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Pieck attack on titan releases new information regularly to keep its audience and readers engaged. The anime series Attack on Titan is one of the best made. It’s a narrative about a society that lives between three walls. On a fictional planet in the fictional universe of the manga series, the story of Attack on Titan, scripted and drawn by Roger Behave and acted and set on Titan, takes place. Attack on Titan has a character named Pieck Finger. However, he is generally overlooked by the show’s audience. In this article, we will discuss pieck attack on titan.

The appearance of pieck in attack on titan:

Short and slender, Pieck has shoulder-length dark hair, a Greek nose, and relaxed dark brown eyes that she wears casually. She’s dressed in a white shirt, a long trench coat, a black lace-up skirt, and black boots. The Eldian armband is likewise on her left arm, for all Indians under Marley’s command.

Cart Titan in the form

Pieck can reach a height of 4 meters when she is on all fours and can walk quadrupedally. Her torso is long and flat, making it easy to carry a large amount of gear on her shoulders. Her face is lengthy, with broad lips, a large nose, and a small forehead. Her mouth is large, and her nose is large. In combat, the Cart Titan’s extended face enables custom-made armor, jaws, and other war gear to be attached to it; this is common wear for the Cart Titan.

Clash of the Titans storyline:

Zeke Yeager and a force of Marley warriors accompany Pieck on a trek to Paradis Island five years into the effort to retake the Founding Titan. Pieck uses her Cart Titan to transport supplies for the group. She witnesses Zeke and the soldiers transforming a small village’s residents into Titans while in her presence.

Return to the Shiganshina arc:

In the Shiganshina District, one of Zeke’s Warriors, Pieck, is ready to take on the Survey Corps. Pieck maintains an eye on the lonely areas of Wall Maria south of Trost District the night before the army arrives. Zeke, Reiner, and Bertolt are alerted when she returns to the remains of Shiganshina after sighting the approaching army.

Age of pieck:

On the 5th of August, Pieck Finger was born, just like all of you who were enjoying your own August birthdays that day. Viewers of Attack on Titan may have thought that Pieck’s birthday was in February, owing to a minor translation error that confused Falco with Pieck at one point. If you’re wondering about Pieck, you can learn more about Leo’s zodiac sign. Even if she doesn’t exhibit the conventional Leo features, Pieck’s place as a queen is difficult to contest.

Who watches Attack on Titan?

Marley doesn’t see her in the same light as those who watch Attack on Titan. Even though Marley is her favorite character, she wishes the Indians were given greater autonomy. Just a few folks in Attack on Titan admire Marleyan people and hope for more freedoms for the Indians. Pieck is one of such characters. Throughout her career, she has worked closely with Commander Magath to show that Indians are more than just second-class citizens.

She can continue to be a Cart Titan:

He can remain in Titan form for as long as two months at a time; however, many people don’t realize that It’s gotten so ingrained in Pieck’s muscle memory that her moves still bear, even when she’s in human form, a Titanic resemblance to them. Compared to the rest of the Titan Shifters, this is incredible endurance for such a short period.

Pieck became a warrior:

Most Warrior candidates in Season 4 of Attack on Titan share Gabi’s trust in Marley and the Eldian people’s brilliance. The characters Gabi and Pieck are in a world of their own. Even though she cares about the Eldian people’s independence, she applied to be a warrior candidate mostly to save her ailing father. His father, an Eldian, could not get any help fighting off his illness in Marley. To save her father, Pieck avoided the God complex that tortured the other fighters once they received their Titan skills.

Several Extras in the Cart Titan:

The Cart Titan has previously been seen in the anime with two attachments, but Pieck’s titan can be outfitted in many ways. Islanders of Paradis may have been able to outfit the Cart Titan with anti-ODM gear in addition to their anti-titan artillery cannon in the manga.

Death of pieck in attack on titan:

In Season 4, many fans try to rationalize Eren’s brutality by pointing to his horrific past, but this misses the simple fact that trauma does not justify violence. It is not intrinsically violent or hateful for a woman to suffer the loss of a family member and be regarded as a second-class citizen her entire life. A good example of this is Pieck. Even though Pieck gave her life to save her father, she continues to seek peace.

Middle-aged in Cart Titan:

Even before she revealed her human traits in Season 4, Pieck Finger had a devoted following due to the Cart Titan’s inflated size. Nobody could have predicted that the Cart Titan would be a lovely anime lady, as most titans appear like shifters. Hajime Isayama originally envisioned the Cart Titan as a middle-aged man named Oliver Pieck, explaining the disparity between their ages. As it turned out, his editors had other ideas and convinced him to develop Pieck Finger.

Season 3 Episode 16 of the manga:

Manga Chapter 74 and the anime’s Season 3 Episode 16 are where she first appeared. Even die-hard AoT fans may be surprised that the Cart Titan made her debut early in the game. In chapter 74, the Cart Titan’s first appearance may be found if one does not wish to dig through manga pages. Season 3, Episode 16, marks the first appearance of Cart Titan in the anime. An Indian named Pieck Finger served as a member of Marley’s Warriors, and he held the Cart Titan’s powers.


Aliens known as Titans are huge man-eating humanoids who prey on humanity. Upon witnessing a Titan devastate his hometown and take his mother’s life, Eren Yeager makes a solemn vow to eradicate the Titans from a world where humans live in cities encircled by three massive walls, shielding them from the giant man-eating humanlike creatures commonly known as Titans. The novel’s plot follows Eren as he embarks on his mission to exterminate the Titans.


Who are the main characters in pieck attack on titan?

Pieck attack on titan, The Cart Titan’s heir apparent, Eldian Pieck Finger, is a member of Marley’s Warriors and one of Marley’s Warriors. Eldian Pieck Finger serves as one of Marley’s Warriors.

Who owned this pieck attack on titan?

Pieck attack on titan, As a result of Karl Fritz’s departure from Eldia’s conflicts, the Cart Titan was captured by Marley during the Great Titan War, which lasted for seventeen millennia.