Everything to know about Nike space hippie 01!

Nike space hippie 01 offers the concept of “one athlete’s waste is another athlete’s treasure” with their Space Hippie range. The Swoosh brand’s Space Hippie 01 is designed to be both innovative and environmentally friendly. However, even though the low-top Space Hippie 01 has a wholly unique design, it is not identical to the silhouettes 02 and 03, which have a significantly more refined appearance.

Wearers can easily customize the shoe to suit their daily routines thanks to its minimalist design. As a result of an envisioned Mars lifestyle in which resources are scarce, and nothing is thrown away, the “Space Hippie” and the “This Is Trash” concepts were born. Here we will discuss more Nike space hippie 01.

Why is Nike space hippie 01is famous?

With this move, the company is taking a step toward being more ecologically friendly. Scroll to the bottom of this piece to find where you can get your hands on a pair. Each pair of Space Hippie Shoes is one-of-a-kind in how they fit. Jogging is the primary purpose of the 01, which looks like a shoe with a low top. 02 lower the cut, and 03 raise it. The 04 has a Footscape vibe. The collection has many styles and cuts.

The Space Hippie’s first impressions:

These are ideal starting points for the Space Hippie series because of their inexpensive cost. That was a significant factor in my decision to wear these particular shoes, and I won’t sugarcoat it. Every piece in the collection piqued my interest, but a substantial financial commitment was out of the question. Fortunately, I think the shoes are attractive. ¬†Brightly colored versions of these shoes tend to draw the eye of onlookers. It should be no surprise that the midsole’s shape is unusual enough to draw attention to it.

All of the Pairs I Own:

Their low-key appearance is significantly helped by their primarily gray and black yarn found on my pair. The bursts of orange and the speckling of crater foam add just the perfect amount of pop to keep it from becoming boring. Aside from the Nike swoosh and shoelaces, this shoe’s design is set apart. It doesn’t matter what color the upper is; it’s still primarily gray.


The Swoosh and the number 04 are printed on a nylon tongue tag on my 04, which I own. The tongue is the beginning point of this search. All of this is supported by a connected language. The tongue of the Nike space hippie 01 serves mainly as a pull tab because it is fashioned more like a sock-shoe. You can see the Space Hippie typeface used and the number 01 at the bottom of it, written several times.


Solely the Nike Swoosh Pinwheel:

Eyelets made of rope must be passed through to complete the first stage. Embroidered Swoosh is placed on the upper inner toe cap of the 04’s upper. There’s an embroidered swoosh if we turn to the side. In a space hippie typeface, the word “Nike” is stitched on the back of the number 04 with a pull strap. The 04 features solely the Nike Swoosh Pinwheel logo printed on a blue pull tab as its only form of branding.

Textured pattern:

There isn’t much else to go on regarding the Nike Swoosh Pinwheel insignia. The 01 does not appear to have an insole. In these shoes, you’re seated almost precisely in the center of the sole. The regrind material used in the outsole of the 04 has a few unique hues. A swoosh logo is imprinted at the very top of the heel as a finishing touch. The 01’s outsole is mostly a single color with white swoosh and pinwheel emblems.

Cost is excessively high:

In addition, I believe that the cost is excessively high. They are a fantastic deal at a price displayed here, and I was able to acquire them at considerable savings thanks to the sales that were going on. Because the goal is to generate no waste, these typically do not include surplus materials. There is a possibility that costs will go up due to an increase in the proportion of recycled materials used in production processes.

Do you think it is good enough?

An 85-90 percent recycled fly knit material is used to make the shoe’s upper. Nike calls this material “Space Waste Yarn.” Discarded garments, plastic bottles, and other litter are among the items found here. Consequently, it is impossible to evaluate the quality as I would if the shoe were constructed of more traditional leathers and suedes. I think the materials should be sufficient for you if you know what to anticipate from a fly knit shoe with a flywire lacing configuration.

How Comfortable Are These Nike Space Hippies?

For the 04, it’s best to size down by half a size for a roomier fit. But a full size down would have been too much in this situation; the pants aren’t excessively restrictive. The flywire mechanism does an admirable job in keeping the foot firmly in position. However, despite its closer fit, the 01 does not feel constrictive. I’ve found the uppers of the Nike Flyknit models I possess to be quite comfy and fitted. Because the upper isn’t padded, there’s no comfy cushioning on the sides or top, but they’re still incredibly comfortable.

Nike Space Hippies: Can You Wear Them?

The ZoomX scraps in the Space Hippie 01-03’s midsole provide a more comfortable fit than the shoe’s previous iteration, the Space Hippie 04, did. The 04’s midsole has an abrasive feel to it. Crater Foam, a mixture of regular midsole foam and Nike Grind rubber, is utilized to make the midsole of the footwear. Move to Zero midsoles feature a random and speckled appearance due to this. The Space Hippie 01-03 uses ZoomX foam scraps in a way that produces half the emissions of the original.

ZoomX component:

The recycled foams utilized in the construction of the Space Hippie 4 have either an insignificant amount or none at the entire ZoomX component. A crater foam midsole and an outsole are the primary building blocks that go into the underfoot design of the 04 models. The year 2004 saw the introduction of this model. Because the foam used in this particular model’s production is of such a long-lasting sort, it does not have nearly as much give or bounce as other models have.


Nike space hippie 01 is stepping up its environmental efforts, and doing more of these kinds of things makes me pleased, too.¬† They all appear like they’d be fun to wear, even if they have a simple design. Their levels of comfort also differ. The method of the sneaker, in general, is highly intriguing, but the midsole stands out in particular for its prominence.


What distinguishes the Nike Space Hippie from similar footwear?

Nike’s Move to Zero campaign, which features the Space Hippie collection, debuted nearly a year ago. The effort tries to reduce waste and pollution. “Space Hippie” and “This Is Trash” were inspired by a resource-scarce Mars culture.

Can you wear the space hippie as a shoe when you’re running?

Space Hippie, on the other hand, could be an excellent running shoe option for those who do not have vast feet. Space Hippie 01 comes in a recycled cardboard box with a tote-like shoe bag.

What are the features of Nike space hippie 01?

Nike space hippie 01’s Crater Impact shoe is made from recycled rubbish and features a lighter tread. Innovative design decisions like the embroidered Swoosh, cost-effective overlays, and Crater foam midsole reduced waste.