Miya sk8 the infinity-Miya’s achievements and honours.

Miya sk8 the infinity is a Japanese animated television series directed by Hiroko Utsumi and produced by Bones. It was announced on the television network on September 20, 2020, and it will air from January 9, 2021, through April 3, 2021. During the Ai no Masquerade event on July 4, 2021, it was revealed that a new anime project and a two-part stage play production were in the works. Miya Chinen is a fictional character from the anime series SK8 the Infinity. Miya is seen as a carefree young man. In this article, we will discuss more Miya sk8 the infinity.

Who is Miya Chinen?

Miya Chinen is a middle school student and a candidate for Japan’s national squad in the SK8 the Infinity anime series. However, unlike other opponents in “S,” an underground and perilous skateboard race at an abandoned mine, he does not appear to be obsessed with skating. Miya used to have a lot of fun when she was a kid because she loved to skate.

Friends of Miya:

The more he progressed, the more accolades he gained. Friends assumed he saw them as “sidekicks” and treated them with disdain. As a result, Miya lost several close friends and developed a pessimistic view of friendship.


Wearing an orange and purple cat hoodie with purple ears, Miya appears to be a young boy. He is dressed in a dark pink striped shirt and dark purple tail. Long sleeve black undershirt with a unique uniform style characterizes Miya’s appearance. Grey shorts, a brown belt, white socks, and a beret complete his attire, including brown dress shoes. As seen in “S,” Miya rides a black skateboard decorated with a purple “X” at the top and the words “Game” across the bottom.


Miya’s carefree boy when he was younger has matured into a confident young man. The flashback events show that he acquired this character due to his conflict with Langa. He had an interest in skating since he was a child, and he and his pals would regularly skate together. Miya had a great time skateboarding with friends during this period. In just two weeks, he was able to master the ollie, one of the most difficult tricks in skateboarding.

Miya’s achievements and honours:

The more Miya’s achievements and honours, the greater the hatred his friends felt toward him, and as a result, his circle of friends began to shrink. During their initial meeting, Miya referred to Reki Kyan as a slime, which was considered disrespectful. Because of what Adam and Reki have both said, Miya appears to be vacant a lot of the time, and he didn’t appear to be having fun in a recent interview tape?


“S” racer Miya is a talented skater and a well-known figure in the sport. He began skateboarding at a young age and enjoyed it with his childhood pals, but his friendships with them dwindled as he progressed into a well-known young skater. Management has been hired to represent him because of his high profile, making him one of the most likely contenders for the Japan national skateboarding team. On the other hand, Miya adheres to a strict diet and is well-versed in the training regimens of professional athletes.

Competence in a Broad Range of Activities:

A talented skater at a young age, Miya has already outpaced many adult skaters because of his natural ability and dedication to his training regimen. His ability to accomplish several tricks and compete in races makes him an all-around skateboarder.


Skateboard tricks such as board handstands and manoeuvring a flipped board with only his feet have proven to be among the most difficult that Miya has shown his ability to perform. Because of these antics, he has become so well-known in competitions and even within the skating world at large. While fighting on a skateboard, Miya uses a rail slide to demonstrate that he can perform a wide range of feats when on the ice.


Miya used to have a lot of fun when she was a kid because she loved to skate. The more he progressed, the more medals he got for his skateboarding prowess. Friends were interpreted as “sidekicks”, and he assumed that he had a low opinion of them. Miya’s friends began to leave him due to this misunderstanding, which eventually led to a bad attitude about friendship.

Infinity Season 2 Sk8:

After that incident, Miya didn’t seem to enjoy skating as much and now seemed to be improving solely. After the two kinds of beef, he is portrayed to be enraged because he lost to Langa. Despite Miya’s increasing abilities, Reki swore to remain his steadfast companion no matter what. Miya has been accompanying him ever since.


A new anime series created by director Hiroko Utsumi, Miya sk8 the infinity is her first original series and the latest in a long line of successful projects. The director of Free and Banana Fish, Utsumi, has worked as an animator on episodes. Since the mid-2000s, The Second Raid and Indeed the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya have been airing. In Japan, she was born, so she was reared in the United States.


What is miya sk8 the infinity?

To convince Kojiro to stop chatting to girls, Miya refers to him as “Dad” in Episode 6. His “father-son” bond with him was exaggerated, and he acted out the part of a little son to do so.

What is miya sk8 the infinity age?

Miya Chinen is a good skater in her early twenties. Even though he’s only 12, he can skate with and outperform guys twice his age. As someone who loved skating with his pals but had a much higher skill level than them, Miya was an exceptional skater.