Thomas mcafee funeral home in Greenville, South Carolina!

Thomas mcafee funeral home on South Main Street in 1913, a man by the name of opened a funeral home that would become known as the Thomas McAfee Funeral Home. When caring for families from various backgrounds, we have more than a century’s worth of experience. The families we deal with know that we are the best in the business, are entirely committed to delivering excellent service and have the highest integrity. The Thomas McAfee Funeral Home team would like to invite you to learn more about the individuals who have made us the area’s leading provider of nurturing healing experiences. Let’s discuss more at Thomas mcafee funeral home.

The Golden Strip area:

People are living in the Golden Strip area with their families. A formal dedication ceremony was held at 6710 White Horse Road in the northwest section of the city in 1992. To better serve our families in the Golden Strip, Mauldin, Fountain Inn, and the surrounding areas, Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes opened a second facility in Simpsonville, South Carolina, in May of 2012. We shouldn’t force those mourning the loss of a loved one to follow any particular timetable.

Tigers of Clemson:

On July 23, 2022, Harvey Wilson Cole, the beloved husband of Barbara “Bobbie” Lou Moore Cole, died. He was ninety years old before his birth William Wiley Cole and his wife, Bruce Lanford Cole. Harvey attended Furman University South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Agency when he stepped down from his post. St. Mark United Methodist Church was his spiritual home, and the Clemson Tigers were his team of choice.

At the high school level:

Additionally, he is survived by his high school love, whom he married for 70 years; two grandkids; four sisters; several nieces and nephews; and a vast circle of friends. All his siblings and three of his brothers-in-law died before he did, including Harry Cole, one of his brothers, and Judy Salters, one of his sisters. Is there anything else you want to know about the Thomas McAfee Funeral Home before we start?

Messages of support:

Everyone you know should do the same. Thomas mcafee funeral home has a long and illustrious history and a vision for the future and the people who make it happen. The family of Harvey Wilson Cole would appreciate any donations of trees or flowers you may like to make in his memory.

Grieving Children’s Library:

Grieving has no age limit since the sense of loss has no time limit. Children uniquely experience grief, and Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes recognizes this and strives to satisfy the needs of those in need. Additionally, we have established a Children’s Loss Library to help children cope with losing a loved one. Books and other materials geared at assisting youngsters in dealing with their loss are available at this library.

Woodlawn Memorial Park:

Parents and caregivers often tell us how helpful, up-to-date, and uplifting this resource has been for their children and their families. Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes, Downtown, will have viewing on Friday, July 29th, 2022. Afterwards, the ceremony will begin in the funeral home chapel at 1:30 pm, where the family will gather. At 3 p.m., the funeral Woodlawn.

Interactional Loss help for Coping:

Click the icon below to access our Guiding Grief Interactive Video Assistance and learn more about the grieving process. A sequence of phases will guide you through the many questions about grief and advice on how you may help yourself or someone else heal. Trust your ability to overcome the process, and you’ll be well on your way to success. You’ll learn you’re not the only one in this world when you watch this video.

Most entire and expressing gratitude:

To celebrate the gift of life is our goal. Greenville residents know that Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes has a sympathetic team that will make them feel at home as soon as they walk through our doors. We appreciate you entrusting us with the responsibility of caring for your loved ones, and thank you for your confidence in us. St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, situated at 306 North Franklin Road in Greenville, South Carolina 29609, accepts donations in remembrance of the departed.

Unique to the individual:

These are the moments that we’ve shared with one other. Their legacy is focused on respecting people who have lived in the Greenville area and honouring their memory. We will work together to create memorable moments to recall your loved one’s life. The care you and your loved one get from us is treated as if they were members of our own family because we believe every service we give should be unique to the individual receiving it.

Effective service:

Each family receives the same thorough and effective service regardless of their financial status, so we continue to work together. To help you cope with the loss of a loved one, we have to support you and help you heal. As the population of the town grew, he built his company to be able to meet the ever-increasing demands of the customers. For troops discharged with honour, full military honours and burial at veteran graves may be provided on your behalf.

A greater honour:

To be able to pay tribute to those who have served our nation is an honour beyond compare. To ensure you and your veteran get all the benefits you are entitled to, our trained team at Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes will work with your family to plan a meaningful service and help you complete the proper paperwork. Make sure you and your veteran get the help you are entitled to.

Veterans’ service and sacrifice:

Families in Greenville and Pickens County may rely on us to help them memorialize the life of their dead soldier in a meaningful and personal way. We want to show our appreciation to those who have served our nation by presenting them with customized military headstones, memorial flags, burial allowances, and military-themed funeral services.

Careful workers:

Our compassionate staff is to help you during this trying time. After the service has finished, we will still be available to our customers. Whether you’ve experienced a loss of your own or are attempting to help a loved one, our Grief Resources are here to provide you with support and comfort during this difficult time. Many of us here at McAfee take tremendous pleasure in our company’s heritage and the fact that we’ve been able to impact the city of Greenville in some little manner positively.

Grief counsellor on-site counsellor:

The funeral director and our full-time Continuing Care Coordinator and Grief Counselor, Brenda F. Atkinson, M.Div., will contact the next of kin to check in. Regardless of whether or not the family opts for burial or cremation, this phone call will be made. Our funeral home’s staff considers it a pleasure to be able to assist grieving families. Thus they provide their services free of charge.

Cremation customers:

Brenda is always available to anyone needing advice, aid, or even someone to listen to them. The Thomas McAfee Funeral Home opened its doors in 1952 at 639 North Main Street in downtown Greenville. It was in 2001 that we established the Thomas McAfee Cremation Center near our Northwest location on White Horse Road to serve our cremation customers’ requirements better.


A Winton Six ambulance was sent to Greenville barely two years after Thomas McAfee Funeral Home started. Thomas McAfee, Jr. became the president after his father’s death in 1943 and held that position until he died in 1993. Thomas McAfee III took over as CEO of the corporation at that point. Four generations are now actively engaged in the company, with the firm’s daily operations overseen by Thomas and John McAfee, great-grandsons.


In what city Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes’ headquarters is found?

Thomas McAfee Funeral Homes may be located in Greenville, South Carolina, the United States of America.

What steps can we take to broaden the scope of our company?

Throughout the years, the firm grew because of his objectives and ideals and his belief in giving personalized, one-on-one service that builds camaraderie and understanding.