Toner cartridge for the  Ricoma r550 printer.

Ricoma r550 printer, the print transfer is a lucrative company if you know how to get started. Then  Ricoma r550 printer is a well-known manufacturer of dependable electric machinery, having been around since the 1960s. This Japanese company produces high-quality items. The  Ricoma r550 printer White Toner Transfer Printer is one of their top sublimation printers.

Printing on cotton, polyester, clothes, and hard surfaces is possible with this printer. All of these materials lend themselves to excellent design work. Unique to this printer are the characteristics that produce the most lifelike colours and the most complex drawings. It’s a great machine for students who want to learn more about the printing industry while earning extra cash. To fully appreciate this sublimation printer, let’s look at some of its characteristics.

Toner cartridge for the  Ricoma r550 printer

Ricoma’s R550 sublimation printer is ideal for all designers, as it can print on a wide range of materials, including papers, clothing, plates, and cups. Young entrepreneurs can also improve their creative abilities with the assistance of this printer. Additionally, you can print off a copy of your design. Ricoma’s incredible model will leave you speechless with its incredible performance. If you’re starting a new printing company, this is a surefire way to get repeat business.

Profits can be increased because of the high-quality prints and quick turnaround time this machine offers. Sublimation printers are one of the most significant advantages of these printers since they give you brilliant colours and quality, but they also supply the same design you want. It’s possible to print on everything from T-shirts and Hoodies to Mugs and Dinnerware. In addition, this helps to increase customer loyalty and brand recognition. Printers for printing on T-shirts.

Additionally, the  Ricoma r550 printer comes equipped with a brilliant white toner to help you avoid smudges and other messes while printing vibrant colour graphics. Toner cartridges may be swapped out thanks to the interchangeable toner system. If you’re printing t-shirts or hoodies, stick with white toner; for marketing materials, switch to black. You don’t have to switch to plain paper to print your design.


The  Ricoma r550 printer sublimation printer has the following qualities that make it stand out from the rest of the competition. Even a complete novice can quickly advance to expert status with this sublimation printer. It features all the necessary printing tools and accessories and easy-to-use programmes.

Efficacy and Clarity

Ricoma r550 printer has packed a lot of great features onto the R550. It features a monthly duty cycle of 75,000 pages and a maximum transfer speed of 8ppm. Even more impressive is the speed of 26ppm and the standard discs’ 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. The Intel 1.4 GHz CPU aids in the seamless operation of all applications.

Printing of the Highest Quality

Realistic-looking photos may be reproduced with ease thanks to the R550’s high-quality printing. The toner cartridges are specifically designed for sublimation printing to print on various materials with the Ricoma R550. White fluorescent toner is used to print designs that need to be clean and leave no traces behind, giving the design a beautiful look.


Printing can be done wirelessly and via Bluetooth on most current printers. Unlike regular printers, sublimation printers don’t require a cable to connect to a computer. The R550 can be connected through Bluetooth or a wire. You don’t need a computer to use this printer; it may be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and print the design you want.

Creating software from the ground up

When you buy a Ricoma, you receive more than just a camera. Chroma and ProRIP make it easy to create complex designs that are clean and precise. Additionally, the printer comes with its digitising software developed by Ricoma. With the built-in style and interface, you can easily create distinctive designs.


Ricoma’s R550 sublimation printer is a workhorse for printing sublimation art. A polymer coating protects printed materials from deterioration, whether on garments or hard things. It is best suited for polyester and produces a bright result.


Printers are user-friendly when they have an easy-to-read LCD. The touch screen on the Ricoma R550 is 4.3 inches wide. The R550 screen is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to increase production speed.

The amount of energy used.

Ricoma R550 is a high-quality sublimation printer that can handle various applications. This device uses an average amount of electricity, which is impressive in and of itself. 120 V models utilise eleven amps, but 230 V units only use six amps. Sublimation printers have several advantages, such as lower production costs and lower energy use, for fresh designers entering this sector.

Printing on both sides

Printing on both sides of the material is another amazing feature of the Ricoma R550 White Toner Transfer Printer. When printing on paper or a t-shirt, the print can easily adhere on both sides. After printing the design on the first side of the material, switch to the other side and repeat the process. When it comes to printing, the user’s preference might determine whether or not the process is automated or manual. Learn more about how to use a white toner printer.

Amount Spent on Printing

Sublimation printers are significantly less expensive than conventional inkjet printers. They use less power and are more efficient in their operations. Compared to the sample, these printers use less electricity and print the design more effectively. Because it uses fewer inks and dyes, the R550 printer is also less expensive to print with.

Guarantee and Assistance

All of the printer’s accessories are covered by a one-year warranty from Ricoma. Incredibly, the R550 sublimation printer comes with seven-day, round-the-clock lifetime support. As a result, purchasing this printer is a sound financial move that will pay off in the long run.


  •         The designs on the sample can be reproduced using this sublimation printer. It has a great ability to be replicated.
  •         The R550’s prints are incredibly vibrant and realistic-looking. Young designers benefit from this since it draws in buyers.
  •         The sublimation printer’s applications are easy to use, even for novices. The display touch screen is 4.3 inches, making it easy to navigate and user-friendly for those who prefer touchscreens.
  •         The R550’s rapid printing speed makes it an excellent choice for efficiency. Ensure that orders are delivered on schedule, saving both time and money.
  •         The in-built design software in this sublimation printer makes it easy to generate fine details without leaving any traces.


