The Owl House Hunter golden guard review 2022.

The Owl House Hunter: In the first draught, the enemy Hunter was referred to as the Golden Guard. Former leader of the Emperor’s Coven and trusted advisor to Emperor Belo. Hunter was thought to be Belo’s’ nephew and so devoted to his cause of eradicating all forms of wild magic from the realm. Still, he is just the most recent iteration of the Golden Guard clones Belo has produced to serve him dutifully in his crazy mission. After making this discovery, Hunter forever leaves Belo’s and the Emperor’s Coven. The Owl House Hunter, fleeing the Emperor’s wrath after his defection, moved to Hexside School of Magic and Demonic.

The Owl House Hunter Body Appearance:

Hunter’s youngster is typical yet has witchy features like pointy ears. His skin is pale, his nose is somewhat hooked, his eyes are magenta, his eyebrows are thick black, there is a space between his front teeth, he has under eye bags, and the top of his ash-blond hair is shaved off, leaving a long, jagged forelock. In addition to the notch in his left ear, he has scars on his right cheek, upper left arm, and right kneecap, where two scars meet to form an X and left leg.

The Owl House Hunter Clothing:

During his stay in the Emperor’s court, Hunter, like the other members of the Emperor’s Coven, donned an ivory hooded cloak with a golden triangle clasp. A golden-yellow tunic with darker sleeves, a dark brown belt, black trousers, dark brown gloves, and boots were hidden behind the cloak. A golden cauldron adorned his left shoulder, while a mask with two sharp points and a single narrow slit adorned his face.

The Owl House Hunter Personality:

In character as the Golden Guard, Hunter praised the Emperor’s cause while acting with authority and self-assurance. Nonetheless, he was a lot more chill and easygoing than Emperor Belo, and his dialogue could sometimes be humorous and biting. Despite his superior rank and social standing, he never uses his authority for personal benefit and only does so when given specific instructions by Emperor Belo. He treated Belo with deference, but he let his ego and pride get the better of everyone else.

The Owl House Hunter Background:

Hunter was derived from a line of clones known as grim walkers to aid their creator, Emperor Belo, in enforcing the Day of Unity. When the other Guards began to mutiny, Emperor Belo’s posed as Hunter’s uncle, telling him that he had taken him in after their family was killed by wild magic and that the Titan had grand plans for him. Hunter did not know the destiny of his ancestors or his true nature as a child.

Trapping Titans for Their Blood:

Hunter is supposed to go on a mission for the Emperor to collect Titan’s Blood, but bolos decide to send Ki Kimora instead. Due to his desire to impress his uncle, Hunter disobeys Belo’s’ commands and sets out to locate Titan’s Blood. Hunter tries to slip past Ki Kimora’s expedition party and into Eclipse Lake while disguised as a regular member of the Emperor’s Coven. Still, he is thwarted by Edam, Amity, and King, who are also on the hunt for Titan’s Blood.

Journey to the Emerald Entrails and Hexside:

After Darius reveals that Hunter’s predecessor was a powerful witch, Hunter resents the honorific “Golden Guard” and seeks out new members of the Emperor’s Coven on her side. He meets Willow there, and after some deliberation, he chooses to try out for her Flyer Derby team. Before the Flyer Derby game, Hunter was a member of the Emerald Entrails. Hunter comes up with the name “The Emerald Entrails” after he and his teammates triumph in a game of Flyer Derby.

The Owl House Hunter Relationships:

Emperor bolos’ newest Golden Guard creation is named Hunter. After an incident involving wild magic, BeOS’s former Golden Guard either died or turned against him. Thus he told Hunter he was his only relative left alive. Eventually, bolos gave Hunter his guidance and a magically enhanced staff. As a result, Hunter ascends to the position of Imperial Secretary under Emperor Bolos, and the young boy is appointed to succeed Lilith as the next Head of the Imperial Coven.

Ki Kimora:

There is a lot of competition between Ki Kimora and Hunter. She seems envious of the Golden Guard, assuming Emperor Belo prefers him to her. In the episode “Hunting Plainsmen,” she tries to murder Hunter and sabotages his mission. She believes she has been successful, so it is a shock when she discovers he is still alive. Both seem to conflict with one another in their efforts to prove their value to Emperor Belo.

The Owl House Hunter Abilities and powers:

Hunter is dependent on artificial spells and potions. Emperor Belo, who is also an expert in artificial magic, treats the most potent magic user alive and treats him mainly because of his status as a genius in this area. Like Emperor Belo, he is helpless without his artificial staff and must rely on it to cast spells.


He can levitate inanimate things and even people with his synthetic magic


Unlike Emperor Belo, Hunter can teleport using his synthetic magic. This skill serves him well in his numerous high-speed sprints and attempts to avoid a hostile strike.

Magic of origination:

He can conjure a sword that seems like it’s made of flesh and use it. In their combat, he also knocked Amity off her staff by conjuring a massive fist from the ground and using it to bind someone up.

Shots of pure energy:

Hunter’s magical energy bolts come from his staff.

Mystical water:

To go around underwater, he forms a massive arm out of water.

Mysticism rooted in the ground:

The battle between Hunter, Edam, and Luz demonstrated his magical mastery over sand and dirt. During his conflict with Amity, he also caused a little earthquake.


Hunter has proven that he can fly with the aid of his staff. His proficiency in the air impressed Willow when she was recruiting for the Emerald Entrails team.

Trickery of the Palisades:

Despite his lack of personal magic, Hunter can use the magic created by his talisman staff because of the inherent magic in every plainsman. It allows him to perform the same teleportation, energy blast, and earth magic he did with his prosthetic staff. However, due to his current lack of experience, they are not nearly as potent as his fake magic. But he could control this strength adequately as they fought to a stalemate against Amity.

Message from the Palisade:

Hunter has established a successful line of communication with his talisman


Hunter has demonstrated some competence in park our, though he is no longer a specialist. Having these abilities undoubtedly helps Hunter reduce his reliance on his synthetic magic.


Hunter demonstrates a basic understanding of fighting on the ground by dodging and striking at his opponents with his staff and using his speed and agility to counter their attacks. These abilities, like his parkour and agility, are probably there so he can get by without his manufactured magic as much as possible.


In “Hunting plainsmen,” Emperor bolos aggressively clutches the boy’s shoulder, and later, after Hunter fails his mission to capture plainsmen and speaks of healing Emperor bolos’ curse with wild magic, he narrowly misses hitting Hunter’s cheek with a tendril, demonstrating that their relationship is complicated and tainted by abuse and manipulation. The Owl House Hunter looks afraid of Flapjack when the cardinal talisman makes physical contact with him, suggesting that the Emperor may have instilled a fear of wild magic into him.


Where does Hunter the Owl reside?

Throughout Season 2 of The Owl House, Hunter (aka The Golden Guard) makes frequent appearances.

What makes you think Hunter isn’t The Owl House’s carbon copy?

Hunter was derived from a line of clones known as grim walkers to aid their creator, Emperor Belo, in enforcing the Day of Unity.

When did Hunter and Luz meet?

They are not related to one another as parents and children would be. However, they may be distant cousins through a common ancestor named Belo or Philip.

In terms of years, how old are Deric and Emirati?

The ages of Elmira and Deric have been confirmed to be 16! There is a two-year age difference between Amity and Luz, assuming that Amity is the same age as Luz, 14.