Selling Tampa season 2, cast, release date and more!

Selling Tampa season 2: After the global success of “Selling Sunset,” it was only logical for Netflix to expand into a new market after the show’s global popularity. “Selling Tampa” premiered on the streaming service on December 15, 2021, according to Screen Rant, and quickly became one of the platform’s most popular and highest-rated shows. Selling Sunset’s position as a real estate agency is played solely by women. African American women are the sole owners and operators of a real estate company in the television series “Selling Tampa.” Here we will discuss more selling Tampa season 2.

Selling Sunset:

As a result of COVID-19, fans of “Selling Sunset” were forced to wait an infamy-inducingly long time for the show’s most recent season, which is typically six months apart. It suggests that the company has a lot of room for expansion shortly.

Selling Tampa season 2 on Netflix:

It was only logical for Netflix to premiere its original programming in a new place after “Selling Sunset” success worldwide. “Selling Tampa” premiered on Netflix on December 15th, 2021, according to Screen Rant, and has since become one of their most popular and highly rated shows. Women in real estate sales jobs have helped make “Selling Sunset” a successful show. “Selling Tampa” is based on a real estate agency owned solely by women of African heritage.

Founder of selling Tampa season 2:

It’s no surprise that Allure Realty is known because the properties these attractive women are trying to sell are on par with those in L.A., especially when you consider their potential to dominate the Tampa market for ocean-front properties. Founder Sharelle Rosado has shown to be an outstanding leader in the company she helped develop, even more so than the Oppenheim twins. Even though Allure was founded in 2019, the company now has offices in Tampa Bay and Miami.

Is Selling Tampa’s contract for a second season still in effect?

“Selling Tampa” will not be returning for a second season, according to Cosmopolitan. However, the first season will not be available on Netflix until December 15th, 2021, so it’s still early days. As a result, the show still has a long way to go. “Selling Tampa” Season 2 could begin filming any time this year, depending on how soon Netflix wants to capitalize on favourable word-of-mouth for the show.

In the second season of Selling Tampa, who will be featured?

Throughout the first season of “Selling Tampa,” the chance that Rena Frazier would leave Allure Realty to start her agency was one of the major themes. As reported by Cosmopolitan, she signed the lease on her own office during the episode that aired as the series’ final one-off—given that she was still working for Allure at the time of this article’s writing and that the same thing is stated in her Instagram bio.

Who is Alexis Williams?

Alexis Williams was fired due to the company’s poor sales performance. For some reason, it’s unclear whether this was an episode of the program or a natural development because she is listed as both a cast member and an agent on Williams’ social media. The last wrinkle arose during the first season when boss Sharelle Rosado revealed that she and her boyfriend Chad Johnson was expecting their first child together.

Release date of selling Tampa season 2:

There’s no word yet on whether or not “Selling Tampa” will get a second season. Despite this, Stranger Things Season 1 premiered on Netflix on December 15, 2021, which is still a long time away. There’s a good chance that “Selling Tampa” season 2 will be released on Netflix in December, if not sooner, to capitalize on the favourable buzz that the first season produced. It’s not clear if this was a plot point in the show or if it’s something that happened in real life.

The plot of selling Tampa season 2:

Selling Tampa’s second season is expected to focus on many themes. It’s possible that Rena Frazier could return to work at the brokerage if she ever genuinely left there in the first place; nevertheless, she’ll be received with resentment if she does so. As a result of the low commissions they earn, other real estate agents have expressed unhappiness with their current brokerages and are considering quitting or starting their businesses.

Release of selling Tampa season 2:

The show’s first season, which premiered on December 15, 2021, drew a vast audience and generated significant revenue for the firm. They include Tennille Moore, Colony Reeves; Alexis Williams; Anne Sophie; Rena Frazier; Alexis Williams & Colony Reeves & Colony Williams & Karla Giorgio. The business is owned and operated solely by Karla Giorgio. According to Digital Spy, the first season of “Selling Tampa” had a lot of high-stakes drama.

Selling Tampa season 2 cast:

Even though she is expecting her first child, Sharelle Rosado, the owner of Allure Realty, is nearly guaranteed to return to the spotlight. Anne-Sophie Petit, Karla Giorgio, Juawana Williams, and Tennille Moore are all likely to return for a second season. On the other hand, Rena Frazier and Alexis Williams have raised concerns. When Rena Frazier sought to open a competing brokerage, it caused quite a stir, and after the first season, Sharelle fired Alexis Williams.

Can you tell me if any houses have been sold through Selling Tampa?

They had a good track record of selling houses. In other parts of Envy’s commentary, the cast members responded to the many complaints that had been levelled against the show. Colony Reeves thanked the radio host for letting him know about the show and encouraged him to tune in. She explained that you’d see that particular properties have been sold.


According to selling Tampa season 2, a spinoff series called Selling Tampa from the hit show Selling Sunset follows a group of talented real estate agents. However, Florida’s Suncoast can sell gorgeous properties and stir up plenty of drama. Selling Sunset serves as the inspiration for the spin-off series Selling Tampa Bay. The inspiration for this program comes from Allure Realty, a brilliant and ambitious real estate organization operated by women.


How many episodes of Selling Tampa are there in total?

There is no official count of the number of episodes created because the reality show was not renewed for a second season. Regarding the second season, we believe it will have the same number of episodes as its predecessor, eight.

What has become of Rena’s efforts to market Tampa?

The “Selling Tampa” expert, Rena Frazier “A Cast member, reveals her decision to leave law for real estate and the influence of the blockbuster Netflix reality program on her budding career. She explains her decision to leave law.