’t enough. Even though Madea movie series began in 2005, Perry had been playing the role of Madea in his touring performances for years before that date. A few years later, Tyler Perry had him return to reprise his part in his film Meet the Browns and Madea Goes to Jail.

Halloween Madea:

It is a two-for-one deal the year after A Madea Halloween’s release, the second film in the series was released. Tiffany, turning 18 this year, has decided to throw a frat party to commemorate the occasion. As you would expect, this gathering is on a haunted campsite in the middle of nowhere. Of course, this is the ideal setting for a lighthearted comedy. It’s Halloween again for Bam Cassi Davis and Hattie Patrice Lovely, who join Madea in a new hilarious adventure.

The Funeral of the Madeas:

To commemorate Anthony Derek Morgan and Vianne Harper’s 40th wedding anniversary, Madea and her family gather in A Madea Family Funeral. A heart attack occurs after Anthony is found having sex with Vianne’s closest friend Renee Quin Walters. What follows Anthony’s death involves preparing his burial and healing the devastation done to the family by disguising his genuine cause of death. Perry had planned for this to be the concluding picture in the Madea saga when it was first released.

A Madea Family Reunion:

Many were startled to learn that Madea would return for a second A Madea Homecoming episode. It will be Perry’s last funeral, as he had already announced some years before. On February 25, Netflix collaborated with Madea to bring her pranks to Brandon Black, her great-grandson. David and Tamela Mann, Cassi Davis, and Gabrielle Dennis return to the series, while Irish comedian Brendan O’Carroll takes on the role of Mrs. Brown for the first time.


Tyler Perry, well known as the outspoken and witty fictional character Madea, has amassed a fortune through his role in the Madea movies in order. Remember that Tyler Perry is the man behind the camera and the man who creates, directs, produces, and stars in his films. The effect of the Madea will be evident when his numerous accomplishments are recognized at the 2021 Academy Awards. When Oprah Winfrey saw Perry act 2001, she invited her to appear on her program.


What are the first Madea movies in the order you watch?

It all began with the adaptation of Diary of, a play he turned into a 2005 film. When Kimberly Elise’s husband, Steve Harris, decides to leave her for another woman only days before their 18th wedding anniversary, the story takes an unexpected turn.

Is it essential to see the Madea Movies in Order in the correct order?

Tyler Perry plays the character of Madea in all of Tyler Perry’s Madea flicks. All of the films are live-action.

To whom does Mr. Brown owe his family’s name?

Madea Movies in Order: His demeanor was characterized by Tamela Mann, who plays Mr. Brown’s real-life wife, and plays Madea’s daughter Cora.