Steven universe season 5 main characters!

Steven universe season 5 has been more than a year since the fifth season of Steven Universe on Cartoon Network, which concluded with intermittent airings of episodes, came to an end. Because this show has surpassed most other children’s television series in terms of its narrative and animation sophistication, the extended wait for the new season was time well spent. The production of a film based on the Steven Universe television series has also been confirmed by Cartoon Network, in addition to the show’s upcoming sixth season. Before moving forward with fresh ideas, you must first investigate the previous season’s happenings. In this article, we will discuss more steven universe season 5.

Steven universe season 5 main characters!

Steven universe season 5 reviews:

Following are the main characters in steven universe season 5.

Stuck in a rut:

Steven and Lars attempt to elude capture on a spacecraft on its way to Homeworld. Once there, Steven will be forced to confront the repercussions of his mother’s actions against him. After Steven realizes he is entirely out of his element, he and Lars successfully convince a Topaz fusion to aid them in evading capture. After they have been taken into custody, the trip to Homeworld can continue as per the original plan.

The Accused:

For the crime of shattering Pink Diamond while posing as Rose Quartz, Steven must explain his actions to Yellow and Blue Diamond. Despite the Diamonds’ certainty that Steven is responsible for Pink’s death, Zircon raises an issue that casts doubt on that conclusion. Because the entire Pink Diamond’s court did not detect that Rose Quartz had infiltrated their lines to shatter Pink, she concludes that only someone Pink trusted could have persuaded her to venture outside her armored palanquin to face the end.

The Colors of Gray:

A set of so-called “off-color” gems, or gemstones that do not meet the industry’s ideal color standards, helps Steven and Lars escape from the Diamonds’ prison and go underground, where they can remain hidden. Lars sacrifices himself as a sacrifice to save Steven and the Off Colors after a Gem Bot discovers them. After sacrificing himself, Steven utilizes his healing abilities to bring Lars back to life.

The Lars-Head:

To confront Lion, Steven uses Lars’ hair as a doorway to return to the Earthly realm in which Lion resides to travel back there. Because Steven cannot bring Lars back with him, he will remain on Homeworld with the other members of the Off Colors. Lars makes a pact with Steven that he will figure out a way to get back before the latter of the two men returns to Earth.

Dewey is victorious:

The friends who felt deceived by Steven’s journey into space distanced themselves from him after he returned unexpectedly from Homeworld. However, after learning of Mayor Dewey’s many mistakes while in office, Steven cannot compete with Nanefua Pizza and loses miserably in the Beach City elections instead of addressing his friends and family.


Despite Steven’s assertions to the contrary, the Gems and Steven’s father believe Steven is still experiencing psychological fallout due to his Homeworld journey. To cheer him up, they take him on a trip to a cottage in the woods, but Steven cries when he finds that Connie hasn’t responded to his calls. Despite their best efforts, he is still furious about it.

Putting up the Stalls:

As soon as Peridot and Lapis discover Steven’s trip to the Homeworld, they feel anxious about the possibility of a new Gem War breaking out. On the other hand, Peridot has opted to remain on Earth and fight against the Diamonds if they try to invade. Peridot is left behind when the Lapis pick up the barn by its roots and carries it off to the moon.

Cheer Peridot:

To cheer Peridot up, Steven and Amethyst decide to help her cultivate a garden that has lain fallow for centuries at the Kindergarten. At first, Peridot was optimistic that the experiment would succeed, but when the plants died, she understood that nothing would ever grow there again. Instead of seeking to reclaim the kindergarten, she chooses to focus on the beauty that is already there.

Sadie Killer:

After some discussion, Steven and the other “Cool Kids” members concluded that they should form a band. They turn to Sadie for assistance because they can’t seem to establish the perfect tone for their song despite their best efforts. The band’s success is increasing as a direct result of her performance as “Sadie Killer.”

Kevin bash:

To see Stevonnie, Kevin invites Steven and Connie to his party, but Steven and Connie cannot converse because they haven’t reconciled their disagreements. When Steven shows up at the party, he’s so anxious to talk with Connie that he ignores Kevin’s advice and makes things worse. Connie forgives Steven for leaving her behind when he travels to Homeworld at the end of the episode.

Lars from the Stars:

Steven and Connie can travel through time and space with the help of the link between Lion and Lars, and they find up on a warship with Lars at the helm and the Off Colors as his crew. As they prepare for battle, anarchy reigns in the world of Steven and Connie. In an attempt to escape Homeworld aboard a stolen spaceship, Steven and Connie form Stevonnie and attack the ship that represents Homeworld. It is done with the hopes of confusing the other vessels.

Moon in the Jungle:

Stevonnie and her companions decide to wait for Lars in an ancient Diamond base until he finds them because they can’t contact him while on the desolate Diamond colony. In her dreams, Stevonnie is transported back to a time when the settlement was booming and fruitful. Awakened by Lars’ arrival, Stevonnie can see the situation from Pink Diamond’s perspective.

Splashing Around:

Garnet rapidly comes to terms with the fact that, despite her best attempts, she will never be able to anticipate Steven’s behavior as she intended. Despite this, Garnet continues to try her best. Steven’s decisions partly shape garnet’s perspective of the future. Nevertheless, she spends excessive time fretting about the future, although Steven has developed in ways she could never have envisioned him doing.

There’s No Going Back:

Steven visits Lapis and the barn on the moon and makes it his mission to persuade her to return to Earth with him. Steven has another Pink Diamond dream the following night, in which he sees Pearl attempting to use a sword to strike Pink. When Lapis has a lousy plan, she thinks the Diamonds are plotting an invasion of Earth. She bids Steven and the Gems farewell before moving on to new horizons in outer space.


On Homeworld, White Diamond is persuaded to aid Steven in his quest to gather all of the Gems together in hopes of persuading him to help mend the Earth’s corrupted Gems by throwing a ball. By dancing with him, Connie hopes to cheer up Steven, who is saddened because White has not arrived. Stevonnie is formed due to their accidental merger, which enrages Blue and Yellow. The Crystal Gems will be destroyed after Stevonnie is imprisoned and kept in a pitch-black room.


The show will be back in a few short weeks. Cartoon Network has confirmed that the show will return for a seventh season. For the sake of our favorite characters, we’re eager to find out what’s in store for them in the show’s upcoming season. We’ll update you on this story as soon as new information becomes available. Keep a close eye on things! Please visit this page for the most recent information on Steven Universe Season 7.


What was Steven universe season 5 confronted with in this episode?

Due to the awful experiences he had at a young age, he has PTSD. His body reacts to mental stress as if it were life-threatening. His violent anger derives from his dread of upsetting his loyal friends.

Is there going to be the fifth season of Steven Universe?

The Steven universe season 5 main series will conclude with the upcoming fifth and final season. The season is comprised of a total of 32 episodes.