Best Naruto movies in order review 2022!

Naruto movies in order world are filled with shinobi, mystical creatures, and ghosts, to name a few. Through the eyes of Naruto Uzumaki and his fellow ninja trainees, we get a glimpse of what it’s like to be the best of the best in Konan. Comic-book-inspired animation Naruto is one of the most significant accomplishments in the history of animation. In this book, you will learn about perseverance, making sacrifices for others and yourself, forgiving others and having a strong sense of family. This film is set against the background of the events in Naruto Shippuden episode 71. Let’s discuss more Naruto movies in order.

The early life of Naruto:

Naruto’s life is chronicled mainly in the manga. We watch how hard he works to earn the respect of the people he meets as a young orphan. Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno’s sensei, Kakashi Hatake, gives them a broad range of tasks. It allows us to see the characters’ growth through time as they face more and more significant trials in their quest for happiness. Naruto married and established his own family at the end of the novel.

List of Naruto Movie Release Dates:

Given here are all of the Naruto films, with each film’s release date listed underneath. The anime series Naruto, Shippuden, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations are all referenced. We’re now breaking them down into series to make sense of them. As of August 6, 2005, The Legend of the Stone of Gelel has been posted to Wikipedia, while Naruto’s Ninja Clash in the Snow aired on August 21, 2004, as had The Crescent Moon Kingdom, which aired the next day on August 5, 2006.

The Land of Snow Is the Setting for a Ninja Clash:

An actress is kidnapped by Team 7, which includes Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. The film Naruto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow is the first chapter of the Naruto saga. After the events of Naruto 101, the story of Naruto and his friends as a family is set up for this film. To avoid spoilers, you need to know that all movies take place during crucial points in Naruto’s storyline.

The Stone of Gelel’s Legendary Mythology:

Naruto, Sakura, and Shikamaru find themselves in the middle of a battle for the Stone of Gelel, which they are charged with rescuing in the next part of the Naruto series. When combined with the proper techniques, a stone may match the jinchriki’s power. The tale of Naruto: The Last Airbender comes to a satisfactory close with the events of episode 106, which are shown in the film. To watch the Naruto movies in chronological sequence, we’ll show you how right now.

Princess Sakura:

Princess Sakura has been tasked with escorting the guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom to their destination in the Land Of The Moon. In contrast, Prince Hikaru Tsuki and Michiru have been entrusted with escorting them there. It’s time for Naruto movies to teach the young prince a lesson in humility. With just a few hours to complete this B-rank job, Naruto and his comrades must be resourceful. Extra eleven films were made to accompany the anime television series because of its success.

Ninja Storm Naruto Shippuden:

A terrific start to the Naruto movies in order Shippuden film series for the first episode! During Naruto’s battle with a demon, we learn that he is doomed to die. The destiny of Naruto is already decided, or does it rely on the choices of those who follow in his footsteps? Naruto Shippuden: The Fourth Film may be broadcast after episode 32, but this isn’t certain. With the help of Kakashi’s younger brother, Naruto can return to the hamlet of Sasaki.

Land of the Sky:

The Land of the Sky is preparing to attack Konoha after their involvement in the Second Great Ninja War. They must work together with Amaru to save the Leaf Village from the threat of destruction. Naruto and Yamato are brought back in time by the Lost Tower Team 7 after failing to capture a ninja named Mukade. They’re all part of the same timeframe as the events of Naruto, Shippuden, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

A longing for fire:

Following Shippuden’s episode 121, The Will of Fire’s events occur. Ninjas that possess the kekkei Genkai skill set are fast becoming extinct at this point. Kakashi is the next one, and he’s known for his expertise in the kekkei-Genkai method. When it comes to protecting his teacher, Naruto has a responsibility to do all in his ability. Naruto’s ferocious will is on the whole show in this chapter. After seeing Episode 143, you are strongly advised to watch this movie.

The Blood Citadel:

The assault on the Fourth Rikage led to Naruto’s capture and subsequent imprisonment in Hozuki Castle, popularly known as the “Blood Prison.” One of the most guarded jails in the world must be breached for Naruto to redeem himself. If he doesn’t have his fox chakra, it will be tough for him to do this mission. After episode 196 of Shippuden, the events of Blood Prison take place.

