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Robert James collier was born on September 23rd, Janet James. As an actor, to date, he is most known for his parts in down ton Abbey (The Ritual), Coronation Street (The Ritual), and The Ritual (Coronation Street). (2008 – Corrected from the previous entry of 1960). To form a buddy’s film shoot in which an actor had failed to show up. Since then, he has taken acting classes during his free time at work. We’ve tried to address all of these difficulties in the Robert james – collier relationship context. Robert James Collier has several women in his life; you can learn more about them in the table below.

Robert james – collier Biography:

I was featured in the Argos catalogs for both the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons in 2007 and 2008. I won awards for sexiest male in 2007 and 2008 and for “best exit” in 2009, and Huddlers field Business School (UMIST) was where I received my business and marketing degrees. Milo James-Collier is his kid’s name, born to him and Lauren Chandra. Allen Leech’s co-star on Downtown Abbey (2010).

Robert james – collier Personal Life:

Even amid a relationship between two high-profile celebrities making headlines, the planet, its fauna, and Western politicians are all struggling to survive. Celebrity relationships are all the rage these days, and we all feel the effects. Celebrities’ love, affection, and separation fascinate their fans.

Robert james – collier Family:

When he and his brother Paul bought a stake In 2006, he was cast as Liam Connor on Coronation Street in the Underworld factory. He announced his retirement from the show in October of that year. In an interview at the beginning of 2008, he announced his resignation from the soap opera, but he also claimed he hoped to return. When it came to Liam’s murder-mystery narrative, it was planned to be “brutally” murdered off as part of the three well-known characters.

Robert james – collier Formal Education:

We get a lot of questions concerning Robert James-education. Collier’s People are motivated to do something by the actions of a favorite individual. We’ll explore Robert James-educational Collier’s background in the following part. The biography of Robert James-Collier Robert has appeared on the big screen for the past fifteen years, connecting with his fans through his acting prowess.

Robert james – collier Career:

The acting of Robert James collier tried out for the show Down to Earth despite having no prior acting experience. In the end, A sex-crazed tavern landlord was persuaded by Denise Welch and Ricky Tomlinson to join the cast of ‘The Tavern.’ His on-screen persona was Rob Collier when he starred in 2006’s New Street Law and the third season‘s episode 5 of Shameless as ‘Stud.’

Robert James collier historical drama Downtown Abbey:

Thomas Barrow’s first footman (later under butler) in the 2010–2015 period drama Downtown Abbey, and he went on to act in the Downtown Abbey movie (2019) and downtown Abbey: A New Era (2019). (2022). On the West End, he starred in the production of Calendar Girls. On the ITV series The Level, he played Kevin O’Dowd. The Guardian called his acting in The Ritual, a British horror thriller, “a strong screen presence.

Robert james – collier modeling:

James-Collier was a model in the Argos catalogs for 2007/2008 fall and spring seasons. British Soap Awards of 2007 and 2008, he was named the sexiest man alive, and in 2009, the British Soap Awards named him “Best Exit.” 2007 Inside Soap Awards: Sexiest Male and Newcomer of the Year. His roles in almost two dozen productions have earned him accolades and nominations. His followers are baffled by how he managed to rise so quickly despite having no acting experience.

Robert James collier net worth:

As award-winning actresses and models, they’ve gained a fortune from their careers. He is thought to be worth somewhere between $1 million and $3 million, although the exact figure is unknown. Model and Actor Robert James-principal Collier’s source of income. It’s safe to say he has a fortune of around $3 million.

Robert james – collier Body Measurements:

The date of Robert James-birth Collier is 23 September 1976. His parents and siblings raised him there. Robert James Collier is his name, and he goes by the moniker “Robert” to avoid confusion.  He has reached the age of 44. (In 2021).  He will play Martin Ever shed for the third series of Ackley Bridge. This announcement was made in 2019.

Robert James collier Wife:

Rob James-relationship Collier’s status Details concerning Rob James-love Collier’s life and relationship status have been controversial, even though his family life is largely unknown. Lauren Chandra, his companion, and he are not married. Milo James-Collier was born in 2010 to Rob James-Collier and Lauren Chandra. Downtown Abbey, a British historical drama television series, cast him as Thomas Barrow for the second time in 2010. When he appeared in Moving On and Love Life in 2011, he played Clive and Joe, respectively.

TV and film projects by Robert James collier:

Rob’s rise to fame was the result of a stroke of luck. As he had no plan for his future, In light of the incident, he was so inspired to take acting classes that he pondered doing so. For BBC One’s Down to Earth, he tried out in 2000. He was cast as the owner of a local pub. In 2006, he appeared as Stud in the fifth episode of Shameless’ third season. This year, he appeared in Casualty and New Street Law, Dalzell and Pascoe and Casualty. He played Liam Connor in Coronation Street from 2006 until 2008.


Robert James Collier is no more. Thank you for visiting our site in search of details on Robert James-Collier. Let us know if we’ve missed anything in the comments area. During the final episode, Thomas would leave downtown to work for a different family, but he was resentful of the opportunity. After Carson’s retirement due to palsy, he would return to downtown and eventually take over as butler. Barrow was a deceitful footman in the first season and had become an accomplished player at this point in his career.


What role did Thomas Barrow play in the next downtown Abbey film?

Thomas Barrow (Robert James-Collier) was last seen in the 2019 downtown Abbey film. In this particular film, set in 1927, Thomas had the opportunity to meet Richard Ellis (Max Brown). Richard was forced to leave down a ton when the two became romantically involved.

Is Thomas aware that he is the son of Lord Grantham?

It’s not Lady Mary’s son that inherits — it’s Cora. To retaliate against her husband, Cora has arranged this.

Robert James-Collier is what age?

He has reached the age of 44.

Robert James-Net Collier’s Worth – How Much Does He Have?

The estimated net worth of Robert James-Collier is approximately $3 million.

Does he have a family?