How accurate is the story “Things Fall Apart?

Things fall apart pdf is available online in the form of a novel. Chinua Achebe, a Nigerian author, wrote Things Fall Apart, a book about a Nigerian family. Just before the entrance of white missionaries, the story takes place in the fictional community of Umuofia, which is placed just outside of Nigeria. The missionaries’ sudden entry into Umuofia has confused the people about how to react to the looming cultural changes. That’s why this essay examines how European colonization affected Igbo culture. Here we will discuss more things that fall apart pdf.

What is things fall apart?

The book is widely studied in Arica’s schools and is well-known throughout the English-speaking world. It was released in the UK in 1962 by William Heinemann Ltd. Heinemann’s African Writers Series has its debut novel by this author. The plot revolves around Okonkwo, a fictional Nigerian wrestler. The book has three parts. After explaining Christian missionaries in Okonkwo and British colonization, the author moves on to his own family and personal history. Then came No Longer at Ease, part of the novel with Arrow of God, released in 1964 in the things fall apart pdf.


Imperialism was born during “scrambling for Africa,” which occurred between 1880 and 1890. After becoming insatiably curious about Africa’s natural resources, the Europeans set out to colonize the continent. Europeans used the humanitarian argument to justify invading Africa, claiming that they were bringing knowledge to the minds of primitive Africans. Within a short period, African countries were under European powers’ economic, political, and social sway.

What is the plot of things fall apart novel?

Europeans produced all of the novels published regarding Africa and Africans up to Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, which changed everything. European texts tended to portray Africans as primitive and illiterate. Assuming superiority over Africans, Europeans aided Africans in their transition from ancient to modern culture and education. Throughout Things Fall Apart, Achebe portrays both the vast and unpleasant parts of the Igbo culture and traditions. Some examples are ancestral god worship, stoning and ritualistic sacrifice of young males, and the inferiority of women.

The main character in things falls apart:

Okonkwo’s life as the main character falls apart in the story. As the story progresses, Okonkwo and his family are forced to flee Umuofia when he inadvertently kills a man. White missionaries arrived in Umuofia during his exile and profoundly affected the community. After his removal, Okonkwo returns to Umuofia; he finds the village transformed.

Explanation of the Novel’s Setting:

It’s safe to say that Things Fall Apart was one of the most important books of its time, both in the United States and worldwide. It is necessary to examine the novel’s history before its release. When it became a British colony in 1906, Nigeria was exposed to the political system and various institutions of the United Kingdom. Achebe was born in Nigeria roughly 25 years after the British ruled the country.

Features of things fall apart:

In Things Fall Apart, Achebe spends most of his time delving into the folklore and proverbs of the Igbo people, which are largely unknown to Europeans. Throughout Achebe’s story, characters employ proverbs to connect with one other. Among the Igbo, proverbs are esteemed as a treasure trove of wisdom and respect.

Significance of proverbs:

As early as the beginning of the work, Achebe makes the reader aware of the significance of proverbs in everyday dialogue. The next time Okoye visits Unoka to collect his debt, even though Unoka is late on the payment, Okoye doesn’t become angry with him. As a result, the neighbours exchange kola nuts, thank the ancestors, and then talk about the debt in proverbial language. Although they discuss a topic that can lead to strife, the two neighbours maintain good relations.

A more in-depth look into Igbo:

Compared to previous colonial books, Achebe takes a more in-depth look into Igbo society by portraying them in a way that reveals both the undesirable and attractive features of their culture. If the white missionaries take control of Umuofia, he forecasts the destiny of the Igbo and where they will go.

Why do things fall apart? Pdf is it necessary to read?

The Intense Dialect:

Although Achebe opted for English as a medium for narrating the colourful lives of the Igbo people, he kept the African dictums and images to give the book a sense of exoticism. It is important to note that the author does not intend to translate every word precisely into English. As a result, in Things Fall Apart, we uncover a new, vibrant lexicon that boldly shouts out the continent of Africa.

The Ease of Access:

Achebe was born with a natural talent for writing, and his prose is free of any blemishes. His narration is free of any apparent excess, and as a result, the book is a fascinating read.

New world Africa

Until the very end, each chapter focuses on a single day in the life of Sofia. Achebe depicts the Igbo people’s habits and beliefs to give a realistic image of tribal Africa. We see this in celebrations such as weddings, funerals, and festivals, but they also have their society and adhere to rigid norms. As a result, each chapter is filled with surprises.

European colonialism:

Last but not least, European colonialism on Igbo society has had both positive and negative effects. Schools and education in the Igbo community have had a significant impact on the prevalence of illiteracy. Because of this, most Igbo people today are literate and “educated” folks. Although the Igbo found it challenging to adapt to the European way of life, they gained a new perspective due to what the Europeans taught them about their own culture.

The Novel’s Story Synopsis:

“Things Fall Apart” by William Butler Yeats was the inspiration for the film’s title.

“The Return of Christ” (1921) is the end of the current era

A new phase of the game

Weaving in and out of the ever-expanding vortex

The falconer is unable to communicate with the falcon;

Things disintegrate; the centre of gravity fails to hold.

Anarchy has been unleashed on the world.

The tide of blood has been unleashed, and it’s everywhere.

It is as though the rites of infancy have been submerged

The best lack conviction, while the poorest are the worst.


Although solid beliefs and a long cultural legacy can be attributed to the decline of Igbo culture and Okonkwo’s death, this is not the only element that played a role in his demise. The documentary “Things Fall Apart” examines the upsides and downsides of Igbo culture. The Igbo were doomed to extinction because of their aversion to learning English and their assumption that they would never have to use it daily, which led to their demise.


What has Things Fall Apart become so well-known for, you may wonder?

Things fall apart pdf, Things fall apart pdf has been acclaimed as a literary masterpiece in Africa. It has attained cult status as an archetypal modern African novel in English in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.

How accurate is the story “Things Fall Apart?

Things fall apart pdf, It’s possible that “Things fall apart pdf” is more of an allegory or historical fiction than a factual story.