Marantz na7004-Canon EOS D200.

Marantz na7004: Network Audio Player NA7004 is the first one to be released. The company will develop an open digital entertainment hub that includes media streaming via DLNA, Airplay, DAB+ radio, and a DAC. To the left and right of the screen are several controls, including a direction pad and buttons for Play/Pause, Menu, and so on. A headphone jack and volume control are located on the unit’s bottom.


The NA7004 is practically a one-stop-shop to find a music player that can play music files other than CDs. You have access to thousands of online radio stations via DAB+ (for city-dwellers), digital radio via DAB+, high-quality audio, and DLNA media streaming, as well as Apple’s Airplay, from computers and compatible devices. DAC with USB and direct connection to an iPod/MP3 player. US$50 is the fee for Airplay registration.


·   With a free firmware upgrade from Marantz, you can enjoy seamless iTunes music playback on your home audio system when connected to a wired home network.

  • Streams music from your PC, iPod, and the Internet.
  •  Plays music.
  •  The Cirrus CS4398 stereo D/A converter supports WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC files.
  •  Songs from the Rhapsody music service can play (subscription required)
  • Personalized Pandora® Internet radio stations (subscription required) can playback (subscription required)


The NA7004’s design is unchanged. A line of ‘003 components was introduced by Marantz in 2009, marking the company’s official debut. The unit’s front is made of brushed aluminum with resin-based edges. When you don’t have a television with an on-screen display (OSD), you’ll like it because it can see from across the room; the device’s blue, three-line OLED display is ideal.


Getting the operation of networked music players was always a combination of science and art. And sorcery in the bad old days. Although it’s not wireless, the network setup wizard for Marantz’s newest player made it quite simple for me to connect it to my home network. With no issues, Marantz’s high-quality DAC lets us play our music from our DLNA-compliant NAS through the NA7004. No OSD is there, and our only concern with the Marantz NA7004 at this point is that scrolling through big lists is painfully slow, even with a little amount of acceleration onboard. It would be extremely helpful to pick the artist or song based on the first letter of their name.


Additionally, the NA7004 may be used as a standalone DAC using its built-in Cirrus Logic CS4398 chipset that incorporates AM/FM radio and DAB, internet radio, and the likes of USB playback. With coaxial and optical inputs, the DAC can accept signals with sampling frequencies of up to 192 kHz, while its USB connector can accept signals up to 96 kHz.


Comparisons with external sound cards, others, such as the Creative X-Fi Titanium HD, received high marks. If you don’t want to mess with the workings of your desktop computer, this is a better alternative for streaming high-quality music from your PC. To decode a copy of Nick Cave’s album, we attached an Oppose BDP-83 to the Marantz NA7004. While the Aram and Cambridge Audio Damages were disappointing, the Marantz functioned admirably. The Marantz NA7004 could replace your CD player if it has a digital output, making it a great addition to your audio setup.

Canon EOS D200:

Compared to the wireless Aram track, the player could extract a great deal of detail even from low-quality files, and it was even better than the Arco. In addition, we discovered that listening to a file provided from a network server using the onboard media browser and one received via Airplay were virtually identical experiences. The file appears to be sent uncompressed, unlike the apt system on the Creative D200, which uses Bluetooth technology. We can currently declare that one of the best methods to stream music from your Apple device is via Airplay iPhone wirelessly to various playback devices.


Only a few “high-fi” components can receive digital radio, which has been around for about 18 months. The UP-DT1 DAB+ tuner (AU$399) for only radios is the best-sounding device we’ve heard, and we recommend it highly. Is it safe to say that the Marantz would be the clear winner if you paired it with a high-end DAC? The answer is sad no. Like the Cambridge Audio Azure 650T DAB+, low bitrate transmissions are over-extracted by the Marantz. However, the vivid OLED display and overall usability of the device make the experience delightful.


The NA7004’s most critical feature is its ability to playback music stored on a NAS or a local computer. Accessing thousands of recordings via Ethernet is painless and rather rapid, even when enumerating standard CD rips, as well As 24-bit/96kHz files with a couple of MP3s thrown in.


There’s also a free app for iOS and Android devices that lets you control the lights. It is, however, in need of some care. Internet radio, Last.FM and a media server may all find on the site’s homepage; however, the design is antiquated and difficult to use. As a result, the app’s page-based surfing mechanism doesn’t operate as effectively, and the search tool only allows you to type in the first letter of the artist or track’s name. It’s frustrating.

Apple Airplay:

However, Apple’s Airplay wireless connectivity has made the Marantz NA7004 much more flexible in recent times. As a result of this new technology, you may wirelessly stream music from your iTunes. The library can be transferred to the NA7004 and played through your hi-fi system. It is the nicest set of stereo components we’ve ever seen a long time are here, thanks to the combination of excellent sound quality, ease of use, and the inclusion of Airplay. It is one of the best reasons to contemplate running Ethernet wire throughout your home.


Who prefer digital content over physical media will find a device like the NA7004 ideal for accessing all the information they could ever want at their fingertips. It’s possible to connect this device; however, it might best suit a stereo system without an OSD. While the Marantz NA7004’s AU$1500 price tag may seem excessive, consider how much money you’d save if you bought a DAC, DAB+ tuner, and media streamer separately.

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