Rainbow high series 3 step by step guide.

Rainbow high series 3 is called from five new characters in addition to a fan-favorite character that appears in the background named Sheryl Meyer. Following in the footsteps of Series 3 as a distinctive and fundamental doll line, it features the primary students of rainbow high series 3. Rainbow High is a brand of contemporary fashion dolls that aims to stimulate the imagination and inspire creative expression. Rainbow High School students use grit, love, effort, and moxie to achieve their infinite ambitions. Here we will discuss rainbow high series 3.

What is rainbow high series 3?

Since Daria’s primary passion is music, you can count on her to perform a show of the finest caliber. A jean jacket with rose embroiders in pink and black is worn over a t-shirt, and a graphic dress with a metallic pattern and raised printed socks are worn over attractive workplace boots. Roses are published on her socks as well. A two-piece with a long-sleeved shirt and the matching skirt is her second or third choice of attire. Strappy high heels and a pocketbook are also on her list of must-haves.

Rainbow High Fashion Dolls:

Daria Roselyn’s one-of-a-kind appearance is aided by her extensive use of rose tones in her attire. In addition to her other physical qualities, she has beautiful hair, long eyelashes, and glassy eyes. Her outfit is superbly created. Collect all of your exquisite Rainbow High Fashion Dolls & create a rainbow out of them.

Packing of rainbow high series 3:

Two complete doll outfits are included in Daria’s bundle, including doll shoes, accessories, and doll clothing. Combine the different outfits and accessories to get your creative juices flowing and make your story more interesting. There are times when Daria’s style is both tender and lovely. She can be displayed on the doll stand with the set, or you can use the adjustable and poseable arms and legs that come with the doll.

Specifications of rainbow high series 3:

Beautiful rose hair fashion doll:

Daria Roselyn is wholly decked up in rose tones, contributing to her one-of-a-kind appearance. Her clothing is exquisitely designed, and she has magnificent hair, long eyelashes, glassy eyes, and other physical attributes. Acquire all of the stunning Rainbow High fashion dolls to complete the rainbow.

Trendsetter fashions:

There are times when Daria’s style is both tender and lovely. Since Daria’s primary passion is music, you can count on her to perform a show of the finest caliber. A jean jacket with rose embroidery in pink and black is worn over a t-shirt, graphic dress with metallic pattern and raised printed socks are used over attractive workplace boots. Roses are published on her socks as well.

Where to watch rainbow high series 3?

You can display her on the doll stand as it comes with the package, or you can pose her in various sultry positions. She has a command of the English language that few people can match. When it comes to her second outfit, she has a long-sleeved top and the same matching skirt. She also wears a pair of stiletto heels and a handbag with this outfit.

Features of rainbow high series 3:

In addition to a complete set of doll apparel and shoes, this package includes two purses, two doll combs, two hangers, and a doll stand. Included is a fashion doll. Netflix and YouTube are both options for watching animated series. Type “Dolls from Rainbow High” into a search engine. The colors of the rainbow can be obtained. Get together the six Series 3 Fashion Dolls Daria Roselyn, Sheryl Meyer, Daphne Minton, Gabriella Icely, and Emi Vander.

Watch on youtube & Netflix:

You can watch the animated series on both Netflix and YouTube. Conduct a search using the phrase “Rainbow High Dolls.

Washing your hair to remove styling gel is a pro tip:

When you first take the doll out of its packaging, wash her hair carefully to eliminate any traces of styling gel, and then allow it to air dry entirely. After that, her hair is prepared to be combed.

Reviews about rainbow high series 3:

A gorgeous doll that comes with some fantastic extras:

My little girl is very obsessed with Rainbow High dolls. I like how beautiful the clothes are, especially those that come with the Gabriella doll. Everything from the accessories to the shoes has a lot of attention to detail. My daughter enjoys playing around with different combinations of clothing. In addition, she adores the shimmering cosmetics she wears and her gorgeous blue hair. It is the only doll she spends any significant amount of time playing with unqualified endorsements.

Stunning presentation and a beautiful doll:

First, I cannot stress enough how much I like the package for these Rainbow High dolls. They stand out among all of the hideous pink boxes that are available in the store and present the beauties in a manner that is so refined, clean, and design-oriented. The posable legs and the exquisitely designed clothing and accessories give me the impression that I am purchasing a high-quality item that my daughter will treasure for a long time.

Fabulous Accent Pieces:

This doll brought my kid so much happiness and excitement! She adores how the face shimmers, how the hair can be changed colors, how many clothes there are, and how entertaining the accessories are. She is now interested in having additional children so that they can become friends and trades their accessories. When I was a little child, I adored things like these.

Brilliant and vibrant:

Dolls from the Rainbow High line are adorable. They are available in a wide range of hues. These dolls are the most adorable ones I’ve ever seen. They always have the most incredible clothes. These dolls with rainbow hair are on-trend right now. My daughter is enamored by the fact that they have matching everything, from their hair to their shoes.

To keep your doll’s clothes dry, you can either remove them or cover them with a towel while washing her hair.

Add enough water to cover your doll’s hairĀ in a large bowl.

To get rid of any remaining substance or residue, use a tiny bit of shampoo or dish soap.

Add a tiny quantity of conditioner, work it into your mane with your fingers or a comb, and then rinse it to make your hair even softer.

Finally, let the hair air dry completely.

Hair can be combed and styled as desired now it is clean.

Separately, you can purchase the Rainbow High’s Salon set.


Two complete doll ensembles, including doll clothes, shoes, and accessories, are included with the purchase of the Daria doll. You can put together these outfits in any way that you see fit by mixing and matching the pieces. Dresses her up in each look and then combines and contrasts the various garments and accessories for some inventive and creative fun with role-playing.


What is the doll’s height, exactly?

The Rainbow High Fashion Doll is somewhere around 11 inches tall “tall.

What skin tone does the beauty have? She seems to have a tan, but I can’t tell for sure?

Her complexion is somewhat tanned. Toys don’t come any cuter than she does.