Tokyo revengers chapter 235 review.

Tokyo revengers chapter 235 is scheduled to return after a one-week hiatus. Chapter 235 of Tokyo Revengers is highly awaited by the community. Few spoilers of Tokyo revengers chapter 235 have been leaked on Twitter today. After reading Tokyo Revengers ‘Chapter 234, many readers assumed that this spoiler would align with what they had read. When Tokyo Revengers Chapter 235 is released, these spoilers will be proven to be false. So, there you have it. Here we will discuss more Tokyo revengers chapter 235 and details about it.

Recap Chapter 234 of Tokyo Revengers:

Koko was seated next to Takemichi when we last saw him awake in a hospital. In front of Mikey, Senju agreed to accept Brahman’s defeat to save Takemichi from impending death, as Koko reveals to him. Chiyo then meets Takemichi, who tells him that Draken’s burial was held and that everyone was heartbroken by his loss. On the other hand, Chifuyo blames Takemichi for Draken’s death, wondering how he allowed it. Surprisingly, Takemichi accepts responsibility and promises not to entangle anyone else.

Characters in Tokyo revengers chapter 235:

Every character in Tokyo Revengers is feeling the heat in this last arc. Draken was able to save Mikey and Senju, but he paid the price for his actions with his life.

Hanagaki Takemichi:

To put it another way, Takemichi, a 26-year-old store worker, barely makes ends meet. When he learns of the death of his only middle school girlfriend, he is shocked and saddened beyond words. She was his only real love. In an accident home from work, he is transported back to his middle school years. Where he makes a promise to change the future and save his love


Mikey, the gang’s leader, counts Draken as a personal friend and one of the group’s original members. With a dragon tattoo on his head, he is 15 years old and a vice-president of the Tokyo Manji gang. However, Takemichi’s actions in the past directly affect his current predicament.

Sano Manjirou:

The leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Mikey, is an outgoing, food-obsessed adolescent. He is fiercely protective of the honour and loyalty of those he considers his friends and supporters. To those who follow him, Mikey is an unstoppable force who refuses to exhibit any signs of weakness. While he is devoted and unafraid, he is revered and feared by those who follow him.

Release date of Tokyo revengers chapter 235:

Ken Wakui is the Japanese comic series Tokyo Revengers author and artist. From April to September 2021, Liden Films aired an anime television series adaptation. In July 2021, a live-action film adaptation was released in Japan. Over 50 million copies of the manga had been sold by the time January 2022 rolled around. For the shnen category, the comic was awarded the 44th Kodansha Manga Award in 2020.

Discussions Tokyo revengers chapter 235:

Surely, the death of Draken will be a difficult time for all of us. Even though Takemichi returned from the future in an attempt to rescue one life, two others had already perished while waiting for him to arrive. The Tokyo Revenges Chapter 235, which will be released soon, will discuss what might happen shortly.

Determined by the will of Takemichi:

Mikey sacrificed himself in the future, but he did so to ensure the happiness and safety of everyone else. Although they all wished they could help Mikey, everyone was aware of the truth that they couldn’t. As a result of Mikey’s actions, Takemichi now bears the weight of his deceased Brother Shinichiro Sano’s legacy. When Takemichi was pushed into a corner, he had to step up and help out his pal. Nakamichi arrived just as Mikey was about to die, but things have only gotten worse since then.

Nakamichi vs Mikey:

Takemichi’s resolve has only been strengthened due to witnessing Mikey’s dark impulses and having a near-death experience. As recently as earlier, he has struggled to save his comrade from a horrible future. Takemichi’s willingness to make amends for Draken’s death was demonstrated in the most recent Tokyo Revengers chapter.

Tokyo revengers chapter 235 raw:

For the second year in a row, Tokyo Revengers occupied the spot on the music charts. After Jujutsu Kaisen, it was the best-selling manga, although it narrowly lost the top spot to another title. More information about Tokyo Revengers: Season 2 will be revealed soon since the anime adaptation is now in production. You can count on us to keep you updated if and when the Tokyo Revengers start dates are announced. This week, there is finally a delay after such a long time.

Spoilers for Tokyo revengers chapter 235:

Finally, the spoilers have arrived

There is a lot of calm and quiet in this new era.

Three weeks after the fight between the three deities, the story begins.

He’s been visited by all of his buddies.

Nakamichi hides his sadness from his pals because he doesn’t want them to see how he truly feels.

To ease their pain for Takemichi, everyone says that Draken’s death was not Takemichi’s responsibility.

The timeline has changed, and Draken has perished, something Takemichi is well aware of.

Everyone eventually has to leave the hospital.


Finally, amid the three-gang conflict, Mikey was able to take down South in response to Draken’s death. He did, however, injure Takemichi by savagely hitting him. Everyone is excited to see how things progress in the upcoming manga chapter. Unfortunately, the magazine that publishes the images is on a break this Tuesday, so there will be no chapter. December 21st, 2021 is the release date for the English chapter of Tokyo Revengers 235.


Tokyo Revengers will have how many chapters?

At the time of this writing, there are 244 chapters in Ken Wakui’s manga, each encompassing a single story arc in length.

Is this the final chapter of Tokyo Revengers?

Except for lengthy breaks, new manga series chapters are released every week. As a result, the manga’s story is well ahead of the anime series; we’re currently in the Final Arc.