Most distinctive Naruto flicks:

Naruto movies in order Road to Ninja is regarded as one of the most distinctive Naruto flicks because of its “What if?” storyline. Sakura has never met her original parents, and Sasuke has never left Konoha in this other universe where both Naruto’s parents are still alive. Would their lives have been different, and how would they have survived if things had turned out differently? Shippuden episode 251 serves as our beginning point for our zany excursion.

As shown in Boruto:

Although it isn’t an official Naruto movies in order, Boruto: Naruto Following Generations sets the stage for the next sequel series. The massacre of the world’s jinchriki strongly indicates that Naruto Uzumaki is about to confront this menace head-on. Boruto and Sasuke Uchiha are the only two individuals who can rescue him from the looming death threat. The events of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and Naruto Shippuden take place before the events of this film.

Total runtime:

Naruto Shippuden’s current total runtime is around ten hours and twenty minutes. Naruto fans may be able to finish watching all of the series’ episodes in as little as two weeks and a half. My two oldest children, ages 13 and 16, are in this picture. Naruto uses one of his seductive Jutsu methods in a short sequence in one of the anime episodes. However, this is the only episode with any sexual material or profanity.

The modest price tag:

No one will watch anything for the next two and a half weeks since everyone is on vacation. The procedure would take a lot longer for the typical watcher, who watches five to six programs daily, or around two hours a day. To watch the whole series, as well as the 20.9 more days of bonus material, will take around 174.3 days. 195.1 days of viewing time are yours to enjoy for the modest price tag of $1000.

Creator of the series:

It’s been how long since Naruto was born. There is little doubt that Naruto movies in order have been one of the “Big 3” manga and anime series since it was initially released in 1999, with a vast fanbase and weekly sales that have raised it to that position. It’s no surprise that the manga Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden have spawned two television series. When Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was finished, Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the series, stepped in to direct it.

The natural world’s most outstanding athlete:

Since Naruto Uzumaki has appeared in over a thousand episodes and many feature films, it raises the question of his age. He was born on October 10th, according to the first Naruto animation we saw. He joined the nine-tail fox family not long after that, even though he was still a baby. His first ninja training institution is the Leaf Village Academy, which caters to young ninjas at six.

Ninja in question:

Immediately after he graduates from the Academy at twelve years old, Naruto gets many exciting new experiences. He begins the chunin tests at thirteen, a program designed to help new ninjas gain expertise and perform actual ninja moves. There is no change in the character’s age for the rest of Naruto. Like the manga, Shippuden’s first chapter opens with a time jump. Naruto was presented to the public for the first time when he was fifteen.

Out-of-control personality:

Despite his youthful appearance and funny personality, he has spent the last several years practicing diligently and has beaten many difficult opponents. Ninja Pain becomes the series’ principal adversary during a pivotal story arc. Naruto’s age is also revealed to be sixteen throughout this story cycle. The fourth excellent ninja battle, the fourth global shinobi war, will end on October 10th. As a result, the character’s chronological age will rise to 17.


The Naruto movies in the order saga have ended with this last episode, as implied by the film’s title. It’s highly recommended that you see this movie after viewing Shippuden episode 493. After a series of events, Naruto and his companions realize that a descendant of Sage of the Six Paths is responsible for the Moon-Earth collision. Naruto: The Last Samurai deviates from the action-adventure formula for which the franchise is known. Instead, it’s a love story that grows out of those experiences.


Is it essential to have Naruto movies in order?

There have been 11 Naruto films to this point in the series history. Seven Naruto Shippuden films and one Boruto: Naruto, Next Generations film are included in this collection of nine Naruto-related movies.

How old is Naruto when he stops playing?

Children above the age of 10 will enjoy this show. Seeing them isn’t necessary to appreciate the canon since many of them are worthless.

Are the Naruto movies in order lacking a few things?

Naruto movies in order and the Last Naruto the Movie are the only two Naruto films worth seeing.