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Station eleven episode 10, precisely as it appeared on the TV weatherman’s map, young Miranda Carroll depicted the eye of Hurricane Hugo in her coloring book: a stormy circle whirling round and round. This emptiness could one day be reinterpreted as a galaxy in outer space or simply a dirt road that rims Lake Michigan. The girl sat in the kitchen with her crayons as her family was electrocuted when a live wire fell into their flooded home. Miranda lives as if she were a ghost, even though she should have perished. For all the times her world has ended, she has had just Dr. Eleven for companionship.

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Clark has one last conversation with Miranda on the day she passes away. Though he has at least another twenty years on her, their shared final destination creates an unsettling symmetry. Clark has just landed in Severn City on his way to Arthur’s funeral, which no one will attend, while Miranda is duct-taped inside a hotel room in Malaysia. There will be no mourners during the funeral. There will be no graveside services, memorials, or final accountings.

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We’ll start with Clark. However, despite the negative tone of their reunion, he did have some nice things to say about Miranda, which Arthur echoed. They inspired her to finish drawing Station Eleven, the graphic novel she’d worked on since she was a child but hadn’t realized it was her magnum opus until that point. She took the copies with her when she went to see Arthur. Clark is happy to hear this in the days after his old friend’s death. At the airport, he calls Miranda to tell her that Arthur’s son is also waiting.

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In 20 years, the airport will allow the Traveling Symphony to perform. When did this happen? Alex comments on the fantastic greenhouse and the enormous public address system. In this case, the question itself is more illuminating than the answer. The home flotsam and jetsam the ensemble finds around The Wheel originates from a culture as foreign to Alex as Shakespeare’s England. In this world, some people are born a few years too late to understand adults.

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Dieter appears confused to be indoors, but Said and Kirsten both show joy. Kirsten’s resting expression is one of mistrust. Concerned about the strict quarantine and the fact that no one has been permitted to visit Sarah since her heart attack, she is adamant that the group leave immediately. Although Elizabeth assures them they may leave after the show; tensions remain high between them.

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Alex is downgraded to Laertes in other parts of the playbill, and her irritation with the change only highlights how perfectly the role suits her. Most importantly, her recasting creates a way for a new Hamlet, with the debut of The Prophet for just one performance. After some initial reluctance, Tyler gives in to the temptation of saying something mean to Elizabeth while hiding behind a work of art.

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Clark, whose authority was already on the decline before he burned off an arm protecting his museum from Tyler’s IED, bans Kirsten from allocating resources following art therapy requirements. No, this isn’t a sleepy backwater. The West End is located here at Severn City Airport. It’s post-pan on Broadway now, baby. But he gives in when she pulls out her battered copy of Station Eleven. Miranda finished the book Arthur had given Kirsten since Clark had spoken highly of her.

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If anything, the play is even more therapeutic than Clark anticipated. Since Kirsten is now in charge of every scene, she can easily pass off Laertes’s plea to leave home as Alex’s when he tells Polonius he can’t wait to get out of town. Clark, playing Claudius, takes a minute to convince Tyler that he, too, loved Arthur, while Elizabeth, as Gertrude, begs her son to let go. But Tyler is finally able to articulate the depths of his suffering.

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Wendy plays Sarah’s favorite song, “Midnight Train to Georgia,” at the wrap party that doubles as her memorial. I realized there are several references to railroads, state lines, and Los Angeles that a post-pan wouldn’t get. The themes like love, ambition, and coming home are starting to make sense again. It looks like Tyler and Elizabeth are making the most of their second chance at forgiveness and making up.

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Dr. Jevon Chaudhary, who was called to the airport to treat Clark’s burns, is a compelling presence that remains in the shadows for most of the season finale. Sarah does not mention Kirsten when he visits her in the hospital and stays with her until she passes away. At a later time, Miles is explaining Hamlet to Jevon as Kirsten walks by at a painful, scream-at-your-television distance. As soon as I gave up hope that Jevon would stick around for the performance.

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The following day, Elizabeth and Tyler leave the airport while Alex rides off on Kirsten’s Lula to join the Undersea on amicable terms with Clark. Each recognized character meets a good end, but I am siding with Clark regarding the unnamed youngsters living in the woods behind the airport.

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Now that the Traveling Symphony is on the road again, Jevon and Kirsten will be headed in the same general direction. He fumbles into explaining what happened at the cabin, bringing up how challenging parenting can be and how easy it is to be out of rhythm. She gets it because she went through that with Alex. Kirsten tells Jevon, “You walked her home,” relieving him of the obligation he made to her in Chicago.


Next year, when the group returns to perform at the terminal, they’ll have more time to discuss the matter. Currently, Severn City is operating the Wheel. Their path divides once more, just as it always has, yet at Station Eleven, nothing ever stays the same for long. It’s a case of paths crossing and then crossing again. It turns out that when you take away practically everything and everyone in the world, what’s left is incredibly and irrevocably intertwined.


How about the 10th season of Station Eleven?

The tenth episode of Station Eleven opens in the past, with Miranda and Clark discussing how their lives have evolved. Poor Miranda can’t get out of Malaysia no matter how hard she tries. Clark has already arrived at the airport.

Is this the final Station Eleven episode?

Episode Ten Recap: The Final Season of “Station Eleven”

Have Jevon and Kirsten broken up?

In the twenty years since they were separated, Jevon has found love with the woman who accompanied him on his quest to reunite with Kirsten.

How often, if ever, does Jevon see Kirsten again?

Kirsten and Jevon run into each other at the reception after the play. The reunion is the most heartwarming on-screen embrace I’ve ever witnessed.