S6 active accessories review.

S6 active accessories: It’s nothing new for Samsung to introduce an “active” version of this year’s top-of-the-line Galaxy S smartphone. We’ve seen the Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S5 Active in the previous two years, so when rumours of a Galaxy S6 Active initially surfaced, we weren’t shocked. We weren’t surprised that the phone was only available on AT&T or that it was essentially a Galaxy S6 with a more substantial cover.

S6 active accessories:

However, the Galaxy S6 active isn’t tarnished by this flaw; the Galaxy S6 is an excellent phone in and of itself, so adding a few more functions doesn’t detract from its overall appeal. Not everyone wants a sleek, thin, and slick phone that forgoes functionality in favour of aesthetics.

The Galaxy S6 active isn’t perfect, but it’s far from the ideal phone. The fingerprint sensor isn’t as good as the one on the Galaxy S6, and not everyone will like the device’s design or the fact that it will only be available from one carrier. Read on to learn more about the Galaxy S6 active in detail in our in-depth review.

Reviewer’s thoughts

We’ve been using a grey Galaxy S6 on the AT&T network for a little over a week in regions with decent cellular reception to write this review. During the study, the device’s OS was still at G890AUCU1AOE9 (Android 5.0.2).

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Active

The phone’s sides are encased in a rigid plastic component, including sticky rubber inserts and more oversized textured buttons for volume and power.

Exposed rivets and a metal ring around the camera lens are visible on the rear of the Galaxy S6 active. When putting face down on a table, the sides of the smartphone create a slight lip around a recognisable 5.1-inch QHD screen, and thicker bezels surrounding the device will protect it from accidental drops.

While Samsung’s previous generation Active phones had physical home buttons flanked by two capacitive buttons, this generation’s home button has been replaced with three textured buttons with chrome branding.

Sadly, the buttons don’t light up, but the main problem is that the home button is no longer a fingerprint sensor. As it is, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 has solved the problem of that physical component, and it’s a fantastic feature (and security enhancement).

The Galaxy S6 active’s shell, which is water, dust, and shockproof, provides enhanced protection from the world around you (within reason). Not everyone who reads this has dealt with the devastation of a phone due to a spilt drink at a restaurant or a sudden fall to the sidewalk. We don’t have any of that here.

With its increased grip on the sides and back of the GS6 active it is more comfortable to operate than the ordinary Galaxy S6, despite its larger dimensions (particularly one-handed).

It’s easy to criticise the Galaxy S6 active for its bulky design, but the same can be said of many thicker, more protective covers available for other smartphones.

Some users will be bothered by the phone’s pre-installed protective cover, but most won’t. If you’re looking for a camouflage-back telephone, you might want to steer clear of the blue and white models.

The phone’s physical design doesn’t bother me as much as the decision to place all of the phone’s hardware buttons below the display.

There’s no purpose to having a physical home button, and now it’s joined by two more buttons that don’t need to be there either. The touchscreen is accessible thanks to high-sensitivity options, so the physical buttons only take up space even with gloves on.

Even though the size above differences are apparent, it’s worth noting that the Galaxy S6 active comes exclusively in 32GB and 64GB storage configurations; no other storage capacities are available. In addition, the battery’s power has been increased from 2550 mAh to 3500 mAh. Wireless charging options for the Galaxy S6 active include Qi and Powermat, exactly like on previous GS6 models. Previously claimed that Powermat charging was not included, which we apologise for and have corrected.

Display and Speakers of the Galaxy S6 Active

It will be a brief portion of the review, as expected for both the camera and the lens. QHD Super AMOLED screen, same unique features as Galaxy S6 active. Outdoor visibility is excellent when the brightness is turned to the maximum in direct sunshine.

The active form of the GS6 has a display that is the best in the business right now, so, fortunately, Samsung didn’t take shortcuts. Regardless of whether or not it’s being compared to other displays, virtually nothing negative can be said about this one.

However, because the phone’s rear isn’t flat, there’s some room for the sound to escape when it’s resting on a table, even if the speaker has moved from its previous placement on the bottom of the phone to the back (where it had been previously).

A more prominent speaker isn’t possible for a waterproof phone like the Galaxy S6; hence, the speaker isn’t as huge as we’d think. Despite this, it’s adequate for speakerphone conversations and watching YouTube videos. However, it falls short of the most advanced front-facing and twin speaker configurations.

Although the brushed metal exterior of the Galaxy S6 is beautiful, you don’t receive everything you’d expect in the box with it, such as a microSD card slot. Since we’ve previously looked at the most refined Galaxy S6 covers, we thought we’d take a broader look at some of the other great Galaxy S6 active accessories available.

There is an included magnetic mount with the purchase of the new Crystal v3 case from Rokform to place your Galaxy S6 active accessories in any convenient location, such as your car dashboard. With the Rokform Bike Mount and this case, you’ll be able to ride your S6 active accessories with confidence. With ease, you can attach the bike mount to any bicycle that takes 1-1/8-inch threadless steer tubes. The case is firmly fastened to the support, and you may change the angle to suit your needs.

When it comes to protecting your phone’s screen onto a large TV, wireless mirroring is the way to go if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 active accessories. Using the Smart View 2.0 app on a Samsung TV, you may be able to mirror. You may also use Google’s Chromecast instead.

The Chromecast is a low-cost, simple-to-use device. To cast your screen, you’ll need to open the Chromecast app and tap to open the menu at the upper left, then select Cast screen.

Ventev came up with an intelligent concept here. Car chargers that plugin and provide USB output for charging cellphones are commonplace, but the Powerdash also has a small battery that powers it for a short time. When you get to your location, you may use it to recharge your S6’s battery if you need it.

You may want to check out these headphones if you’ve had enough tangled cords. It’s an in-ear headset with a necklace-like Bluetooth component that connects to your Galaxy S6.

This charging port for your nightstand may appeal to you if you don’t want to go wireless. The cradle precisely fits your S6, and it’s an approved Samsung product.A speaker line out the connection in the back means you may use it as an entertainment stand. Thanks to the stand’s position, you can utilise your S6 in portrait mode.


The S6 active accessories active improves upon an already excellent device with a few new features. Instead of metal and glass, the GS6 is made of rubber and plastic, making it more water-resistant, dust-resistant, and shock-resistant. When choosing a dynamic model, a fingerprint sensor and some sex appeal will be lost, but AT&T exclusivity is the only drawback here.