Is it possible to utilize the filters on a webcam?

Neewer lens: With “an enthusiastic team dedicated to delivering you knew and cool photographic equipment,” Neewer lens is an international conglomerate. An APS-C-format 35mm, f/1.7 manual focus lens from Neewer lens is available from B&H and other products. After trying out a trio of wide-angle and fisheye lenses from Mike, I chose to add this lens to my bag. The only noticeable difference between the Mike version of the 35mm f/1.7 and the standard version is the Mike branding on the lens barrel and lip.


With this kit, you can use any 49mm lens. Please check your camera’s lens thread size before purchasing. The thread size of your camera’s lens can be found either on the lens’s barrel or the lens cap. A “(diameter) sign precedes this number every time. For example, 49 is the thread size of a 49mm lens. It doesn’t come with a camera Neeweer lens.


Despite its small size, the all-metal barrel and mount weigh only 6.2 ounces and measure 2.38 x 1.61 inches (60.5 × 41 millimeters), making it excellent for working in low light and with shallow depths of field. It features a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 52.5mm and a horizontal angle of view of 36° 30′ as an APS-C lens. When shooting wide open, the circular aperture blades produce pleasing booked, as shown in the image to the right below on the optical design, which has six elements in five groups and multi-coated glass to reduce flare and increase color and contrast.


The Neewer lens 35mm f/1.7 comes in a drawstring pouch and a microfiber cleaning cloth for safekeeping. An email invitation to join Neewer’s VIP program is also included in the package. For this review, I emailed Neewer lens asking for more information about the company and received a response that didn’t make me feel very special.


The front of the lens is protected by a metal lens cap, while a thick plastic back cap covers the back of the lens. The lens barrel is threaded to receive a 49mm screw-on filter; the focusing ring has a scalloped-ridge design for convenience of handling, like classic manual focus lenses of old.

Camera’s setting:

The aperture ring has been de-clicked to make it easier to adjust to changing light conditions when filming motion video with the lens barrel engraved with depth-of-field and distance scales. I didn’t have the opportunity to capture video while testing this lens but considering its small weight and smooth focus and aperture adjustments, I’m sure it’s a useful tool for filmmakers.

iPhone and Android compatible:

With this kit, you get a 0.45X wide-angle lens, a universal lens clip, a set of graduated filters, and a CPL filter, all of which work together to enhance your photography. As a reminder, the phone is not included. Huawei and many other smartphones in the market are the best smartphone lens set you can have. You can use wide-angle and macro lenses to capture larger-than-life images like landscapes and architecture, as well as other types of photography. Twisting an adjustable ND lens filter allows the photographer to fine-tune the filter’s brightness. By cutting through haze and enhancing color saturation, the CPL lens filter enhances scenic photos and increases the sharpness of distant objects.

Innovate in the Audio and Video World:

Neewer lens is a global leader in photography, video, and music equipment with various facilities on three continents. We are dedicated to providing high-quality professional items that have been tried and tested by photographers, videographers, and music lovers from all over the world, all of whom had a positive experience. Every item we sell is guaranteed for life, and our brand is built on that promise.

Image quality:

The lens produces a gorgeous book with 12 diaphragm blades while focusing on the subject. Because of its aluminum construction and copper core, it is both long-lasting and small. The image quality is superb thanks to the use of multi-coated technology is all compatible with this lens. Landscape and portrait photographers will appreciate the shallow depth of field provided by the f/1.8 aperture. Even in low light, the lens can reduce camera noise. Still, life and portrait photographs benefit from the blurred background. It may be used by travelers regularly and anyone who wants to take pictures on the street.

Ability to pack down:

It’s no secret that I was hand-holding the lens against a glass window to get the shot of cars speeding along New York’s 10th Avenue, which is why there’s some lens flare and color fringing visible. I adjusted my shutter speed to 1/125th of a second and my ISO to 1600 to freeze the moving traffic and compensate for the rapidly dwindling light. The rich green trees to the right show how difficult it is to capture detail and contrast while the light is waning. Other than that, the quality of the image, color, and sharpness appears to be holding up well.


The lens is a mirrorless one

25mm is the focal length.

At f/1.8, the maximum aperture.

F/16 is the smallest possible aperture.

Rear-facing camera

The APS-C format


Stabilization: There is none.

The filter’s diameter is 46 mm.



Despite the additional effort necessary to shoot manually, the fast f/1.7 aperture of the Neewer lens 35 makes it excellent for low-light photography, where manual operation often delivers the best results. Combined with its small size and low price, it’s an excellent addition to your gear arsenal.


The Galaxy S10 is compatible with this?

It should be compatible with any phone. iPhone and Android smartphones are supported with the lens clip. However. Before selecting a lens, make sure the clip is aligned with the lens.

On the S10+, can this be used?

Yes. It’s compatible with most smartphones. Free returns are available if it does not work with yours.

Is it possible to utilize the filters on a webcam?

Yes, if you’re able to attach the clip to the webcam. The image quality is different from that of a cellphone camera. Thus it’s difficult to predict.

Is this kit’s wide-angle lens compatible with the ND filters?

No. The ND filter will not fit the wide-angle lens. Other filters can stack on top of each other. However, the ND filter is not stackable.

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