The 100 season 8 trailer release date, trailer, recap, plot, cast, and everything you need to know!

the 100 season 8 will not be renewed. Jason Rothenberg’s 100 was inspired by Season 8 of Cass Morgan’s The 100. Post-apocalyptic Netflix drama The 100’s eighth season is excellent. Who knows what will happen in Season 7 of The 100? The first 100 With 16 episodes, the seventh season premiered on May 20, 2020. Finally, the 100th episode of the series will air in August 2019. Season 8 of The 100 has been said to be in the works. Season 8 of The 100 is said to have new cast members. Let’s discuss more the 100 season 8.

Netflix sci-fi series:

Netflix will air a 100-episode sci-fi series starring a gamer in a post-apocalyptic world. The show has received tremendous praise and ratings. On March 19, 2014, the first season debuted. In 2014, the second season premiered, and in 2016, the third season premiered, on October 22 and 21, respectively. The fourth season’s 13 episodes aired on February 1st of this year. The fifth season of The CW debuted on April 24, 2018. In 2019, the sixth season will debut on April 30.


TV show 100 therforebreaths of air post-apocalyptic dramas. Kass Morgan’s YA science fiction novel The 100 is the inspiration for the television series. The 100 has a 7.6/10 on IMDb. The 100 is a show that blends suspense and drama. After 97 years, a nuclear war erupted, triggering the start of the 100. It has claimed the lives of countless individuals and ruined civilization. Earth is repopulated with 100 juvenile offenders sent via spacecraft. Therefore the 100 is a fantastic sci-fi series. The 100 season 8 contains a new storyline.

Post-apocalyptic survivors:

Post-apocalyptic survivors reside on Ark, a space station that orbits Earth. Despite its long lifespan, the Ark has reached capacity. One hundred high school students are brought to Earth to be evaluated for their long-term survivability. They come upon cannibal Earthlings. Season 2 sees the Mount Weather miners lock up 48 criminals. The Ark is renamed after Pike’s instructor in season three. Reactors melted to the point of UN habitability in the show’s fourth season.

A nuclear war wipes:

The 100 takes place 97 years after a nuclear war wipes off all human life on Earth. On an orbiting space station, the last people on Earth have taken refuge from the ravages of time. It is revealed that ‘The 100’ return to Earth when the space station’s life support systems collapse. As they work to reestablish civilization, the show follows their progress. After seven seasons, the show was cancelled owing to poor ratings. Today, the impact of The 100 on The CW can be seen.

CW has confirmation:

A nuclear cataclysm wiped off all life on Earth in the original series. Again Bradley Reese and Leo Howard August would be played by Iola Evans. In November 2021, the CW cancelled the prequel series. In October, Jason Rothenberg will join The CW. Alpha, also known as Sanctum, leaves a faint green stain in its wake. It is discovered in Season 6 after 125 years of crying sleep. 100’s Keeper facts Season 8 is here. The CW has confirmed a return for the show in August of 2019.

Anaconda in The 100 season 8:

July 8, 2020, was the debut date for “Anaconda” in The 100’s final season. The prequel series started 97 years before the original series release. On July 8, 2020, “Anaconda,” the seventh and last episode of The 100’s seventh season, debuted on ABC. The nuclear disaster that wiped out Earth’s existence started 97 years before the beginning of the prequel series. July 8, 2020, was the debut date for “Anaconda” on The 100’s seventh and final season.

The prequel series was rejected:

At the beginning of the nuclear tragedy that almost wiped out all life on Earth, there was to be a prequel series. After a nuclear war, The 100 is a post-apocalyptic thriller that takes place 97 years later. ‘The 100’ is a show about a group working to restore civilization to Earth. After seven seasons, the highly praised series was cancelled. The CW rejected a prequel series.

The 100 Season 8 cancellation:

Fans were not pleased. The eighth season of The 100 seems to be in question. The 100 was cancelled in August of 2019 after its 100th episode. Season 7 will be the last for the show, according to creator Jason Rothenberg in an interview with Deadline. “It wasn’t until the conclusion of season five that we felt comfortable with that choice,” he said. Season 7 of COVID has come to an end. For Season 7, there should be 16 episodes, following the first eight.

A spin-off of the series:

In its ninth season, 100 will wrap up. As of September 30, 2020, the last season will close. Before the season 7 debut, the 100 was revealed to be over and done with. No one can tell when the video will be available for viewing. The last season of the program will still air in the fall. The community has long anticipated a spin-off of the series.

The 100 Season 8 returning:

The seventh season will begin airing in May 2020, as promised. Season seven was announced as the last season in April 2019. There are positives. Jason’s optimism is encouraging, even if this isn’t the ideal sign for fans. They may get it together in time for The 100’s seventh season finale. In its ninth season, 100 will wrap up. As of September 30, 2020, the last season will close.


Preliminary reports said the seventh season would wrap up in May that year. In April 2019, the seventh season was announced as the last one. It seems unlikely that The 100 will return for a ninth season. There are positives. Given the show’s length (100 episodes), it’s only fitting that Season 7 of The 100 marked its last in 2019. Season 7 of The 100 is the show’s last season, unlike other shows that only get renewed for one season.

Often revivals occur:

Backdoor pilot for the prequel broadcast in season 7 of The 100. Before season 7 debuts, the 100 was revealed to be over and done with. The community has long anticipated a spin-off of the series. Even while this isn’t the ideal sign for Jason’s followers, his confidence is reassuring. They may get it together in time for 100’s seventh season finale.

The 100 seasons 8 Reactions:

Fans of The 100 have reacted positively to Season 7. The eighth season of The 100 is likely to be well-received. Sheidheda begins a conflict that results in the deaths of Echo and Levitt towards the end of The 100’s seventh season. Indra kills the Dark Commander and Octavia, the only person capable of calming both sides, and humanity survives the test. Lexa tells Clarke that she cannot transcend since she killed Cadogan during the test. Clarke travels to Earth with Russell’s dog Picasso.

The 100 seasons eight trailers:

Season 8’s teaser trailer has been released. The official trailer for The 100 is yet to arrive. Season 8 of The 100 has yet to be revealed. The trailer for The 100 has been released. Observe. Madi is the only one of Clarke’s friends who has decided to stay on Earth and live out her last days as a human. We will see. We’ll let you know if we find out anything new. Watch the eighth-season trailer for The 100 now.


Every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET, The 100 season 8 is on the air. For this project, you’ll need cable. Episodes of The CW will be available as soon as they are broadcast on TV on the network’s website and mobile app. Season seven of The CW will premiere in October 2020. AT&T TV NOW, Fubo TV, and Hulu + live all provide live streams of The CW. Previously aired episodes are available for rent on Amazon.


What was the reasoning for the cancellation of the 100 seasons 8?

According to writer Kim Shumway, they finished filming for their seventh season even though Warner Bros. Television cancelled all of their shows on March 12, 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How many are there in total?

There will be no more episodes of the 100 season 8. CW Season 7 of The 100 will be it’s last, but a prequel may be in the works.

What do you think of the 100’s conclusion?

Throughout the series, she has suffered the loss of many loved ones, including Finn and Lexa, and has been forced to make difficult decisions.