  •         Even though sublimation printers are extremely cost-effective, the initial investment is somewhat high. You’ll need to save up a lot of money to get there, but it’s well worth it.
  •         A sublimation printer capable of printing on polyester is not recommended for cotton transfers.
  •         When printing on different materials, you can swap out the toner cartridges in this printer, which has a swappable toner system. There is a significant cost associated with having these black and white cartridges refilled.

Sublimation printers are the subject of a slew of articles on the internet. Many people talk about Epson and Sawgrass printers, but the Ricoma R550 printer is rarely mentioned. However, Ricoma sublimation printers are the greatest in the world. Ricoma’s most impressive sublimation printer is the R550 White Toner Transfer Printer.

Improve client happiness and brand loyalty with the new Ricoma R550 white toner transfer printer. Your firm will also benefit from high-quality printing and rapid printing rates when using a Ricoma printer. In addition to the printer’s size and cost, many business owners are put off by investing in a White Toner Transfer Printer.

With Ricoma, you’ll be a pro in no time. The R550 printing machine comes with everything you need to start embroidering garments, flats, hats, etc., on your first order. Meanwhile, businesses can take advantage of free Ricoma training to produce the most long-lasting, high-quality embroidery and keep customers loyal.

A review of the Ricoma R550 White Toner Transfer Printer

The use of the Ricoma R550 Printer can considerably assist artists. This printer accurately reproduces your design on paper, allowing you to boost your creativity thanks to the speedy connectivity provided by 5G technology. Sublimation printing is becoming increasingly popular among young entrepreneurs to make money. T-shirts, mugs, cans, tins, dinnerware, caps, textiles, pencils, and ornaments can be printed with sublimation printing.

One of the most versatile printers on the market, the R550 is a reliable choice. Even hard surfaces can be printed with this printer’s ink. You may create gorgeous designs with its simple-to-use design programme. This printer provides excellent print quality and colourful output.

If you want to boost the speed and quality of your printing so that your business is more profitable, you should look at this amazing printer by Ricoma. There are no unpleasant stains left behind when using this printer’s fluorescent white toner, which produces vibrant and clear patterns. As a result, time spent cleaning up after a project is unnecessary.

The R550 toner swapping technology makes switching between different toner cartridges easy. The black toner cartridge can be used to print your marketing materials once you’ve printed your tee shirts. Additional options include printing flyers, colourful stickers and invites in high-quality printing.

All-in-one printers like the Ricoma R550 let you print on plain paper without needing a second printer. Let’s now look at the printer’s features and see what sets it apart from the competition.

Printer Specifications for the Ricoma R550

Transfer media has a maximum printing speed of 8ppm, whereas optical media has a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. Up to 75,000 pages, a month can be printed with this machine. The Intel 1.46 GHz processor in the Ricoma R550 printer enhances the user’s experience.

Options for Connectivity

Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, modern printers can be remotely connected to your computer or smartphone so that you can print directly from your device. To print, the printer does not need to be linked to a cable, but if you do, you can. There are many times when you can print from a cell phone without a computer.

Superbly Done Prints

The Ricoma R550 captures images with incredible clarity and realism. In addition, the printer’s toner cartridges are made specifically for sublimation printing. Fluorescent white toner is used to produce graphics that are pleasing to the eye and do not leave a trace of ink behind. There is no need to spend additional time cleaning up after the project is finished.

Power Requirements

It consumes an average of 11 amps (120v models) or six amps (230v models) of electricity, so we can say it’s in the middle of the range.

Unparalleled Flexibility

This sublimation printer works well with a wide range of polymer-coated materials. In addition, it’s ideal for this type of clothing and accessories and works well with 100 per cent polyester.

Programmer Training and Development

Also included with the printing machine is high-quality design software, including ProRIP, SmartCUT, and Chroma, which can help you develop your design talents.

Even the most complex designs can be created quickly and easily with Ricoma Digital’s proprietary digitising programme, regardless of how much expertise you have with digitising in general. A simple user interface and pre-installed styles make digitising a snap.

Printing on both sides

When you print on both sides of a sheet of paper, you can print duplex automatically or manually. After the first side is finished, insert the paperback in. As a result, the Ricoma R550 can print on both sides of a page, regular and duplex.

Storage of a Massive Amount of Paper

A 300-sheet storage system allows it to handle card stock, copy paper and mailing labels.


Is Ricoma based in the United States?

Ricoma, on the other hand, is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of home appliances that have been around since the turn of the twentieth century. They provide one of the world’s greatest sublimation printers, which is fast, affordable, and capable of printing elaborate graphics.

What is the process by which a printer becomes sublimated?

Sublimation printers are becoming increasingly popular, and there is a strong market for them. They use heat to change the ink into a gas. As soon as this gas touches any material, it leaves a lasting imprint on the surface of that object. As a result, the R550 is a sublimation printer that produces high-quality prints.

Can I use sublimation inks to print standard documents?

Using  Ricoma r550 printer sublimation inks to print ordinary documents is a recipe for disaster. The inks used in sublimation will not produce the same results on paper as on fabric, necessitating a complete cleaning of the equipment.


To keep up with the competition, a company requires a printer capable of producing high-quality output at a reasonable price. A variety of designs can be printed, and this method can achieve perfection. If you’re looking to develop your sublimation printing business, the  Ricoma r550 printer sublimation printer is good. It’s a powerful printer that prints nearly three times faster than conventional printers.