How can I use the N1 Surround Bar’s remote?

Polk audio n1: Using a soundbar, you may get outstanding sound quality and immersive surround effects in an extremely compact container. Even if you lose some ‘awesomeness’ by not installing an array of speakers surrounding your gaming hub, the cabling, mounting, and overall footprint of such an arrangement is daunting—and sometimes not particularly practical for a typical desktop computer setup. Following are some types of Polk Audio N1.


When it comes to movies, most soundbars we test are built to sound good. This time around, Polk Audio has taken a different approach and built a soundbar with gamers in mind, specifically the Xbox One in mind, and the N1 is the result of this collaboration.


The N1 comes with four pre-programmed mixer settings, two of which are labeled “Halo” and “Forsa,” respectively. In terms of PC gaming, I prefer the “Music” or “Cinema” presets, which are good for most games and sound fine for movies and music. The overall sound quality is good, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it “outstanding” or something close. I’d like to see more options for the mixer (or even an equalizer).

The equalizer in the Game:

On the product page, Polk emphasizes the N1’s four ‘Immersion Presets,’ or preset equalizer modes. Except for these two gaming-specific options, there isn’t much new here. Forsa Racer is a racing mode, while Halo FPS is a first-person shooter mode that should work well for games like Halo. Selecting these sound styles using the speaker’s top surface buttons is not feasible, but you can do so using the remote. This one is about Polk Audio N1.

Intuitive Conversation:

We tried the N1 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with many titles, from simple platformers to all-out action FPS. N1 was designed exclusively for the Xbox One. However, we could not test it due to a lack of Xbox One. All above about the Polk Audio N1.

Bluetooth profile:

While viewing a movie or listening to music, the speaker performs just as well and is the most convenient way to connect via Bluetooth. It is possible to transmit high-quality audio via Bluetooth using the apt standard; providing the audio source likewise supports this.

Campaign for Requiem:

Even at relatively high volumes, the N1’s sound quality is flawless. However, when the input volume and N1 volume are both turned up, you’ll start to notice distortion right before the music becomes uncomfortable. Given that there is no separate subwoofer, the bass is underwhelming overall. You can, however, connect your woofers if you prefer a deeper sound.

Original $300 MSRP:

At $150, it’s a decent replica of surround sound, but it’s not quite as good as the real thing. The rest of the line is wonderful for those who like a more robust sound and built-in compatibility with most TV remotes for ease of use. There’s not enough bass in this song.” There are times when the release schedule of new games is slow, and it’s wise to put aside some money for games, and you’ll have enough money to buy the N1. Even if you have to supply your subwoofer, it’s still a bargain at $150 (the original $300 MSRP).

PWI March Gratitude:

That was the best thing that could have happened after such a crazy week. Unless, of course, I returned home from work to find my wife dressed to impress and to hold a chilled gin cocktail in her hand. If you don’t want to use it simply for gaming, you can use it as part of your DVR and stream audio wirelessly from your wife’s computer over Bluetooth, which is a nice perk. Game designers and audio engineers worked together on a soundbar for the first time. All about the Polk Audio N1.

Specifications and features of the Polk N1 Gaming Sound Bar:

Full range 4-Dynamic Balance transducer

Full-range 2.5-inch drivers are included in the design.

Connections: optical, coaxial, 3.5mm analog, Bluetooth with apt

A remote control, a power supply, and six feet of digital (optical) cable are all included.

White or black N1 bars come in measurements of 4″ H x 39 1/4″ W x 4 1/2″ D and are backed by a three-year warranty.


Play games in virtual reality with Dolby Digital and Polk’s unique SDA® Surround Sound Technology, which connects straight to your console. Optimized sound: Customizable, optimized audio Choose from four different Immersion Modes to customize your audio experience (Forsa Racer, Halo FPS, Music, and Cinema). Built-in keyhole slots for wall-mounting make it easy to put on the shelf. You may easily connect your devices via optical or coaxial cable, as well as Bluetooth with apt.


Remote controller, digital (optical) cable, and 24V power supply are all included. Overall, this is an excellent piece of furniture that sounds fantastic and is built to last. Allows for a wide range of audio inputs. In addition to a remote, it also has a learning mode. If you’re used to using a cheap product from Walmart, you may have a hard time adapting if you turn the volume up, let alone to 11. It Takes a second to warm up at the beginning.


Despite its plastic and boring appearance, Polk Audio N1’s sound quality is excellent, and it’s one of the most affordable soundbars on the market. Even though the multiple equalizer modes only make a very small difference in terms of sound quality, we still enjoy using the device for both gaming and watching movies.


My television doesn’t have an optical output. Which audio jack should I use?

It is possible to connect the Surround Bar directly to the optical output of your source unit (such as a DVD player or cable/satellite box).

Why can’t I get the N1 Surround Bar to respond to my remote?

N1 Surround Bar is compatible with the most popular remote control formats, and we’ve done our best to make it so.

How can I use the N1 Surround Bar’s remote?

The N1 Surround Bar has three modes of operation. To operate the bar, press the buttons on the front. Assist yourself with the included remote. Use your existing remote control to control the N1 Surround Bar.

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