Is your Halloween or cosplay look lacking anything, and you’re not sure where to start?

Retractable fangs: There’s a fang set out there for everyone, whether you want to frighten or enthrall. The variety of possibilities includes retractable fangs, customized, and even grills-like Grillz-style alternatives. For all of you nocturnal beings, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best vampire fangs on the market. These factors, as well as customer feedback when available, guided our selection process. Scarecrow’s Small Deluxe Custom Fangs are at the top of our list because they are realistic, discrete, and reusable. Following are the best retractable fangs and their alternatives for 2022.

Retractable Fangs Default to their Down Position:

Realism may be added to any costume or cosplay with the help of these vampire fangs. These fangs normally point downward; however, they can be easily retracted with a single bite. A simple adjustment of the fit is needed to enjoy a cold beverage while wearing them. Thermoplastic beads and a carrying bag are included to aid in customizing these fangs to your molars. These can be used again and again once you’ve molded them to your teeth.

Custom Fangs:

Vampire fangs from Scarecrow are among the most popular, and with good reason. Small Deluxe Custom Fangs are best suited for those ages 14 and higher with smaller teeth. To make it easier to put on and remove, they come with a kit that molds them to the contour of your teeth. After removing and reapplying the fangs, several reviewers noted that the adhesive had come loose. Others would prefer if the glue were packaged in a way that could be sealed.

Lifelike appearance of these fangs:

The lifelike appearance of these Retractable fangs was praised by several customers, as was the ease with which they fitted over their teeth. Some users reported carrying on normal conversations while donning the fangs.

Count Dracula’s Vampire Feathers:

Vampire costumes will benefit from their spooky sheen. A mold of your teeth and a set of plastic beads are included with this listing in addition to the fangs, making it simple to put them on and take them off. One reviewer wished there were more beads for attaching to the bracelets. Certain reviewers praised these fangs for their cool appearance, lightweight, and not feeling clunky in the mouth.

Vampire Teeth in Bulk:

The glow-in-the-dark, orange, green, black, purple, and pink child-sized vampire fangs in this bulk set make a great Halloween party favor. This package contains 144 sets of teeth, making it ideal for handing out to trick-or-treaters or including in goody bags. These fangs were a lot of fun for reviewers. Even though most customers reported that their children loved these, some realized that they could also be used to make delights like vampire doughnuts.

Sets of adhesive fangs:

Listed here are 120 thermoplastic beads and four sets of different-sized vampire fangs, as well as a case for each set of fangs. It is possible to reuse the fangs. Several reviewers had difficulty attaching the fangs to their teeth with the thermoplastic beads. Several reviewers praised the variety of sizes available for experimentation and how well they stayed on. Reviewers found that the fangs were both stylish and comfortable to wear.

Classic Custom Fangs:

It is possible to wear these fangs over the canines, incisors, and bottom teeth in a typical manner. As with the other Scarecrow products on this list, you get a kit that allows you to customize the reusable fangs to the shape of your teeth. Some reviewers found these fangs too large and difficult to wear over their teeth.

Lauded for their durability:

These fangs were recommended to be worn on the upper teeth rather than the lower ones since they were more comfortable. Other reviewers praised these fangs for their realism. They were also lauded for their durability, with some noting that they lasted even after multiple wears.

Elf Ears and Vampire Fangs:

If you’re torn between a subdued and a striking aesthetic, this set includes both vampire fangs and elf ears, all in various sizes. The fangs are attached to the teeth with the help of thermoplastic beads. Using the included thermoplastic beads to attach the fangs to one’s teeth was difficult for a few reviewers, and one suggested using denture glue instead. Several reviewers praised the varying fang sizes, saying they were comfortable on their teeth.

Handmade Traditional Fangs:

These custom-made vampire fangs are produced to order. Your teeth imprint kit will be sent by the vendor so that you can make a mold at home. The seller will make the fangs according to your specifications after returning the kit. These vampire fangs were a huge hit with reviewers.

Perfect set of vampire fangs:

In the opinion of the vast majority of reviewers, the perfect set of vampire fangs is the perfect set of vampire fangs. Many people like the ability to personalize their displays’ size, shape, and brightness. The overall quality of the fangs impressed others.

Extra-Long Fangs Deluxe Custom Sabers:

These Extra Long Fangs from Scarecrow are another set that is sure to impress and terrify. It’s easy to slip these reusable fangs on and off because they come with a mold kit that molds them to the curve of your teeth. These fangs were too huge for several reviewers, and they couldn’t be worn for long periods. But many who have worn fangs for a long time claim they can get used to them or wear them only for photos. Some people said they filed them down to make them fit them better.

Cooking on the Fang Grillz:

They’re a set of grills that come in silver, black, and rose gold. The grills have fangs on both the top and bottom teeth, giving them the appearance of vampire fangs in a sophisticated and modern way. Although some found it difficult to keep the fangs in place over their teeth, most reviewers found them enjoyable. Some customers were pleased with the seller’s responsiveness, while others were satisfied with the fangs’ general quality.


These are our top Retractable fangs for the greatest vampire fangs on the market. Choose a set of fangs right for you, but don’t be hesitant to try out different sizes or forms. A wonderful approach to experiment with various vampire looks is to purchase a set of many pairs that include a variety of sizes. Retractable fangs and fake blood in carrying cases may be a lot of fun.


Is your Halloween or cosplay look lacking anything, and you’re not sure where to start?

Adding a set of vampire fangs to any costume may provide a sense of realism or dread.

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