What Is The Best Way To Get A Rainbow Char?

Rainbow charizard is among the most famous Pokemon in the series, and he was an important character for Ash in the early seasons. When it comes to Charizard’s different guises, the Rainbow Charizard is one of them. VMax Pokemon cards, an expansion released around Pokemon Sword and Shield, are used in this process. Pokémon Gigantamax was first presented in the Sword and Shield series. While conventional Dynamaxing increases the Pokemon’s HP by a huge amount, Gigantamaxing does the same for its appearance. They can also grow to enormous proportions! They sought to incorporate Gigantamaxing into the card game. A new line of cards called VMax has been introduced to the game.

What is rainbow Charizard?

To begin, here is a glimpse at the Charizard card in Version V. Water-type attacks weaken Charizard V’s 220 health. A VMax version of the card can be attached to a V Pokemon of the same kind to increase its strength. Because it’s a Pokemon V, your opponent gets two prize cards every time the Charizard is defeated. If you have 3 regular energy to spare, you can use Claw Slash, which delivers 80 damage to your opponent.

Rainbow Charizard becomes full-fledged species:

On the first turn of the game, you can no longer evolve your pokemon. You can evolve at any moment during the game by placing an evolution card on top of the phase one form you’re currently in. You can, for example, develop your Charizard V into a Rainbow Charizard on your turn if it is locked in battle and you draw a card. The game’s evolution rules apply to transform your Charizard V into a Rainbow Charizard.

Rainbow Charizard on Charizard V:

Your bench or active slot must have the basic form.  When a Pokemon evolves, it will lose all of its previously acquired special abilities, retaining its previous damage and energy levels. Similarly, it can only do the actions listed on its card and cannot use the moves of its pre-evolutionary relatives. To evolve, all you need to do is set your Rainbow Charizard on your Charizard V. That’s it. Let’s find out what this card can do.

Abilities of Rainbow Charizard:

Fire-type Pokemon with 330 HP and water weakness, the Rainbow Charizard is also known as the Charizard V. If you want it to retreat, you’ll need to spend 3 energy tokens. A VMAX rule applies to Rainbow Charizard, which means that if you manage to defeat it, your opponent will receive three prize cards. You should recognize the first of its two attacks right away. It’s a 20-damage increase in Claw Slash’s damage, which now deals 100 damage instead of 80.

Regular energy and fire energy:

It still takes three times as much energy as normal to complete. It costs two regular energy and three fire energy to perform the second attack, G-Max Wildfire, but it deals 300 damage, making it an attack to be utilized only when necessary! You’ll need to discard two energy from the Rainbow Charizard once the G-max wildfire is put out.

Weaknesses of the Rainbow Charizard:

Even though Rainbow Charizard is a powerful Pokemon, it has its own set of disadvantages. Even though it has a huge HP pool, a few well-placed water assaults can swiftly whittle it down to nothing. It suffers double damage from water-type weapons. To avoid a fight with water-type opponents, you should leave Rainbow Charizard behind.

Rainbow Charizard from Charizard V:

You should always try to evolve your Pokemon during huge bouts, especially if the phase 1 form is taking a hammering from a stronger Pokemon or you need a significant advantage against an enemy who is stronger than you are. Make sure you don’t inflict more pain on your opponent by evolving into a more powerful form than they can handle if you are thrashing them. Especially when competing in a tournament or against strangers, it’s only polite to do so. If you’re arguing with friends, on the other hand, the rules are up to you.

Able to be Gigantamaxed:

Because it was designed only for use in the card game, you won’t find a Rainbow Charizard anyplace else. While Charizard can be Gigantamaxed throughout the game, its special ability, Wildfire, makes it a standout character. One-sixth of your opponent’s health is depleted by Wildfire’s passive damage each turn. Charizard can use its special move to finish off weaker or wounded foes while focusing on more difficult opponents.

Speed of Charizard:

The Wildfire effect is activated as soon as you employ the move flamethrower. Charizard’s speed can also be increased by using Air Slash, allowing it to inflict significant damage on its enemies before being hurt. When you have the chance or need an advantage in a tough battle, you should try Gigantamax Charizard because of its tremendous effects.

Fire Spin:

It can also use a 220-damage move called Fire Spin, which utilizes two normal energy and two fire energy simultaneously. The only drawback to this devastating move is that it requires you to expend two Charizard energies each time you use it.

Best Place to Get a Rainbow Charizard Pokemon:

The chances of getting a Rainbow Charizard with this purchase aren’t great, so don’t get your hopes up. Collectors should expect to get top dollar for this card, as it is incredibly hard to come by. Getting a Rainbow Charizard isn’t as simple as relying on a certain strategy or chance event or even buying a certain number of packs.


Last but not least, it costs three energy to have your Charizard withdraw to the bench from the active fight stage so that you can switch him out for another Pokemon. The Darkness Ablaze booster set includes this card. While searching for a Rainbow Charizard on the internet is also an option, you’ll likely end up shelling out a lot of money due to the rarity of these cards. It’s preferable to buy the booster packs and not sift through them in search of a certain card.


Is There a Use for a Rainbow Charizard in My Life?

Many people can become enamored with the idea of obtaining a Rainbow Charizard for their decks, whether for its power or because they adore Charizard.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Rainbow Char?

To get a Rainbow Charizard, you should buy one online. Be prepared to pay a lot of money for a copy of the book from Amazon or eBay.

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